haunted places in franklin, nc
“Because of its place on the battlefield, it’s used as a hospital for both confederate and federal troops,” Thompson said to WSMV in 2014. Sign up for our newsletter and receive Halloween event updates, discounts and more! He says they’re standing like scarecrows. 67 miles from Franklin, ME. KONKOL COLUMN: Pastor Bob Neuman didn't let falling in an open sewer hole stop him from finishing a funeral service. Make sure to check out what Franklin county has to offer this autumn - you won't be disappointed! Other spooky ghost stories from around the state may be found here and here. Williamson Source is your personal portal to all things Williamson County. The family-friendly Haunted Franklin tour explores the ghosts and haunts that linger on the brick-lined streets and historic dwellings in charming Franklin, Tennessee. Halloween is almost upon us! @officialcmhof, What’s your favorite Halloween candy? This early-1900s inn has two haunted rooms: 205 and 207. A good ghost story gets the heart pumping — and if they're really great — the hair standing up on the back of your neck. “There’s no doubt about that. The Lotz House has been referenced many times as a Franklin haunt. Franklin county has some of the best Haunted Attractions in North Carolina. Patch reader Lacy Palermo said she had her first ghostly experience last year in a cabin she rented near Hendersonville, North Carolina. Stay in your vehicle and drive along an expanded road filled with thrills and chills. After taking photos around the cabin one day, a cell phone was placed on a kitchen counter underneath cabinets with video accidentally left recording the paneled ceiling of the room. Whether you're looking for a good fright, want to go pumpkin picking, or simply looking to create amazing fall memories, then you'll want to head out to Franklin county this Halloween season. According to some who have lived and worked around the house, something from a bygone era has remained in the house and on those mist covered battlefields 150 years after the Battle of Franklin. Palermo later found the phone on the floor across the room, and said it wasn't until she was looking through photos later that she understood how it got there. With such a variety to choose from, there’s enough to keep thrill-seekers busy all season long. They may not fall for the dead at their feet.”, “The first thing I say every day when I walk in this house is, ‘Hello everyone,'” Thompson said. Our state is prime for spooky stories thanks to geography, according to Haunted Rooms America. Some will feature one theme that is stuck with all throughout the haunt, while others will switch things up room by room, making its visitors wonder what horror they’ll come face to face with next. Photos from @corelifeeaterytn in Cool Springs ribb, @corelifeeaterytn held their ribbon cutting today, Have you been downtown Franklin during the Paint t, Who will be watching this tonight? Every night at the Haunt is frightening, with more ways to cry fear than you knew existed. This house listing in Bellport, New York found on Zillow gets right to the point: "House is haunted," it says. Tell us about it! Thompson, owner of the Lotz House, to WSMV in 2014. Then the phone rang three times with only static on the other end.". The central North Carolina Piedmont has more than its share of ghosts, hauntings, and legends. All rights reserved. The website Are you Terrified, along with the Travel Channel, named this historic home as  “One of the Most Terrifying Places in America.” Built in 1858 for the Lotz family, it was the site for a portion of the Battle of Franklin and later became a hospital for wounded soldiers. Let us know! THE FRANKLIN PRESS. Sylva, North Carolina 26.8 miles from Macon County, NC. But what about when it's not just a story? We have places where The Devil walks at night, and a rock where he left his footprint long ago. 2.Lotz House. Daily Cases Nearly Double; Trump Suggests He Might Fire Fauci, If Voting Results Throw You In Pit Of Despair, Be Like Pastor Bob, Here's North Carolina's Most Popular Halloween Costume: Google, Halloween Candy: Here's The Most Popular Sweet Treat In NC, Best Places For Halloween 2019: How Charlotte Metro Compares, Order AT&T Fiber for Superfast Internet + AT&T TV + HBO MAX Today, Learn How To Get A $200 AT&T Visa® Card When You Sign Up For TV. Our goal is to make living here more delightful and fulfilling each day. Its a scare-fest that runs the entire 2020 Halloween Season. “It’s a very unique situation to house both under the same roof, under the same structure. The website Are you Terrified, along with the Travel Channel, named this historic home as “One of the Most Terrifying Places in America.”Built in 1858 for the Lotz family, it was the site for a portion of the Battle of Franklin and later became a hospital for wounded soldiers. The best way I can describe it comes from Lotz in his diary about the dead in his front yard the next day. Here's