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While Gault was indeed part of the posse that shot Bonnie and Clyde, his role in the film is inflated for dramatic effect. Soundtracks, The quest for historical authenticity prompted director. In the opening scene in the car, Bonnie Parker is seen flicking through the pages of the film magazine "Motion Picture" when a portrait of 1930s star. The gunslinging pair memorably portrayed by Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway in Arthur Penn’s now-classic 1967 film were re-immortalized in a 2013 miniseries and in recent songs by Taylor Swift, Quavo, Gucci Mane and Ariana Grande. He steps into a very similar role in The Highwaymen as Maney Gault, an unemployed former Texas Ranger who is plucked off his couch by Hamer. Also Gault was not an impoverished, unemployed loser whose home was on the brink of foreclosure. Search by keyword, author, title, and more.. Aug 28, 2016 - Explore Staley's board "Frank Hamer", followed by 233 people on Pinterest. Bonnie was in the car honking the horn to give direction to the escapees. Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know now on politics, health and more, © 2020 TIME USA, LLC. 60 b&w illus. Frank Hamer supposedly took part in nearly fifty gunfights and was wounded an astonishing twenty three times. In the movie's ambush scene Woody Harrelson uses a Colt Monitor, and the actor who plays Deputy Hinton uses a regular BAR M1918. While tracking the criminals, Gault finds an empty bottle of Laudanum, a pain killer. The real-life Gault joined the Texas Rangers in 1929 and stayed for only three years; he was working for the highway patrol when Hamer selected him to bolster the team after the Barrow Gang killed two patrolmen on Easter Sunday in 1934. Frank Hamer was legendary long before he gunned down Bonnie and Clyde. We have recently updated our Privacy Policy. | In the early 1900s, two families in Scurry and Kent counties in West Texas united in a marriage of fourteen-year-old Gladys Johnson to twenty-one-year-old Ed Sims. Kevin Costner was offered the role of Frank Hamer ten years earlier, but turned it down because he felt himself too young to play a grizzled, retired lawman called back into service. The Barrow Gang mostly robbed gas stations and convenience stores; they would even break into gumball machines to collect the change. Frank was 6 years older than her, and lived to age 71, passing away in 1955. While Guinn and Ginn, the two historians interviewed for this article, said that the film took several liberties with the facts, both said they mostly didn’t mind those deviations in service of the larger story. Hamer became a senior captain of the Rangers in 1922 and played a large role combating the Ku Klux Klan in Texas. Having gotten older he felt the role was a better fit, though he still decided to gain 15 pounds to give himself a more over-the-hill appearance. In 1934, Barrow and Parker whisked off several inmates from a jail that was previously considered impenetrable. When Ed tried to take his daughters for a prearranged Christmas visit in 1916, Gladys and her brother Sid shot him dead on the Snyder square teeming with shoppers. Frank Augustas Hamer, the most celebrated Texas Ranger of all time, returned home to his wife Gladys and retirement and died on July 10, 1955. Alongside the local sheriff, they cut a deal with Ivy Methvin to set up Bonnie and Clyde in exchange for his son’s legal protection. In the Eastham Prison break, it was Clyde who fired the BAR. Your Guide to Vote by Mail Deadlines in Every State, Vienna 'Terror Attack' Leaves 2 Dead, 15 Wounded, This Map Shows How America Voted in Every Election Since 1824, You can unsubscribe at any time. ), The film accurately depicts Hamer’s chase in his painstaking attention to detail and the long stretches of monotony. When Hamer and Gault cross the Oklahoma State line, At the beginning of the manhunt, Hamer (Kevin Costner) corrects the lyrics Gault is singing. After taking care of Bonnie and Clyde, Hamer (Costner) kept the arsenal he had purchased for the purpose, including the B.A.R. He turned to mostly private investigation work before being hired to hunt down Bonnie and Clyde following the Eastham breakout. The Highwaymen opens with a dramatic breakout at Eastham Prison Farm, an infamously brutal jail in Texas where Barrow himself served time. Connections Kathy Bates portrays Miriam "Ma" Ferguson, the first female governor of Texas. In True Detective, Woody Harrelson plays a charming, hard-drinking, down-on-his-luck detective who forms one half of an odd couple (with Matthew McConaughey) that hunts down murderers. Save on the cover price & free e-Gift card for Giftees! Most of them found law enforcement jobs in other capacities. Frank Hamer was legendary long before he gunned down Bonnie and Clyde. Unlike the one shown in the movie, the license plate on the car the Barrow's died in was TEXAS 587-956. The group was extremely violent and ruthless; their tactics led Mexicans to dub them “Los Diablos Tejanos” (the Texas Devils). At the end of the film, a horde of people surrounds the bullet hole-ridden Ford carrying the pair’s bodies, with officials pushing back those trying to grab at the corpses. Ma ran as a puppet candidate, making it clear her husband would be calling the shots, and she was every bit as corrupt as her husband had been. In attempting to recast a story that has become ingrained in pop culture, however, The Highwaymen takes its own liberties with history. In real life, Maney Gault, Frank Hamer's partner, did not join the search for Bonnie and Clyde until just before the end of the hunt. At the time of the ambush there were $26,000 in reward pledges but when they tried to collect on this most of the pledges simply vanished. In 1935, after Miriam "Ma" Ferguson left office, the Texas Rangers were reconstituted. They auctioned it for $20,000. Howdy! Because the main focus of the film is more on the lawmen's pursuit of outlaws rather than on the outlaws themselves, you never really get a good look at Bonnie and Clyde until near the end. | Crazy Credits He resigned in 1932 when Miriam “Ma” Ferguson—who detested the Rangers—recaptured the Governor’s Office. