how do pimps recruit

This technique relied on brute force to put new women on the street. Some women also turned to prostitution to support their partners’ drug habits. Termed the “gorilla pimp” in VICE circles. Once the young women agreed to this ‘favor,’ they were asked to “work” on the streets. The cytoskeleton is a highly dynamic network of filamentous proteins that enables the active transport of cellular cargo, transduces force, and when assembled into higher-order structures, forms the basis for motile cellular structures that promote cell movement. As these findings show, traffickers can come from all walks of life. They are also examining social networking sites, which experts say are providing pimps with a larger pool of troubled girls to prey on. From there it was just a short time before the girl turned to the street herself, chasing visions of freedom and wealth. Many times, the road to prostitution began with a friendship.

Not only would he wine and dine her, but he would make sure she was aware of how much money he had been spending on her. The pimp had the 27-year-old prostitute gain the Ohio girl's trust and convince her that if she drove with them to Florida they would help her get into modeling.

The combination of having their hearts broken, the shame of having been prostituted, and fear of the pimp kept young women on the streets and afraid to ask for help. If young women from a good home had parents who attempted to rescue them from the street, the pimp could use personal information to blackmail and humiliate the family if the girl tried to leave and return home.

Hoes. In some cases, pimps have started a relationship with kids by contacting them through their profiles, and eventually convincing the girls to run away with them. © 2010 Vancouver Rape Relief & Women's Shelter, Criminalizing Male Violence Against Women, Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma, Volume 15 (2007). The ability to make ‘instant cash’ and the flexibility of hours not only led many addicted women into prostitution but also kept them there.

Drug addicted young women, who were unable to get other jobs partly due to being underage or having no fixed address or phone number to leave potential employers, reported sleeping with drug dealers in exchange for drugs. . A study performed by the Arizona State University Office of Sex Trafficking Intervention Research found that the most common profession for sex traffickers was the private/service industry (including taxi or truck drivers. Instead, the women, believing the threats of harm, stayed out on the stroll.

Another common scenario reported was of young women who, feeling very grown-up with their new older ‘boyfriend,’ agreed to sneak away for the weekend.

The more entrenched young women became in the life surrounding prostitution, the more likely they were to become prostitutes themselves.

she got out and got money and I had been approached while I was waiting.

When your friends exhibit this kind of behaviour, remind them that although "she's a grown-up and it's a free country," they are normalizing a practice that routinely involves the exploitation of girls and women. Parry Aftab, founder and director of WiredSafety, which advises children on internet risks, tells Wired that some kids are unwittingly announcing their vulnerability on sites like MySpace.

At age 12, her father injected her with cocaine and she was forced to prostitute herself on the streets to support their joint drug habits. "In my mind, pimp is a derogatory word," one pimp tells his interviewer.

One woman disclosed the lasting insecurity she felt from having to line up with the other women whenever a client entered. While pimps were responsible for introducing many women into the sex trade, many other factors can also lead women to the streets. Substance abuse. A number of young women reported entering the trade after working as babysitters for prostitutes. These include severe drug addiction, being in desperate financial straits, socialization and normalization of the sex trade, coming from an abusive home, and leaving another form of prostitution. Unfortunately, this normalization was also often accompanied by stigmatization of the family and by the belief that prostitution was the only “work” available. One woman reported being turned out by her mother at the age of 10. A pimp knows that once a girl is emotionally involved, she will do whatever she can to keep his affection.

In cases where the couple had become addicted to drugs, the women reported starting to “work” on the streets in order to support their habits. As an example of the latter, one pimp openly shared his technique with VICE officers, describing how he always looked for a group of three girls to find his next target.

Women reported having to spend large amounts of money to meet the dress and personal hygiene requirements of the agencies. Women often had to pay a high fee per shift to be on call without any assurance that “work” would be sent to them. A second technique used by pimps to recruit new women was to give them gifts, clothing, money, or drugs, under the guise that they were free. The dealers then informed these young women that the only way they would continue to get drugs would be if they slept with their friends. Somewhat ironically, some women left escort agencies to “work” on the streets because they no longer could tolerate the forced sexual relations with the business owners.


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