famous black bass players

Everybody who played bass with James Brown arguably deserves a place on any list of greatest bassists, but Bernard Odum was the bassist on two of funk’s most seminal texts, ‘Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag’ and ‘Cold Sweat’, thus earning himself the title as one of the most influential bassists of his time. Hadrien has been scaring us with his astounding technique and command of the instrument for a number of years. That’s called innovation. Please refresh the page and try again. Features Best Female Bassists: An Essential Top 25 Countdown. He’s done some much for the bass world. that fucking list!!! JJ Burnel (Stranglers) Missing is Paul Newton, the original bassist from Uriah Heep. Composes of list just have no ears! I love his style of playing and prefer it to any of the names you mentioned. Mowtown songs with Jameson missing are screamingly obvious. Dee Dee Ramone could hardley be accused of technical brilliance but vibed as fuck! He has got to be considered in this list. Taking Larry Graham's thumpin' and pluckin' and refining it to his own style, Stanley Clarke is another pioneering slap bassist who started out providing the low end for Art Blakey, Gil Evans, Horace Silver and Stan Getz among others. A real bass players bass player. Music is subjective, and there are many other bassists who could quite easily have been included. Paul McCartney #7? Jeff Berlin? I agree Chris Squire should be at least top 5!!! Carol Kaye and James Jamerson and Joe Osborn (not even on the list) should be top ten, if you don’t know who they are you know ‘nothing’ about great Bass players. Dude, McCartney revolutionized the place of the bassist in rock. To that add “The Word”, “And Your Bird Can Sing”, and the his masterpiece of the style “TAXMAN”. He's also spent a lot of time helping to educate the next generation of bassists with his inspirational positivity and bombastic style at clinics and shows worldwide. Victor destroys Sheehan. I can’t count beyond 3, though.

Larry Graham (Sly & The Family Stone) who’s smallest achievement was the invention of ‘slap’ bass.

In this feature, we round up 10 of the best slap bassists to have laid down stone cold grooves and sizzlin' technique on some of music's biggest and best loved tracks. athough NO is so obvious answer, Geezer Butler better than Charles Mingus!!! Spellcheck does NOT know bass players! their are so many artists you have not heard of and it shows by not including them. Check the real deal out on “Live at Leeds”, especially the extended album with a complete “Tommy” set. Check him out. Janik Top -Magma, -check out KMX-B XII Opus 7,and De Futura -All the Magma bass players are upfront and bold .(httpss://www.seventhrecords.com/). Scott LaFaro? }, Jerry Scheff {The Doors,Elvis,Elvis Costello}, […] I\’ve seen some of the best bass players anywhere playing this stuff (would have been in the controversial top 15 bass players if I knew their names). Collins made his big break as a member of James Brown's backing band. but my favorites were in the Top 10.

See Jack Casady in action 7/18 at the Capital Theater Port Chester NY. Gary Thain from Uriah Heep…His bass lines could double as guitar solos! His bass solo on the live track ‘Refried Boogie’ revealed what a talented and versatile player he was. I’ve not bought the Face since that copy with Jerry Dammers on the cover and I’m sure their favourite Bass players would have been mates of Paul Weller and Spandex Ballet. Phil Lesh way to low.

where is Bootsy? Show me people who don’t read articles properly = you. (Ooooo Bootsy’s on there. I never liked Chic, I liked overall sound of Motown.

It would be enough if this Australian prodigy was simply a monster fusion bassist.

Victor IS great, but he certainly is NOT better than Sheehan, Myung, or Hamm…. No Danny Thompson? It’s not about HOW he plays; if so, this list should be populated by 50 unknown session bassists. Joe Osborn from the wrecking crew played on over 200 hits with the best known artist across the globe. His bass produses more pulsation of the song than drums. The dude from Iron Maiden can’t hold a candle to bassists like Bruce Thomas from the Attractions.

Girl Afraid’s bass line sticks in my head every time I hear it….. Brian Richie should share the #1 with JJ Burnel! All good, to get a definative list would reach into the hundreds and would have to include Keef Curtis!! I have just committed the greatest sin— I have failed to place THE LATE GREAT JACK BRUCE, as one of the best,if not the best Bassist/ Vocalists of all time in the above mentioned list. McCartney not that great. Dee Dee Ramone (the Ramones) Butler, like many bassists in the early 1970s, did not simply follow the simplistic style of playing that was typical for rock bassists in the 1960s. 5.) Alex Webster-Cannibal Corpse Who was a rock and roll star on stage? She can play rings around many of the people on this list. Carol Kaye is the Queen. McCartney took the bass mainstream and turned it into an instrument, interwoven with the guitars. Having kick-started his career as part of James Brown's backing band (The JBs), Bootsy readily carved his name into the tomes of funk bass playing. To celebrate this epic gathering of players, the mag is available in four collectable covers: choose from Joe Dart of Vulfpeck, fusion star Mohini Dey, educator and songwriter Ariane Cap and Snarky Puppy's prime mover Michael League. The bass players included here have been selected according to a mix of criteria. This is unfortunate considerin. Outstanding! He is also remembered as one of the best. Paul McCartney just behind Geddy Lee and Flea? Seriously???!!! I’d have SWANS bass player Algis Kizys as an honourable mention for inflicting GBH on my ears one night at Kentish Town T&C one night in 86/7. John McVie He should had been top ten , play strong go back and listen What a bullshit popularity contest. Not only is he incredibly down to earth, but his basslines and compositions are also slinky, infectious and highly impressive. Eddie Jackson from queensryche? But, the last few years I’ve settled down to one line of players. Trevor. Victor Wooten is nice but cannot play like Les Claypool in many ways. For a good essay on his career see http://abbeyrd.best.vwh.net/paulbass.htm. Berry Oakley better than most in this “Top 10” and not just #41.

