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- Hardin about Landon in "After Ever Happy".

She demands that Tessa end things with Hardin so she can refocus on her studies, but Tessa refuses.

He would then turn off his charm and loving demeanor to break her heart. She justifies her actions as her being drunk and accidentally mentions the guy she kissed in the club. He attempts to come onto her but Noah tells him to stop, sensing Tessa's discomfort. Molly records the dare and found humor in Tessa rejecting Hardin's advances, mockingly telling Hardin that he got his first rejection. Tessa angrily calls him a dick before asking what he's even doing here. He begins to tell her that the game was all before, but she cuts him off saying it was before he snapped his fingers and turned it all off. Tessa stares at him in shock and their eyes meet as Zed attempts to calm him down. Hardin is introduced as a cocky and overly mysterious young boy in college with an ego that remains unwavering. He and his group of friends took pleasure in toying with people and finding new ways to entertain themselves, including a dangerous version of "truth or dare".

His phone begins to buzz and he is annoyed to see that Steph is persistent in her desire to have him come to the frat house for a party. After, AWC, AWF, AEH He takes a seat in the tattoo chair, rolling up his sleeve in preparation. While he never returns this sentiment, he shows his care for her in sweet gestures such as picnics and helping her with her living situation by moving in together in an apartment. Hardin doesn't even hesitate in his response - of course, he loves her, he's never felt this way about anyone before. While he remained the witty and sarcastic boy he'd always been, the changes he had made in his life were evident. She quickly leaves the room with him following her, naked, into the hall. Hardin is very charming, crude, mean, and sarcastic. Nickname(s) Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She compares his behavior to that of a lost puppy, a statement that makes his face turn cold. After Series(After, AWC, AWF, AEH, Before)Landon Series(Nothing More, Nothing Less) In the days they spend apart, Hardin mulls things over in his dorm room, blasting music and emotionally recounting the days he spent with Tessa. She shows Tessa footage of Hardin making a bet from the night of the truth and dare game. He pushes her off his lap and she rolls off a stool and lands on the ground. “A word…please”Tessa hissed at Hardin when your attention was elsewhere. She asks what it will take for him to forgive her, as she knows she's been "really bad". This shows a very low regard for established relationships as he had no qualms breaking up the couple. Through Jace, Tessa is able to find Hardin at a diner with his friends, Molly, Zed, and Steph. They exchange a longing look as he leaves.

Hardin is still standoffish against him. After she rejected Hardin, he sensed his friends mocking manners and made a bet that he could make Tessa fall in with him. Hardin Scott Despite all the bad things he has gone through, he ends up happy.

My focus moves down his black t-shirt to his arms, which are also covered in tattoos; not an inch of uncovered skin is seen. Hardin tries to protest but Tessa asks if it was all a game. Gender She instantly gives him vulgar clues to her identity so Hardin sarcastically responds by calling her Mother Theresa. When his exploits are revealed he attempts to reconcile his now shattered relationship with Tessa to no avail. He participated in fights, drugs, alcohol abuse, criminal activities, and bullying. As he grew older, his tattoos faded and he had to have them retouched.

At the end of his second year, he stopped drinking. He didn't respect women and used them as pieces for games and sexual pleasure. Hardin is sitting in the living room of the frat house when Molly walks up behind him and covers his eyes, coyly asking him to guess who she is. He created and executed the bet that he could take Tessa's virginity in a certain amount of time.

Hardin knows this and that he messed up, which is why he went to see her last night, but then he found out she kissed some guy, so he said that he slept with Molly even though he didn't. Tessa awakened the next morning and hurried back to the dorms where Noah confronted her about where she had to go in the middle of the night. Before Hardin met Tessa, all he cared about was feeding his ego and meeting his sexual needs. Hardin Scott was a tempered, tattooed, angry boy but little did he know that the girl he has never dreamed about was headed his way with a curve attached to it he was born to Trish Powell and Ken Scott (Christian Vance being his biological father) in London, England. Hardin Design and Development Logo Home What We Do Our Clients Join Our Team Work With Us 821 E Washington Avenue Suite 200-406 Madison, WI 53703 608.237.6285. Hardin became a better brother to Landon, as well as, Smith. Hardin angrily leaves the house as she continues to hurl insults in his direction. This part of his life is easily grazed over as he focuses more on Tessa and building a relationship with her, albeit built on a lie. She comes onto him but he is reluctant to do anything because she's drunk, even though she claims to have missed him. Hardin had a rough childhood due to his negligent, abusive and alcoholic father, Ken. Molly Samuels (Ex-Friends-with-benefits)Jamie (Ex-Girlfriend)Tessa Young (Girlfriend) It is undisclosed in the books if Tessa and he ever marry, but they live together in an apartment in New York. After takes place in 2019, with Hardin being 19.

Freelance Writer (currently)AuthorStudent (graduated)Intern at Bolthouse Publishing (formerly)Intern at Vance Publishing (formerly)

He healed his relationship with his family and sought counseling for his issues and trauma. Hardin appears behind her and Noah pieces together what happened, and leaves despite Tessa's pleas for him to stay.

When he exits his car he is approached by a homeless man who is looking for someone, but Hardin abruptly tells the man to "piss off" so the man walks away, leaving Hardin alone once more. He has shaggy brown hair that is often styled back from his face. https://after.fandom.com/wiki/Hardin_Scott_(Book_Character)?oldid=10192. After removing his facial piercings, Hardin has a small scar above his eyebrow and just below his lip. She asks him to leave so that she can get dressed, but he tells her not to flatter herself - he's not looking at her. Hardin shows no regard for Noah and barely thinks of him or the relationship he is inserting himself in. He and his friends made a bet involving Tessa but it gets complicated for Hardin, as he surprisingly found himself developing an emotional attachment to her in the process of predatorily grooming her to be used, abused, and exploited. Hero Fiennes Tiffin (Adult)John Jackson Hunter (Child). The pair go to a diner where they order casual food and continue to get to know one another.

Hardin wrote a novel about his relationship with Tessa that he named, ", Hardin is forty-four years-old by the end of ". They embarked on a toxic, emotionally abusive relationship due to Hardin's unprocessed emotional trauma and Tessa's savior complex. Hardin is described as an attractive, white, British man with dark hair and green eyes. Once the class is dismissed, Tessa vents to Landon over her frustration regarding the Brit, even mocking his accent. Alive, Freelance Writer (currently)AuthorStudent (graduated)Intern at Bolthouse Publishing (formerly)Intern at Vance Publishing (formerly).

Over the next several years, they moved in together and went through the struggles of trying to start a family. Tessa and Landon sit on the campus lawn now that class is dismissed.

This upsets Hardin who wants to know who she kissed. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.


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