himalayan dumbo rat
You may never be able to get color on the feet, however. Unlike a Siamese rat, a Himalayan rat usually only has 1 or 2 points; the nose, or the nose and tail base. produced a litter of two albinos, one pale tan Hooded, one that had the same only in reverse (rear and the Hood with Q My local pet shops carry only randomly bred rats that are primarily used for snake food. Dumbo Rat structure. “Himalayan allele at the albino locus in the Norway rat”. Unfortunately, none of us can have them all. All text, artwork, and photos are copyright to AFRMA, and/or the author, artist, or photographer. A wedge blaze comes to a point on the forehead, but begins on symmetrical sides of the muzzle. However, we can dream right? ... Dumbo rats as pets - Ask a Vet with Dr. Jyl - Duration: 3:27. Note: The pictures on this page are not meant to be true representatives of the We have found only Hooded, albino, or sometimes almost solid dark gray ratties to choose from. rats. For complete details of the Standards including points, faults, eliminations, and disqualifications, please Is My Rat Dying? This, by the way, proves that the male that produced this litter is a Himalayan Hooded himself. Usually, a Siamese has brown or orange tinted points. How could she produce that litter when she was bred to her Therefore, dumbo rats can be rexed and rexed rats can be dumbo eared. I’d love to Photo ©1997 Craig Robbins. From this breeding, you will probably get an assortment of Hooded and See the Standards book for additional details on each color. Purchase the AFRMA Official Color Standards Rat book. Merle baby rats owned and bred by Carissa Cosley. (Himalayan rats with pink eyes, not ruby, occur when the rat carries one albino gene (chc) instead of two of the Himalayan gene, chch. Though these are very poor Siamese and Himalayan rats, it is possible to improve on them. You will see that the white will run up the sides of the rat’s body, sometimes reaching up towards the spine. Read the article on Burmese Rat Genetics. A berkshire rat has a perfectly solid colored body, with some white on the belly. As they grow up, these rats will fade till all that shows are the points on the nose and possibly the base of the tail. They have an off white, cream colored body, with points on the nose, ears, paws, and tail base. This article is from the Winter 2003 [try their Yahoo Group; or see the article “Finding Breeders Near You”, Ed.]. When these are old enough, breed them together. Russian Blue Agouti Burmese  dumbo eared himalayan marked rat. When Is It Time to Let Go? HIMALAYAN - Body color to be white, free from stains and even throughout. They will lose their markings (all except the nose/tail points) as they mature. Though it takes years, you can B.E. possibly albino babies. To have a combination of two or more colors other than white arranged in a recognized pattern. Dumbo Rat coat. DrJyl 9,085 views. These rats According to the breed standard set by the American Fancy Rat & Mouse association, dumbo rats, like most other rats should have short and smooth hair. The Ultimate Pet Rat Cage Review: My AMAZING Experience with the Midwest Double Unit Critter Nation, Dangerous, Poisonous Foods Rats Should Never Eat, Internal and External Parasites In Pet Rats, My Rat Has Lice or Mites: How Do I Get Rid of Them? The color on its back will either be lightly or heavily dappled, spotted, or splotched; much like an appaloosa or roan horse. This is what they look like as babies. Russian Blue Point Siamese  A broken hooded rat is perhaps the most common. Hooded rats have some of the most common markings. General AOCP Disqualifications – White feet; white spot on the body; white on the tail. These rats are actually Himalayan Hooded. albinos, a pale tan Hooded, a pale tan Hooded with no color on the head, and one with just a spot on its back. Instead, this breeding produced two Isn’t Pico the rat adorable? nose/tail points) as they mature.


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