gerstner wave shader unity
Either use larger wavelengths, or increase the resolution of your mesh. We'll leave the fragment surface function unchanged. Effective Water Simulation from Physical Models,,, That is the conventional way of defining them, but as we already used `sin` for Y it made more sense to just use `cos` for X. The derivative of the cosine is the negative sine, so we end up with `T=[[1-kasinf],[kacosf]]`. The simplest approach is to just use another mesh. The partial derivative of `f` in the X dimension is `f_x^'=kD_x`. You could also rewrite the math so that you directly control the phase speed and derive the wavelength from that instead. And there are two version of implements, Gerstner wave and Sine wave. float3 Color = lerp( _Ambient , _Scatter, _ScatterFactor) * LightColor + Spec; Like I mentioned ealier, Tessellation was an issue because of Unitys rigid pipline. Gerstner waves don't have this limit, but we don't want to go below 0°, because that's when we get surface loops. This problem is causes by the limited resolution of our plane mesh. Another important observation is that we can get looping waves again. The X component of `T` used to be `x^'=1`, but now it's a bit more complicated. The sudo code looks something like this: float waveThickness = saturate(mul(_World2Object, worldSpace).y * _ScatterStrength); FWIW, one thing that jumps out at me with these ocean shaders is the static-ness of the normal map. It works well if you distort the normal map first using a noisemap. dot( reflectDir , eyeDir ) * _LightColor * lerp( float3(0), skycolor, fersnel ); – and like I said, you will have to tweak this to make it look just right. To make this easier to manage, let's combine all properties of a wave in a single shader property. The final tangent is `T=[[1-D_x^2ssinf],[D_xscosf],[-D_xD_zssinf]]`. This is relevant when you want to create a looping animation with multiple waves. WARNING: It is worth mentioning that in my final implementation i used (Q / w * A) as my Q value so that I could just give the shader a normalized Q value without having to calculated it CPU side. Note that this relationship means that longer waves have a higher phase speed. Create a new Waves material that uses this shader. ( Log Out /  Each quad is still 1×1 unit, so you'll have to zoom out and multiply the wave properties by 10 to get the same result as before. In general, you have to keep the wavelength greater than twice the edge length of the triangles in your mesh. But actual water isn't just the surface. To indicate the travel direction of our wave we'll introduce the direction vector `D=[[D_x],[D_z]]`. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Instead, create a default plane via GameObject / 3D Object / Plane and have it use the Waves material. Although our surface looks good, it doesn't correctly interact with shadows yet. This makes our calculations a bit more complex, as both X and Z are needed to construct the final wave and its tangent vectors. Besides that, we also have to add `T_z` because it is no longer zero. But the relationship between phase speed and wavelength is nonlinear, because `c=sqrt(gk)=sqrt((glambda)/(2pi))`. It should cycle through +/- like the big waves and tbh it's not that tough - basic idea is add a sine wave to the red channel. Originally I planned to use a surface shader with a custom vertex shader but due to Unity’s restrictions on their tessellation pipline, I was not able to pass the reconstructed normal data from the vertex shader down to the surface shader. Deform ... Gerstner Waves Vertex Distortion Shader (Unity 5.6) - Duration: 0:13. To get the final tangent vector in the shader, we have to normalize `T`.


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