flippity fish cat toy
Thank you. After moving for a while our cat kicker fish toy stops to save battery life when cats stop playing with it so you don't need to worry about turning it off. My daughter’s roommate’s kitten loves it and plays with it a lot! Sales tax will be added where applicable. I have attached a copy of their email notification. Jaq loves his Gerald fish! Click only once. Could not be happier with this purchase and highly recommend them to others! We have tested almost every cat fish toy available out there and we are confident to say that Kittenfy's Floppy Fish Cat Toy has the highest manufacturing quality and it's cats' preferred choice. Our 3 older cats wanted nothing to do with it. Yes, I would like to protect my purchase with Shipping Insurance for just $3.99. Shipping Insurance is offered to all customers placing orders directly through our product site. Only problem is that the cat is scared of it. It takes 2 hours to be fully charged. Rob said they loved them and the bit of catnip that was included in my purchase was a nice bonus, thanks. I have 5, active cats and they are only vaguely interested. Mayfield is very picky when it comes to toys. They don’t actually play with it but they sniff it and lay beside it sometimes. Purchased "Gerald" & "Bill" and I can't say that our cat "loves" them, but certainly likes them well enough. with his fish, more so than many So funny to watch! I bought these for my son's cats so don't have a photo. Our cat, (the real) Slim Shady loves his fish toy! I appreciate being able to recharge him easily with the USB cord. by Ontel. I wasn't intending on buying a fish pillow, but I'm glad it's being used! Dog is gentel with it, ad tosses it up in the air, barks at it and. ONE CAT WAS TIMID BUT THE 2 YR. OLD TUXEDO WAS READY TO TUSSLE.......MADE ME LAUGH OUT LOUD TOO.......RECORDED IT AND SENT TO FRIENDS. It shuts off after a minute or so. :(, Arrived quickly, works well! Cats don't like it, dog loves it. Sonny loves Gerald and sneaks up on him regularly. This offer is covered by our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. He is still getting use to it, because he is very spoiled and set in his ways. The not-good news is the plastic mechanism that makes the fish flop scared her so we took it out. the floppy fish toy is super cool and looks super realistic and the only reason i said it was just okay is simply because my cat gets a little scared of it when it is turned on and is reluctant to play with it on but cuddles with it when it is turned off. It's so fun to watch her play with it! not the fault of the fish toy my cat is kind of lazy and just likes to cuddle with it. I ordered these for two older cats , at first they were afraid having never seen anything like these, A little cat nip and that aroused their curiosity. I would really like a new little flipping piece. My two Bengals totally destroyed the first one, that's why I bought four !!!! Get 2 Flippity Fish™ units for just $19.99, just pay a separate $9.99 fee. Such a great purchase. Motion activates it. Sincerely, Ann Marie Jensen Reviewed in the United States on August 28, 2020. THANK YOU FOR A FUN PRODUCT TO STIMULATE MY CATS AND AMUSE ME!! The floppy fish was actually a gift for the strays that my cousin cares for. The flopping fish was a hoot. [email protected] 7925 NW 12th St #109 Doral, FL 33126, United States. OFFER DETAILS My Luna's a scaredy-cat, so I wasn't sure how she'd react- she's not so into the toy with the loud mechanism attached, but it's well made and she loves it anyway. My cat didn't really care for it but my dog loves it. My cat had no interest but my dog loved it. It ensures protection of customers shipment in the case of lost, stolen, or damaged packages. Thankyou. Bill is fun. All positive reviews › Kindle Customer. Easy USB charging and motion activated so cats can make it start flipping on their own. Get 4 Flippity Fish™ units for just $14.99 each with FREE shipping & handling. When on , it was way too fast and she was a little scared. So, I loved the fish...he didn't...so my other son's cats get all our left-overs...they love it all... She was scared of the fish at first, but then would stalk it. After moving for a while our cat kicker fish toy stops to save battery life when cats stop playing with it so you don't need to worry about turning it off. Nice toy!


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