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our. Alternate Versions He speaks frequently to historical groups and has appeared in documentaries on TBS, History Channel, Discovery Channel, TNN, and A&E. Hamer’s wife, Gladys, was so incensed that she sued Warner Brothers for defamation, invasion of privacy and unauthorized use of Frank Hamer’s name. He had a job with the Texas Highway patrol when he joined Hammer. Members of the Posse each gave conflicting accounts before their deaths. Thank you! Frank Hamer was legendary long before he gunned down Bonnie and Clyde. Published by University of North Texas Press, Media: Kevin Costner and Kathy Bates previously starred together in the movie Dragonfly (2002). The real-life Texas Governor Ma Ferguson is famous for saying "If English was good enough for Jesus Christ, it's good enough for me.". Not so much during the Great Depression. The movie, which debuted at South by Southwest, plays in select theaters starting March 15 and begins streaming on March 29, tells the story through the eyes of the two officers, Frank Hamer and Maney Gault (played by Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson), who hunt them down as they leave a trail of death and wreckage across the South. On February 12, 2018, it was announced by Netflix that the film had officially entered production. Whenever they are seen early on, it's usually in a long shot or, when closer, without much definition. Woody Harrelson uses the term "Just Sayin'" which has become a very popular modern term. The broad strokes of the portrayal are accurate. “The Maney Gault character is a composite character,” Jody Ginn, Ph.D., an adjunct professor of history who consulted on the film, said in an interview. (The Bureau is correctly named in dialogue although misidentified on an aircraft; refer to Goofs.) However, Clyde is wearing shoes, and in real life he had only his socks on. This pattern allowed Hamer to make frequent trips home to his wife Gladys, a reality that stands in contrast to The Highwaymen’s portrayal, in which she forlornly says goodbye to him at the beginning of the film, never to appear again. In the car with him were his wife, Gladys, brother Harrison Hamer, and Gladys’ brother, Emmett Johnson. See more ideas about Hamer, Bonnie parker, Bonnie n clyde. According to Texas Ranger: The Epic Life of Frank Hamer, The Man Who Killed Bonnie and Clyde by John Boessenecker, Methvin sought out the local sheriff, Henderson Jordan, through an intermediary with the hopes of cutting a deal for his son. Jeff Guinn, who wrote the biography Go Down Together: The True, Untold Story of Bonnie and Clyde, refutes this depiction of her, saying that there are only two or so records of her firing a gun, and no evidence that she killed anyone. Her injuries were so severe she walked with a limp for the rest of her life. While the popular conception of Bonnie and Clyde depicts them as grandiose bank robbers, the truth was more mundane. This outlines how and why we collect, store and use your personal data when you use our website. Billy Johnson, the father, set up Gladys and Ed on a ranch, and the young couple had two daughters. Somebody with scissors managed to snip off locks of Bonnie’s hair and bits of her gory dress before being pulled away,” Guinn wrote in Go Down Together. And these photos of the real Frank Hamer from The Highwaymen give you a glimpse at one of the people who brought down two of the most famous bank robbers of all time. But the plan was devised not by the Barrows. “Once a professional like Hamer was on the hunt, there was no way they were escaping,” he said. In an effort to emulate the Barrow Gang and learn their habits, Hamer drove hundreds of miles a day in Barrow’s preferred car model, the Ford V-8 Sedan, ate hot dogs and slept out of his car. Mrs. Hamer replies "Keep Leigh Anne from spiking that punch." This was a special order through a gun shop in Austin that used larger, more powerful rounds and "police-only" high-capacity magazines. That’s been the biggest problem in popular media,” Ginn said. Goofs Sheriff Jordan then contacted Hamer, who arrived in Louisiana with Gault and other officials shortly thereafter. See our updated Privacy Policy to find out more about cookies and how we use your data. In this version, Bonnie and Clyde aren’t populist legends but remorseless killers who discard innocent lives for their own gain. The R-80 was the law-enforcement version of the BAR which had some design differences from regular Bard, and also used an easily recognizable 4-inch Cutts compensator which regular BARs did not have. In The Highwaymen, Hamer and Gault follow an instinct to go to Bienville Parish, Louisiana, where they find Ivy Methvin, the father of Barrow Gang member Henry Methvin. In the scene, inmates retrieve hidden guns, shoot guards and then run for the trees—where Parker, wearing a pink dress and wielding a machine gun, is waiting to give them cover with a thunderous stream of fire. Like most websites, we use cookies to improve our service and make your user experience better. The website is open for business, but please be patient with any delays. Francis A. Hamer, Texas Ranger, son of Frank and Lou Emma (Francis) Hamer, was born in Fairview, Texas, on March 17, 1884. He is retired from teaching at Panola College. The story was featured on an episode of "My Strange Inheritance". Kevin Costner gained 15 pounds to give himself a middle-aged potbelly as Hamer. Available, Media: Bob Alcorn, a member of the Barrow hunt, called him “one of the bravest men and the deadliest shots in the state” in a 1934 interview. They inspired a viral rap battle and hovered over the 2017 Oscars debacle. Hamer married Gladys Johnson while she and her brother, Emmett, were under indictment for killing Gladys’ ex-husband, Ed Sims. “They were small-time crooks,” Guinn said. She simply did not,” Guinn said in an interview with TIME. Request a review copy, Professors: In 1940, she was 49 years old and lived in Austin, Texas, with her husband, Frank, and son. Benjamin Maney Gault returned to work as a Texas Ranger and served until his death on December 14, 1947.


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