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His mother abandoned him at the park one day for unknown reasons and never came back.

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Januar 1989 in Anchorage, Alaska) ist ein afroamerikanischer Schauspieler. Knotgrass, Flittle and Thistlewit |

Milo | Rajah | Chip Potts (2017) | Pecos Bill | Raksha (2016) | Travis Coates | Esmeralda | Mother Ginger | Blaster | Dr. Doppler |

Shane Wolfe | Lea | Mighty Joe Young | Dislikes However, Madame Zeroni warns Elya that if he does not return for her, then Elya and his family would be cursed for always and eternity. Prudence |

He got to meet his hero Clyde Livingston and told him that he stole the shoes and Stanley didn't. At that age, he didn't even understand stealing was wrong, but he only took what he needed.

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Zugor | Morph | Lauriam | Sadly, one day, she left him there but never came back (A theory is that she was arrested for stealing, sentenced by a kangaroo court like the one that incarcerated Stanley Yelnats IV).

Duchess | Jill Young | Franny Robinson | He can quickly calculate how many letters are in the alphabet (on his first day of knowing them) and how many days are between May 27 and July 8.

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Since Hector's files are destroyed, thus leaving no evidence of his arrest, the lawyer agrees. Diaval | Jim Hawkins | Madame Zeroni Granny Rose | She was the woman who placed a curse on Stanley Yelnats' family because Stanley's great-great grandfather Elya did not fulfill his end of the bargain with her.

Rafiki | She had light brown skin and brown eyes.

Jinmay | Madame Zeroni: Madame Zeroni is the great-great-great-grandmother of Hector Zeroni (Zero). It may also have to do with his last name; Zero-ni. Zoe Plummer | Her spirit is seen smiling over as Stanley finally breaks a long-running family curse when singing to Madame Zeroni's great-great-great-grandson. Background information When the lawyer takes Stanley and the suitcase home, Stanley insists that Hector come as well, since he knows that the Warden will "kill him." Prince Phillip (2014) | Tin Soldier | Flora |

Wise woman Mr. Beaver | Kronk | While at Stanley's house, they decided half of the items in that chest go to Hector.

Hector Zeroni is the deuteragonist in the 2003 live-action film, Holes. Thomas O'Malley | Maurice (2017) |

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Jake | Rolly | This character article is a stub. Because Elya breaks his promise of carrying her to the top of the mountain, she is considered to be the one who put a "curse" on the Yelnats family. Ki | Phileas Fogg | Dalia | Prince Naveen | Coach Boomer | Zach |

Zero (full name: Hector Zeroni)) is one of the heroes of the adventure comedy drama book and movie,Holes.

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Nani Pelekai | Nick Wilde | Though she disapproves of his wish to have Myra Menkey as a partner, Madame Zeroni gives Elya her smallest pig and tells him to carry it up the mountain and let it drink at the springs. Holes Timothy Q. Holes Madame Zeroni is one of the supporting and important characters in the 1998 novel, Holes, and its 2003 film adaptation Madame Zeroni was an elderly woman who mostly wore a turban. Brain |

Friar Tuck | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When dawn approaches, the lizards go back into the hole and a lawyer representing Stanley arrives.

Jetstream | Chip and Dale | Lucky | Yelana | The King | His great-great-great-grandmother, Madame Zeroni was a gypsy, who cursed Yelnat's family because Yelnat's ancestor didn't do his part of the deal …

Merlin | Madame Zeroni — is a fictional character from the novel Holes by Louis Sachar. Mice (2015) | Vidia | Ray the Firefly | Riku Replica | Chance |

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She and the other counselors become angry with Stanley for not digging his hole (even though he claims that the hole is being dug anyway, so it doesn't matter) and then mock Hector by asking him how to spell words. Strelitzia | Victor Frankenstein | Zero (full name: Hector Zeroni)) is one of the heroes of the adventure comedy drama book and movie, Holes. Slue-Foot Sue | Samson | Will Turner | Hector does not want to return to the camp. The suitcase that had been found contains the belongings of Stanley Yelnats I, almost two million dollars in stock and jewels. Zazu (2019) | Charlie Calvin | Iridessa | P.J. The Warden orders all records relating to Zero removed to cover up his seemingly inevitable death. Berlioz | Holes Theatrical release poster Directed by Andrew Davis …   Wikipedia, Zero (disambiguation) — Zero is the name for both the digit 0 and the number 0.Zero may also refer to:Mathematics*Zero (complex analysis), in mathematics, a root of a holomorphic function *Zero element, in mathematics, a generalization of the number zero to other… …   Wikipedia, Khleo — Birth name Khaleed Leon Thomas Born January 30, 1989 (1989 01 30) (age 22) Anchorage, Alaska Genres Hip hop, Contemporary R B …   Wikipedia, Hoyos (Libro) — Hoyos (Holes) Autor Louis Sachar Género Juvenil Idioma Castellano Editorial …   Wikipedia Español, La Morsure du lézard — ou Le passage[1] au Québec (Holes) est un film américain réalisé par Andrew Davis, sorti en 2003. Jessica Rabbit | Queen Leah | Lady | And, apparently, they cause excessive bouts of farting, too. Feature films When they arrived, they saw the boys trapped in the hole.

Bolt | Zero later tried to steal another pair and was caught and sentenced to the work camp.


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