how has the paralympics changed over time

According to the official website of the Paralympic Movement, they were supported by the Italian Olympic Committee and the Italian Institute for Disabled workers, and featured 23 countries, 400 athletes, 57 medal events and eight sports.

The angle also helps the player carry the ball in their lap. Over the past decades technology at the Paralympic Games has become more specialised; with the development of tailored technologies and equipment to individual athletes and uses.. What factors influenced the changes? Ask …

Wheelchairs designs also allow for specialisations between defensive and offensive positions; these consist mainly of added components. Sport for athletes with an impairment has existed for more than 100 years, and the first sport clubs for the deaf were already in existence in 1888 in Berlin.

The ICC was originally composed of the four presidents of CPISRA, IBSA, ISMGF and ISOD, the general secretaries and one additional member (in the beginning it was the Vice-President, and later on the Technical Officer). An assistant to relay information about position of arrows on target or to help nock the arrow to the bow. It is open to athletes who have physical impairments who use assistive devices which are allowed under the classification rules. Over the past decades technology at the Paralympic Games has become more specialised; with the development of tailored technologies and equipment to individual athletes and uses..[1].

On 29 July 1948, the day of the Opening Ceremony of the London 1948 Olympic Games, Dr. Guttmann organised the first competition for wheelchair athletes which he named the Stoke Mandeville Games, a milestone in Paralympic history.

Finally, on 22 September 1989, the International Paralympic Committee was founded as an international non-profit organisation in Dusseldorf, Germany, to act as the global governing body of the Paralympic Movement. Just to put it in perspective, according to last month’s Forbes annual valuation of leading sports franchises, the average NFL franchise is worth nearly $2 billion, a 160% increase from 2004!

It resulted in the creation, in 1964, of the International Sport Organisation for the Disabled (ISOD) who offered opportunities for those athletes who could not affiliate to the International Stoke Mandeville Games: vision impaired, amputees, persons with cerebral palsy and paraplegics. We believe the Paralympics can play an enormous role in changing the marginalization of people with disabilities.
However, it won’t be exactly the same. This increasing popularity and media availability of the Paralympics can be attributed to a few factors dealing with the rise of sports consumption, the increase of disability awareness and availability of technologies. Paralympic shooting events involve athletes with physical impairments who compete in rifle and pistol events.

The first Winter Paralympic Games was introduced in 1976, held in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, and the only two sports to be featured that February were alpine skiing and cross-country skiing.

In a few weeks, following the Games of the XXXI Olympiad, the world will once again gather in Rio de Janiero to celebrate the globe’s diversity and compete in feats of athleticism. This problem hasn't been solved yet! The Paralympics has grown from 400 athletes with a disability from 23 countries in 1960 to thousands of competitors from over 100 countries at the 2012 Summer Olympics. On July 28, 1948, the same day as the opening ceremony for the 1948 Summer Olympics in London, Dr. Guttmann helped launch the Stoke-Mandeville Games for the Paralyzed, which would later become the Paralympic Games. The Paralympic Games allow the use of two types of hand cycles, these are recumbent and kneeling hand cycles. The 2016 Summer Paralympics is slated to be the biggest and most widely viewed Paralympic games in history, already setting record-numbers for participating athletes (4,000), represented countries (176), sports (23) and events (528).

Also in 1960, under the aegis of the World Federation of ex-servicemen, an International Working Group on Sport for the Disabled was set up to study the problems of sport for persons with an impairment.
what factors influenced the changes?


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