fink truss span

Maximum Floor Joist Span - No. Sorry, but this item does not qualify for free shipping through typical means due to materials, size, weight, or other factors. For this reason, they are primarily used in commercial projects or for large domestic dwellings. In 1905 one span of the structure was relocated to Conotton Creek where it is now a pedestrian only crossing. The Fink truss is suitable for spans up to 9 metres. Common Truss : Span: 28 Ft. Top Chord Live Load: 30 Lbs. Several other Fink trusses held world records for their time including the Green River Bridge (c. 1858) carrying the Louisville and Nashville Railroad over its namesake river near Munfordville, Kentucky, and the first bridge to span the Ohio River which included a 396 foot span built between 1868 and 1870. %���� x��Z[o�6~���G�@�)R3v�m�-�n�y(�A��X�b�X� ���J�$DZ�� �e��w�ṓ��wrss����)a�1�0��ϗ�2�s\F|Z'�:����Y]^|������k��_\^p�'��MSr�c~��%�5�G��������_ɿ�ѕL������ˋ[��ˋ��2*�ڧ�wxw���`�q*CX��ѕI��dR�9^�?? The Fink Truss Bridge was patented by Albert Fink in 1854. The Fink truss is a commonly used truss in residential homes and bridge architecture. The 1865 Annual Report of the President and Directors of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company lists 29 Fink Truss bridges out of a total of 66 bridges on the railroad. This gives the bridge an unfinished saw-toothed appearance when viewed from the side or below, and makes the design very easy to identify. U.S. Truss Company It originally carried Factory Street over the Tuscarawas River in Tuscarawas County, Ohio. 1 and No. [2] Although the design is no longer used for major structures, it was widely used from 1854 through 1875.[3]. [1] It originated as a bridge truss although its current use in bridges is rare. Unbalanced roof live loads have been considered for this design. The Fink Truss Bridge was patented by Albert Fink in 1854. Southern Pine 2400F 2.0E : Top Chord Lumber Actual Dimension: 1-1/2 In. Related Topics . The Zoarville Station Bridge consists of one of the original three spans of a through truss of Fink design built in 1868 by Smith, Latrobe and Company of Baltimore, Maryland. Neither bridge is in its original location. stream Ft. Top Chord Lumber: 2 In. Baltimore Truss. [7], A third bridge, the Fink-Type Truss Bridge, survived in Clinton Township, New Jersey until it was destroyed by a traffic accident in 1978. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, documented by the Historic American Engineering Record and carries the Zoar Valley Trail, the intrastate Buckeye Trail, and the interstate North Country Trail. It consisted of three spans, each 205 feet long. Only two Fink Truss bridges remain intact in the United States. "���H���H��T�-�x&��N�[w~��9e����P�z�`W%+�D1�$_�Q�4��$ʃ�[email protected]��t�r�(Lu?��I��㓀���p˪���y~�� �IЀop��|z����W�ǘ�[email protected]�/uM���էWI>'j�Fm����ل|*��2e���7��gh"��'��ߣI�g�h�< �&G9��q���5ޯI��Avd������+ �dA�2!� Copyright @ 2020 SupplyHog. Designed in accordance with the 2015 International Residential Code sections R502.11.1 and R802.10.2 and referenced standard ANSI/TPI 1. 2 0 obj endobj <>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> It is identified by the presence of multiple diagonal members projecting down from the top of the end posts at a variety of angles. X 4 In.
These diagonal members extend to the bottom of each of the vertical members of the truss with the longest diagonal extending to the center vertical member. 4 0 obj


[8], Fink design trusses are used today for pedestrian bridges and as roof trusses in building construction in an inverted (upside down) form where the lower chord is present and a central upward projecting vertical member and attached diagonals provide the bases for roofing. Per Sq. All rights reserved. So it must carry

Allow 2 - 3 Weeks for construction and delivery. Structural Wood Sheathing Directly Applied Or 3-9-14 Oc Purlins. Per Sq. Per Sq. In 1893 it was relocated to carry Old Forest Road over the Norfolk and Western in Lynchburg, Virginia, and in 1985 the structure was again relocated to Riverside Park in the City of Lynchburg to preserve the historic structure for future generations. Phone: 217-529-4849 It was the longest iron railroad bridge in the United States at the time. Email: [email protected] 1 Grade Yellow Pine. This is the most commonly used truss shape and will handily accommodate a water tank should it be necessary. Fink Truss. Southern Pine No.1 : Bottom Chord Lumber Actual Dimension: 1-1/2 In.

Rigid Ceiling Directly Applied Or 9-6-13 Oc Bracing. "Semi-rigid pitch breaks with fixed heels" Member end fixity model was used in the analysis and design of this truss.

28' Span Fink Residential Roof Truss 4/12 Pitch Common Truss. <> Ft. Top Chord Dead Load: 10 Lbs. <>>> X 4 In. Bottom Chord Lumber: 2 In. Fax: 217-529-4977 TCLL = 40 psf TCLL = 80 psf TCLL = 125 psf Truss Spacing Truss Spacing Truss Spacing Floor Truss Span Chart Each individual floor truss design is unique based on multiple variables: geometry, loading, spacing, bearing conditions, etc. 3 0 obj Springfield, IL Loading the Truss: The bottom chord is 30 feet long and carries a 2 foot wide section of the ceiling weighing 10 lbs/ft2. An Inverted Fink Truss has a bottom chord without a top chord. The original location of this structure is unknown. endobj Albert Fink designed his truss bridges for several American railroads especially the Baltimore and Ohio and the Louisville and Nashville. Parker Truss. endobj The Fan truss, generally used for spans over 9m. [9], Crawley, Stanley W. and Robert M. Dillon (1993), "Trusses A Study By the Historic American Engineering Record Record Number HAER TI-1",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 16 December 2019, at 11:26. 1 0 obj If the bridge deck is carried along the bottom of the truss (called a through truss) or if a lightweight lower chord is present, identification is made solely by the multiple diagonal members emanating from the end post tops. M��e�8�#�T�5���+��bwW�;Ԉ=�M�t�Lo96ȰwH6y�"Ñ4������HZF����7�W��9���?q5� ��`�*��T�r����ꡂ�����.خ�`��p�cj?�\[2/�������"�g�����YBQ*�Q�5;e����,,kJ"�5T�� �R A�4��,�� �S��h�O4=�8�*��k� � �$+g_`Qˬi�KV�#�Qg�v�:���۔�:D*(�#`���U>�kptu���WSy;���.�YuNR&����ѻI��{H9u$�d��o�8�[email protected]�E5qn�ْ��P�Q�����Q���y� �mZ��M!&��ZX�I�� �*����;�m�Ɉh�)�,*�0,������V������6/È��a�>���. So it must carry 600 lbs, evenly distributed along its length which results in the forces shown at joints A, B, C, and D. The top chord spans 16.25 feet and carries a 2 foot wide section of the roof weighing 40 lbs/ft2. [4] Many Fink trusses do not include a lower chord (the lowest horizontal member). Bowstring Truss. Sponsored Links . Ft. Bottom Chord Dead Load: 10 Lbs. Request a custom quote at X 3-1/2 In.

The first Fink Truss bridge was built by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad in 1852 to span the Monongahela River at Fairmont, Virginia (now West Virginia). Span Tables below illustrate common combinations of the multiple variables available. %PDF-1.5 It now carries pedestrians only. Residential Roof Trusses manufactured with No. [5][6], A 56 foot long single span deck truss of Fink design was built in 1870 to carry trains of the Atlantic, Mississippi and Ohio Railroad (later Norfolk and Western Railway, now Norfolk Southern Railway).


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