what Haunted Rooms America's says are the most haunted places in North Carolina: You can read more about each of these places here. Witnesses have said they hear drums playing inside the home and a woman crying out for a loved one. In the accidental video, the phone moved — slowly at first — before launching across the room onto the floor. Stay safe in your car and enjoy a completely contact-free haunt experience in our first-ever drive-through haunted trail. Founded in 2008, NorthCarolinaHauntedHouses.com is a simple and unique online haunted event & attraction resource created to make it easy for locals to find Haunted House, Spook Walk, Corn Maze, and other Halloween Attractions in their local area. Be like Pastor Bob. With terrifying chills and exhilarating thrills, Franklin county has something to offer for everyone - from families in search of kid-friendly fall fun, to friends looking to spend an evening at some of the spookiest haunts in North Carolina. the site said. “These were soldiers who were on top of each other within 20 minutes of starting the charge,” Thessin added. Learn about NC’s ghost stories with the 12 most haunted places in North Carolina below: The Demon Dog, Valle Crucis, NC. © 2008-2020 NorthCarolinaHauntedHouses.com. Later that night, she awoke to get a glass of water, and in the darkened room, heard the cell phone being picked up, slammed on the table next to the bed and then thrown on the floor. There are logs in the room where guests can write about anything strange that occurs during their stay. The Lotz House has been referenced many times as a Franklin haunt. Have you ever seen a ghost or had an unexplainable paranormal experience? The story linked to Valle Crucis is not quite a ghost story, but it certainly qualifies as paranormal! THE Best Haunted Trail in The Triangle. By Kimberly Johnson , Patch Staff Oct 30, 2019 12:36 p … “If you think about why spirits are left behind, their lives have been cut short often. The Lotz House was once home to a German immigrant family searching for a simple life in the Antebellum south, but instead found themselves in the middle of the Civil War. “This was the heart, soul, ground zero of the battle,” Thompson said. "When I arrived for the open house, I heard banging noises coming from the basement. Staff and diners have experienced an eerie presence on the third floor, and the mezzanine is haunted by a poltergeist that causes the chandeliers to swing to and fro. "When you look at North Carolina's geography, it almost seems as though it was made for paranormal stories! One angry ... Read more » They claim many have spotted ghostly figures peering out the windows while the house is closed. We have vampire beasts and little red men. "I worked with a seller who claimed their house was haunted by a ghost who lived in the basement," said Zillow agent Jennifer Stauter Kornstedt, in a statement. It’s unfinished business, and sometimes they just don’t know they’re dead.”, “Things go bump in the night,” said J.T. The dog wouldn't go downstairs, was clingy and seemed uneasy. Mailing Address: 40 Depot Street Franklin, NC 28744 Phone: 828-524 2010 Fax: 828-524-8821 “I’ve always said if you believe in ghosts, this is where they’d be,” said Margie Thessin, of Franklin on Foot. Florentine Hotel and Restaurant Germantown, Ohio 5.8 miles from Franklin, OH. It wouldn't be the only time whatever was in the house took an interest in the phone, she said. There are the mysterious mountains to the west and seemingly endless, creepy marshes in the east!" Four states — New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Minnesota — all require some sort of disclosure during the sale of a home with paranormal activity. Here's a video from a haunted NC cabin and a list of some of our state's allegedly most haunted places. Haunted Houses are one of the most classic ways to celebrate the Halloween Season. CHARLOTTE, NC — This time of year, spooky stories and mischievous tricks are as ubiquitous as falling leaves and pumpkin spice lattes. Our First-Ever Haunted Drive-Through! Have a haunt/halloween related news story or a tip? Departed socialites, a Civil War spy, failed businessmen, Confederate soldiers, and at least one dog roam downtown, and we spend an intriguing hour and a half with them. It's haunted by convicts who were executed here, who materialize as cold spots and a feeling of being watched. When you consider what happens inside this house and on the property surrounding this house, I can’t imagine anything more terrifying.”. I went to investigate but could not find the source of the noise. Folks have reported footsteps, jiggling doorknobs, unexplained noises, and other sounds of someone making a racket in the hallway. In New York, for example, a home sale may be rescinded if a seller creates or perpetuates a reputation that the home is haunted, then takes advantage of a buyer's ignorance, Zillow said.


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