funny nigerian pidgin proverbs
Make I chop this guy money make I chop this guy money na so ashawao take start oh, Nobody knows where water take enter coconut, Your email address will not be published. When one is forced to do the unthinkable in certain circumstances. Here are some courtesy of Mayo Bayo of Craze no hard to form, na the trekking be wahala “The Fly wey perch on top Butter think say im be Butterfly” Although it might be said as a joke or in a funny way, when you translate it properly, it thoroughly makes sense! Do you have any other Pidgin English proverbs to add to this list? You know why ? Here are some of the most hilarious Nigerian Pidgin Proverbs that will get you laughing all day; Person wey dey purge no dey select toilet Feel at home, Feel at home,Na hin make Emeka spoil TV remote Anyone who knows me very well would know that I speak Pidgin English wella! Same as ‘Like father like son’, Stop living in the past and live in the present. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. The first one can still be a translation to something. Facebook Google+ Twitter Reddit LinkedIn Pinterest. Cockroach wey dey form swagger… if e summersault reach fowl place na for lindaikeji dey go read im tori. loose translation: Every action has a consequence, E go better na e go better, na im make ibo man still dey Kano. The water wey dem use take make eba can never be recovered back. loose translation: Don’t judge based on appearance alone, Escort me, Escort me, na im slave trade take start When the Jamaican people speak their Creole, everyone loves it, they all want to speak like them. Oh yeah, I roll like that too… Lol . The little things today always lead to bigger things later. 10. loose translation: Calm down, your temper won’t solve the problem, Chicken wey run way from Borno go Ibadan go still end up inside pot of soup 1. The difference between kpekere and plantain chips na packaging. Person wey use Elephant set trap, na him know wetin he wan Catch. 9. No servant is greater than his or her master. loose translation: Serious things sometimes start like a joke, The water wey dem use take make eba can never be recovered back 4. Below are some Nigerian Pidgin proverbs that you have probably heard but don’t know its meaning. loose translation: Give everyone what they deserve. 20 Nigerian Pidgin Proverbs that will surely make you laugh Monica WineHouse. Care stretch mark care stretch mark naso bleaching take start. loose translation: Serious things sometimes start like joke. Leave matter for Mathias and Sabi for Sabinus loose translation: A dependent would not know the value of what he/she is enjoying.


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