ferret poop chart

Please don’t wait to take him as if his diarrhea is really bad, he might need medication to stop it and get him back to normal. I did change her dry cat food to wet cat food cause she didnt seem to want the dry anymore but she still doesn’t finish the whole bowl like she used to. Of course, being the weekend, you might have to wait to see a vet so read this article and it might help him if you get a can of pure pumpkin to give him to try and settle his stomach. ~Nona, I also wanted to add she just recently got her shots (distemper and rabies) not sure if that affects anything. Big hugs for Samy from her new friends down under Hi Nona I am from Cuba and I crossed the sea in 1995 to start a new life.I so happy that found such a kind the person like you that gave advice for Samy. I don’t know if her poop has changed because you put her on wet food (please be aware that wet food can cause a ferret’s teeth to rot so you must check her teeth regularly and if they go brown, then take her to get her teeth cleaned otherwise it could be detrimental to her health), however the black poop might be because of something going on inside! Normal Ferret Poop: This is what you want to see. The Ferret Poop Chart A guide to what different types of poop might indicate about a ferret’s health. Hi Louise Cheers When I bought him his stomach was bloated , the vet of the store told me he had gas, his poops where like the kibble type like the first picture, when I switched him to raw it started to look mocousy, is it because if the food, must I change something or wait for him to get used to it.

I am one of those ferret freaks that checks out what kind of poop there is in the litter box after Frida does her business. If we know that worn-out red blood cells are a large source of the brown color of feces, a severely anemic animal would have pale feces. If not, please check out my Vets Page – hopefully you’ll find someone nearby and once the vet has looked him over and hopefully given him a clean bill of health, then it will take a lot of worry off your shoulders! It *could* be that the food you’re giving him has caused his poop to look strange, or his poop might look like that because he’s got a bug or an illness! Below is a guide of what we consider normal ferret poop and unusual ferret poop. I think it sounds like Rocky has bounced back and is back to normal! It might be worth printing this out for your vet to see if that is what’s wrong with Simon. Anja is always opened for suggestions and advice, so if you have something to ask or say about ferrets, feel free to contact her. Doses for laxative: 1-2 TBS every four hours until signs of matter appear in stool. Any suggestions?


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