I could not agree more. 11. Legend has it that he developed his distinctive style - which he calls thumpin' and pluckin' - to add a percussive element to his drummer-less band.

Oh thank you Master, and excuse us if we are not idiots as your level! Though he began recording much earlier, Bob Babbitt really shone during Motown’s psychedelic era, where he brought some Hendrix consciousness into the later Temptations records. He’s brilliant! Les Claypool is the bassist and lead singer of Primus.

On the rock side Jack Casady, and Andy Fraser. I admit I am not as familiar with bass players as I am with lead guitarists, even with my favorite band Survivor. Sims, Mel Schachler…. Paul M is better than Jaco ? Half the times you think you’re hearing lead guitar on a Motörhead record (including the intro to ‘Ace Of Spades’), it’s really Lemmy wailing away. Techniquement le meilleur de tous est John myung et il n’est même pas dans la liste!

John Entwistle is my man… Unfortunately the best basplayer ever……. Especially watch the 25+ minute “Ashes are Burning” starting at the 1:18:00 mark, where Jon Camp does a duet with John Tout’s Piano before breaking out in an extended bass solo at about 1:29:00 and plays the bass like a guitar. I think Stanley Clarke should be number one !!!!!!!!! Entwistle at #1 ROCK bass player I wouldn’t disagree with but ardent Chris Squire fans (I am one) might. No Glenn Hughes, and Paul McCartney Top 10. Tessa merged funk and dub and punk and became the key player in the punky reggae party. Check out the on John’s song about Paul, they’re awesome and true too.I thought that Jaco might be a little higher and I agree with Cris. he is a killer bass player, endlessly inventive, driving,and creates killer sophisticated grooves. The tone in JJ Burnel’s bass is the most perfect bass sound! I can’t believe you overlooked James Dewar. Hailing from the Geddy Lee school of thumping-bass, Les Claypool has cultivated a list of musical credits as wildly eccentric as he is. You forgot Mani from the Stone Roses and Peter Hook from New Order. There’s always got to be one. Jack Bruce is best known for being the bassist and singer in Cream, the supergroup that also featured guitarist Eric Clapton and drummer Ginger Baker. I don’t even think Paul should be on the list. Entwistle wasTHE best.

So many great bassists right… Hows about Geddy Lee and or Les Claypool.. Also new bassist on the block Tal Wilkenfeld.. Agree about JJ Burnel mind.. The other players listed are in no particular order, but do check them out, as one of them might just be your new favourite bassist. Simon Reynolds – Retromania – book review – is music over?

See the bass intro to ‘My Baby Left Me’ as irrefutable proof. I can listen to that record for the bass alone. And where is Jeff Berlin?

pretty clumsy list.. you have got to be kidding..McCartney ?? I’m bored shitless of the orthodoxy that says you HAVE To include certain people in lists. Why no Andy Faser? A master of slinky laidback funk and one of the most open-minded musicians around, Hood’s signature groove can be heard on everything from The Staple Singers’ ‘I’ll Take You There’ to Clarence Carter’s ‘Snatching It Back’. And you have Duff (G n R) in the top 20? Hello?? The album version sounds limp in comparison.

Weston’s heavy bass playing has become a science, with his Rusty Box effects pedal and every part of his gear examined to get the maximum crank Weston has got that sound nailed perfectly. This is because for a few brief years the bass was shoved up in the mix to become the lead instrument.

No drop out on his top end. Where is the late great Mick Karn ? Top 30 Hard Rock Receive news and offers from our other brands? Lying on the floor of the studio at 3am – too drunk to sit on his stool – to record “What’s Going On”. With her Sadowsky instruments running into GK amps, she seriously rocks.

Barry Adamson is where exactly ? JJ Burnell…yep.

Not even Jeff Berlin???? When Mark King takes notice of you, and your playing inspires him to request a six-string bass, you know you're making waves! John Greaves?

Jaco Pastorius?


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