famous female sidekicks

His love for his friend Longmire doesn’t dominate his identity; he’s also moved by the love of his heritage. Seeing as the Venture family are pretty hilariously incompetent in all regards, it’s obvious would be dead many times over without him (although Hank and Dean still managed to die a few times on his watch). A skilled photographer who keeps state-of-the-art equipment, he also has a spy camera in his pocket at all times. Nor is Burton “Gus” Guster Shawn Spencer’s sidekick.

Passepartout is the one who ultimately saves the day at the end of the story by providing its famous aha-moment about time zones, but he also easily gets drugged and tricked into revealing stuff about their adventure, so he’s not exactly batting a thousand. But if a sidekick’s job is helping the detective to shine, then Hastings is doing a brilliant job. Justin Bartha’s Riley is really the quintessential sidekick, in that he contains so many multitudes of sidekick-dom. John Bacchus is the headstrong, difficult assistant paired with senior investigator George Gently. Reddit. Sam Stewart is one of the few sidekicks on this list whose existence offers a productive re-reading of the archetype. They are family. And making this even better is that Webb and Morgan were longtime friends in real life. Simple.

Adding Grayson’s history as Robin and Damian’s jealousy of the life Dick had with his father made it even more fascinating. Veronica is our heavy, while Mac is our hacker. From: Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne and subsequent adaptations. The collection of colorful and unique characters in the list below represent some of the greatest roles ever played on the big screen. From: the Lord Peter Wimsey series by Dorothy L. Sayers. This is where Brain the dog comes in, as its somehow fallen to him to rescue Penny, manipulate the situation so Gadget accidentally thwarts the evil plot, and somehow keep this little family alive. And remember folks, we’re not ranking the “best” sidekicks, but the “most iconic” ones,” because there are ultimately too many to do an all-inclusive list. Honestly, by omitting Bruce Wayne, Morrison created the most interesting Dynamic Duo possibly ever — Damian was stern, humorless terrifyingly proficient and always in danger of going too far. But a sidekick isn’t just a friend, either. So. White Collar is a quality show and I will defend it until the day I die. Then again, the Dude might be out of trouble more often, but that’s not the point. It’s big. At times they provide comic relief to more serious dramas and epic adventures, while other times they end up as the emotional core of the entire storyline. So, we included superheroes on this list as long as their primary work is solving crimes, as opposed to simply using extraordinary abilities to fight them. This is a two-sidekicks-for-the-price-of-one deal, since Bess and George are cousins and at least one of them is always at Nancy’s side. We thought long and hard about the different genres that this list might include. Which is not great. Which is a shame, because Ron Stoppable is the BEST sidekick there is (and I would really love to put Kim Possible on a list one of these days). He’s actually the sidekick to Wang, his buddy who sets off into the Chinese underworld to rescue his green-eye fiancée from demons with his ridiculous trucker buddy. This rules out all the Law and Orders, NCISes, CSIs, True Detectives, Leverages, and procedurals of this general ilk. Of course, what he’s best known for is his phenomenal martial arts skills, thanks to being portrayed by the legendary Bruce Lee in the ‘60s TV series. Works with: Britt Ried, AKA “the Green Hornet”, From: The Green Hornet comics, created by Fran Striker. Gabriel initially wants no part of the process, but can’t resist when Cuff asks him for help here and there, until he eventually comes down with a full case of “detective fever” and becomes subsumed in the thrill of the mystery. In this beloved 80s TV show, David Hasslehoff is Michael Long, a normal crimefighter, after a near-fatal accident and being saved by the mysterious chairman of Knight Industries, is reborn and rebranded as the ultra-cool crimefighter Michael Knight.

The best friend of gritty, depressive, widowed and recovering alcoholic ex-New Orleans police officer Dave Robicheaux, an investigator who absolutely never plays by the rules, is an equally never-plays-by-the-rules guy, Cletus Purcel, who is also an alcoholic ex-police officer turned PI and bail-bondsman. Detectives can have friends and relationships that have nothing to do with sidekick-dom. Works with: Ezekiel “Easy” Porterhouse Rawlins, From: The Easy Rawlins books by Walter Mosley. She is what she wants to be, and doesn’t have to sacrifice anything to be it. Their dynamic is adorable. Samantha “Sam” Stewart Works with: Christopher Foyle. Captain Hastings is the narrator of many of the Poirot stories, and the best friend of the Belgian detective. almost constantly. Wang is a skilled fighter, determined to rescue his damsel in distress, and isn’t a moron. The time has come to do a giant, comprehensive ranking of the detective sidekicks that have graced crime fiction. And she also provides some necessary strong female friendship to our girl Veronica, who basically always has to deal with men. Mozzie is one of the rare sidekicks who assists in pulling off capers and heists, and therefore he is the best kind of sidekick. Veronica Mars is totally, beautifully neo-noir, and one of the best things about it is that it does not ask Veronica, our gritty teen PI, to be a whiz at all the tech stuff that comes with the turf of a contemporary-set detective show. Other times they turn to the dark side and turn into a cinematic villain, adding a twist or element of surprise to an otherwise boring plot. This is quite impressive and very powerful. Cato is also a fairly racist caricature (also not his fault). Sure, Buffy’s a Slayer, but Willow becomes a witch with enough power to destroy the world (or flay people alive, as the case may be).

He reeeeally gets distracted by beautiful women. I definitely remember him being a fraidy-cat. Around the World in Eighty Days has an entire full-length plot involving mistaken identity, and one of its main characters is a detective (besides the fact that its main character has to solve a problem thought to be unsolvable), so I’m counting it as a crime story. He’s friendly, he’s clever, he can think on his feet, he seems to be really rich and have lots of connections and supplies, and he’ll stay with you to the end. The Rockford Files is a personal favorite of mine, as well as my grandfather’s (who just turned 90! I specifically mean Damian Wayne in Grant Morrison’s Batman and Robin comic, written during that period when Bruce Wayne was dead/sent hurtling through the past and Dick Grayson was wearing the cowl as Batman. Thankfully, here are 11 sidekicks that pick up the slack — often doing a better job than the heroes ever could. I also had a crush on him when I was thirteen. The author always wants us to know that Bess is a blonde girly-girl, while George is a dark-haired tomboy. From: the Sherlock Holmes stories and novels by Arthur Conan Doyle.


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