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You'll go into depression. Unable to assert themselves too much, they fell back on their families who became their caretakers and defined everything for them. Neel Kamal was her last movie as Mumtaz Jehan. The authenticity of this statement is questionable. This month, Madhubala would have turned 80 years old. The film has the hit song "Suhani Raat Dhal Chuki" sung by Mohammed Rafi and featuring Suresh. She did several other movies as a child actress. She acted in several films each year, becoming her family’s primary source of income. The film has hit songs such as "Chand Raat Tum Jo Saath" and "Aake Seedhi Lagi". It was a success and her performance was praised. [2][71] Every year, numerous articles are printed and television programmes aired to commemorate her birthday. Kishore bore her medical expenses. Cause/ reason of death is Ventricular septal defect. Madhubala had ventricular septal defect (a hole in her heart) which was detected while she was shooting for  a movie in 1954. Madhubala was nominated for a Filmfare Award for Best Actress in 1961 for her performance in Mughal-e-Azam (1960). Shirin Farhad has the song "Guzra Hua Zamana, Aata Nahi Dobara", which is counted among the best songs picturised on Madhubala. Her parents were Ataullah Khan and Aayesha Begum. Tarana was the first film that started Dilip Kumar and Madhubala together. Before leaving for Mumbai, Madhubala gave him a red rose and an indication for their love. Boy Friend was a remake of Kismet (1943). I landed up on your site a couple of days back, and read through a number of posts. She sought instead to enter film as a director, setting the stage to make tremendous strides for women in her directorial debut of the film Farz Aur Ishq. Mahal was directed by Kamal Amrohi. Tuesday, Nov 03, 2020 | Last Update : 05:08 PM IST. Your article is very informative and her photographs are a real treat. Her tomb was built with marble and inscriptions included aayats from the Quran and verse dedications. She is very close to her family. In 1956, she found success in costume dramas such as Shirin Farhad and Raj Hath (both with Pradeep Kumar). She had no friends. They became a romantic pair appearing in a total of four films together. However, the secret version of the film earned Kishore Kumar a lot of money that he earned forcing Madhubala to work as a sex slave in the secret version of the movie. Cause/ reason of death is Ventricular septal defect. 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Yet Madhubala continued to grow into a vivacious and beautiful young woman whose fragility was for many years known only to a few. In a career spanning 22 years, she also produced two films and sang some songs in her early films. I wish she did come to USA. "[53], Dilip Kumar later revealed that her father eventually gave them permission to marry and was "glad to have two stars under the same roof." In 1960, the actress sought treatment in London, but physicians refused to operate. This version was too a success. On the train, Vijay also meets Rajnidevi (Madhubala) and falls in love with her. [41] He would visit Madhubala once in two months and said he couldn't look after her. (Wet, wild and on the run, honey)", "Postal stamp released on the legendary Madhubala", "Postal Dept. Madhubala died on February 23, 1969 at the age of 36. Around the same time, another child artist Baby Mahjabeen also visited these studios and was known to Madhubala. The film was the remake of the 1955 Bengali film Sabar Uparey and which itself was based on A.J. [26] Raj Hath was directed by Sohrab Modi. However, her father, who owned his own production company, wanted to make "a business venture out of their proposed marriage" according to Dilip Kumar, which he did not approve of, after which the relationship began turning sour. The film is about Jhumroo, a tribal, who falls in love with Anjana, a wealthy woman whose father disapproves of the match. But her condition took its toll and she died in 1969 at age 36. However, the award was won by Bina Rai for her performance in Ghunghat.[87]. She later took classes of English and became fluent in that language. Madhubala later appeared in several successful Bollywood movies but she is most remembered for her role in Mughal-e-Azam (1960) in which she played a doomed courtesan, Anarkali. But he never abused her as was reported and bore her medical expenses. "[30], However, by the late 1950s, her health was deteriorating rapidly, and director K. Asif, probably unaware of the extent of Madhubala's illness, required long shooting schedules that made physical demands on her, whether it was posing as a veiled statue in suffocating make-up for hours under the studio lights or being shackled with heavy chains. Bollywood actress Madhubala died on February 23, 1969 at the age of 36. [29] Mughal-e-Azam gave Madhubala the opportunity of fulfilling herself totally as an actress, for it was a role that all actresses dreamt of playing, as Nimmi acknowledges that "as an actress, one gets a lot of roles, there is no shortage of them, but there isn't always good scope for acting. Ever. The history of her heart defect came to public light as the mid-1950s brought her a string of failures, earning her the label “box office poison.” With skyrocketing notoriety, no longer