gta 5 pegasus concierge
The paintball-enthusiast looking tossers in their battle jets would call these times boring and overtly mundane, but sometimes mundane is all you need. Have you considered converting the luggage loader to a driveable vehicle by (like you did with the constable 2a) any chance? Gtx 750ti 2gb Content © is not associated or affiliated with Rockstar or Rockstar Games. • Personal Vehicles (Free): Delivers the CEO's personal vehicle to the office's parking lot. GTA 5 Home – Your Source for Everything GTA 5. Now I am sure I have found a talented creator :). This fleet of commercial aircraft and service vehicles is a callback to simpler times - before air supremacy was … 3. is a vendor of luxury private jets and helicopters in San Andreas. it is a bigger version of the AT-300 so mabe call it the AT-400 it is always spawns in LSIA (and looks low poly) but you can not fly it It would be really cool if you added it with a cargo variant as well! Hi. @TheF3nt0n I got a little problem with it. a) AIRPORTCADDY- the light coronas on the front don't look like they match up to the lights themselves can you add a plane like this? Some of the cars like the perrenial, tanker and catering dont work in FiveM and they make your game crash. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. , no audio like no music and stuff but its good. This mod add a grand night club scene at Pegasus Concierge Hotel's pool . Fenton, would you be able and willing to create a lore friendly BCFD/LSCFD tanker truck out of your fuel truck in this pack? 8gb ram Ddr3 I don't understand how the Online devs didn't realise how much bollocks this is. any fix for this. i made some new maps as well and i have no problems recording. I love this mod, adds alot of detail to the airport. Any help? We are a GTA 5 enthusiast website. Brilliant. c) CATERING- the box section doesn't destroy when the truck is destroyed. • Pegasus Concierge ($1000-$4000): Delivers Rotor-Wing Craft & Land vehicles to either the office's helipad or parking Lot. Intel core 2 quad 2.40ghz, @Stefan_saxena Vehicles bought from Elitas Travel can be delivered on request by calling Pegasus – the contact will appear on your phone when you purchase your first vehicle requiring their services. P.S.It worked for me at first place but then i didn't play for a couple of months and now i get this. Then, you need spawn the second trailer. !!!! I have a pirated version of the game. That would be excellent! I'd also like to acquire an unlocked version as well so I can make some edits to the stairs to make them look more like the actual AD stair car. ... GTA 5 Home is your source for everything related to Grand Theft Auto 5 including news, tips, tricks, cheats and more. You can attach the airport trailers with each other, although the way to do it is tedious and only possible with a trainer: I am not interested with FD vehicles either. 24GB ram Ddr3. Luns 17 de Agosto de 2020, 1.065 downloads , 50 MB b) AIRPORTCADDY- the metal plate on the rear texture looks off like the sides aren't the same Please Contact us at. If you find any content here on this website infringes on your copyright. "gtamp-unlock-all-objects.asi" in my main directory, i installed scripts where they suppose to be and still doesn't work... Я себе добавилКЛАСС получилось! ... and call in Pegasus helicopters or ground vehicles for a few thousand. Select one of the following categories to start browsing the latest GTA 5 PC mods: 7.190 downloads , 10,6 MB Move the first trailer manually to the second trailer, you may need the Airbreak feature from Simple Native Trainer as an example to move the trailer you're sitting it. Sir ples guide me a real life mod how to instal and dwnload in pc ples sir.


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