was Madhubala’s illness a family secret. During her 1950s heyday, she attracted attention from Hollywood, and director Frank Capra reportedly wanted to bring her to Los Angeles but was turned down by her father. Basant became the highest-grossing Indian film of that year. Both of these films failed to find a wider audience. Her father Ataullah Khan was aware of their relationship but he was in awe with Amrohi's great personality and said: "Aage chalke in dono ki shaadi ho jaye toh mujhe koi aitraaz nahi hai". Her all three releases in 1959 were only moderate performers. It was with a heavy spirit that Madhubala returned home to Bombay where she realized her career as an actress was over. Born as Mumtaz Jehan Dehlavi on February 14, 1933 in Delhi, Madhubala was Bollywood's leading actress in the 50s and the 60s. The Nobel prize was not so great to deserve Gandhi. Later when Dilip Kumar got married, Madhubala tied the knot with Ashok Kumar in 1960; he was aware of Madhubala's illness but didn't realize the gravity of her illness. Her tomb was built with marbles and inscriptions include aayats from Qur'an and verse dedications. [80][81][82][83][84] Google commented: "While her breathtaking appearance earned comparisons to Venus, Madhubala was a gifted actor with an understated style well suited for comedies, dramas, and romantic roles alike. In 1960s, Madhubala was at the peak of her career and popularity with the release of Mughal-e-Azam and Barsaat Ki Raat. I’m on outdoors often’. In her biography, The Mystery and Mystique of Madhubala, freelance journalist and author, Mohan Deep wrote: [13] He replaced Jairaj by his assistant Raj Kapoor in a haste, and cast Madhubala, who was going to play a child role in the film, as the leading lady. Her first movie as a female lead was at a very young age. It was the film Mughal-e-Azam that marked what many consider to be Madhubala's greatest and definitive characterisation, as the doomed courtesan Anarkali. She received her only nomination for a Filmfare Award for Best Actress for her performance in the latter. Pingback: Bekas Pe Karam Kijiye Lyrics and Translation: Let’s Learn Urdu-Hindi | Mr. & Mrs. 55 - Classic Bollywood Revisited! Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). I’m on outdoors often’. - 23 February 1969: Madhubala, Indian actress, passed away. Her short-lived career was still one of the most memorable, and she will always for me be one of the most iconic and talented actresses of Hindi cinema. [92], "Neither her looks, nor her raw talent impressed me so much as her intelligence and diligence. "[85], Madhubala was known as a trendsetter and creator of iconic fashion styles, followed by many celebrities, even after her death.[86]. It was a major box office success and paved way for Indian gothic fiction. She worked like a machine, missed a meal, travelled daily in the over-crowded third-class compartments from Malad to Dadar and was never late or absent from work. He'd say, 'If I come, you'll cry and it'll not be good for your heart. Madhubala was the most beautiful and talented actress in Bollywood.She was also the sole bread winner of her large family.Yes,she did make some poor choices and hence the comment”box office poison”.I personally think that she did not deserve this comment.I also think that she was cheated out of a filmfare award for her performance in mughleazam.Bina rai did not deserve it in ghunghat.I have seen both movies,in fact I have watched mughleazam multiple times.How sad!Iwish they would create a special award for her and present it to her family now.There is no one ,there never was another Bollywood actress like her! Madhubala was just 14 when she appeared as the lead actress opposite Raj Kapoor in Neel Kamal (1947). Madhubala's started her Bollywood career as a child actress in the movie Basant (1942). Find out the reason behind the tragic death of Bollywood's most beautiful actress. It was a box-office success. The stories of VSD are confirmed and fit with her clinical course. No wonder Hollywood was eager to have her, these photos are beautiful! The film stars Madhubala and Sunil Dutt in lead roles and has the noted duet "Jaanu Jaanu Ri" by Asha Bhosle and Geeta Dutt. Bollywood actress Madhubala died on February 23, 1969 at the age of 36. When Madhubala was born to a traditional Muslim family in Delhi, her elder sister Madhur Bhushan recalled that the baby was “blue”–a serious sign of cyanosis and poor oxygen perfusion. However, the film was never made, as during pre-production, she died on 23 February 1969, shortly after her 36th birthday. Amrohi was not willing to do so. Every 4 to 5 hours she had to be given oxygen or else would get breathless. Her death was not a result of her own personal habits (not that I’m judging any of the others—-Meena Kumari’s life was also incredibly tragic, and I cannot pretend to understand what drove all these incredible legends to into drugs and alcohol), but rather of ill-fate. [25] Amar (1954) was directed and produced by Mehboob Khan and starred Dilip Kumar, Madhubala, Nimmi and Jayant. [77][78], In 2018 the New York Times published a belated obituary for her. [14] Director Mohan Sinha, when signing her for his drama Mere Bhagwaan (1947) rechristened her as "Madhubala", literally meaning "honey belle".


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