how old is zizzy from piggy
The Zizzy character is based off the Peppa Pig character Zoë she isn't a playable character, she can help you by knocking out Piggy in City - Chapter 9 and Mall - Chapter 10 if given Grass. However, Zizzy doesn't use a sword, but instead, kicks the infected. ", "I was a fencing coach. Piggy; Bot; Mr. P; Piggy Skins (0-200 Piggy Tokens) Piggy; Little Brother; Mother; Father; Grandmother; Sheepy; Pandy; Teacher; Memory; Piggy Skins (225-300 Piggy Tokens) Kitty; Mimi; Dinopiggy; Daisy; Angel; Pony; Doggy; Giraffy; Beary; Foxy; ... Doggy is an unlockable skin in the shop in the game Piggy. Physical Appearance. Pony and Zizzy stay behind to fight a crowd of soldiers who have gathered. In-Game Fencing Sword The Zizzy character is based off the Peppa Pig character Zoë she isn't a playable character, she can help you by knocking out Piggy in City - Chapter 9 and Mall - Chapter 10 if given Grass. ", "Zee! Oops! Zizzy's first appearance is in the ending of Chapter 8, answering the Pony's question of whether the player is infected or not. Player She wields a rapier in her right hand and has a black stripe on her left arm and has purple legs, she is first seen at chapter 8 ending cutsene with pony, Chapter 9:Zizzy and Pony bring player to their safe place. Non-Canonical Zizzy in Book 2 Chapter 3 Friend They are based on Zuzu and Zaza Zebra from the Peppa Pig series. The Infected ", "If there was a cure, we wouldn't even be here Pony. Zizzy(last name unknown) Character's Information Weapon No information She knocks out the soldier Pigs and where as Pony knocks out the Piggy. No They were assigned to take care of George Piggy at the end of Chapter 10, however, he escaped by convincing them to play hide and seek with him. After that, they try to find the shadow. She helps knock out the infected person in the store. Cost Zuzy! Yes You see Mimi and Giraffy next to the … Based From She often falls in Outpost after stabbing a Soldier. Friendly She is the tritagonist of Book 1, and a major character in Book 2. Piggy's design was originally based on the character design of Granny, like that antagonist she wears a long red dress that fades in color the higher up the player looks.Her skin is a slightly faded light pink color, as well as her ears, snout, and arms; her cheeks are a slightly more tinted color than her skin, visually being more red than pink. This takes place at a Store next to the Metro. Click here for all the Zizzy pages! Chapter 10:It is a fairly simple map, but with twists and turns. She has black stripes around her head and has pink cheeks, wears what seems to be a black bracelet or a black stripe. Zizzy is a zebra. Powers/Skills ", "Let's bring you back with us, this place is dangerous. Pony and I will hold them off. In the ending cut-scene, she is led off by Willow and some members of The Silver Paw for further questioning. Carnival - Chapter 8 (Ending)City - Chapter 9Mall - Chapter 10Outpost - Chapter 11Plant (Good Ending) (True Ending), Alleys (Ending)Store (Ending)Refinery (Ending). "[Player Name], take George with you in there. In Chapter 9, She serves as an NPC that can knock out Piggy for a few seconds if given grass. Enemies Follows You? Zizzy (NPC) The color of text for when she talks is Magenta. I'll stay safe and come back, I promise.". After finally escaping, you hear a noise and Zizzy comes with player to find out what that sound is. [Player name]! The hat based on Zizzy that can be bought for 75 Robux. ", "Pony, we know how to handle ourselves out there. ", "Ah, hang on. No information She is part of a small group of characters who wear hats, including: Zizzy is the second character to have known siblings (Zee & Zuzy), the first being, It is currently unknown why Zizzy doesn’t have her sword in the start of Piggy Book 2. Another image of ZIZZY Piggy also has music when you are close to him and you can hear Piggy's pounding footsteps. This makes her design different than Zoe Zebra's. In the Piggy 2 Trailer, Zizzy is seen in some kind of room/cell. They have the least amount of … Zoe Zebra Job(s) Hobby She questions if the player recognizes George or not (with the player's initial reaction being yes) and took George to the safe place. She was the most expensive skin before the Chapter 10 update was released. ", "Are we ready to face whatever is in there?". No information 1 Description; 2 Trivia; 3 Gallery; 4 Music Ambience; Description. Infected Character's Information Infected (presumably) Zizzy is the deuteragonist of the Piggy franchise. She used to be a fencing coach and has taught her sisters. ", "Then it looks like it's us three once more! She got a scratch on her arm from an infected. At the ending of the chapter, she and the player find George Piggy in the mall. Fencing sword Zizzy also appears in the gameplay and cut-scenes of Chapter 2. Take care of George while we're gone. The Infected and Mr.P Items needed: ", "It's ok, Pony. Did you mean another page called Zizzy? No information ", "You may not know me, but I know everything about you and your sick crew. I even started to enjoy doing it! I used to teach my little sisters. Role This also means new players can be fooled by the skin because of how similar the skin looks to the NPC counterpart as proven by TronUltra's videos of him trolling to be the, Another notable difference is that the metal texture on the sword is darker than the, ZIzzy is a part of a small group of characters who wear hats, including. "We came here looking for survivors. I think I may have pulled a muscle. Protect george piggy and find mr.p Book 2 skin In Piggy: Book 2 itself, she is seen in the ending cut-scene of Alleys. ", "They'll be surprised that we found someone. Game Information Chapter 11:player, Zizzy, and Pony track Mr. P's helicopter signal to a military outpost. Minitoon confirmed that zizzy x pony is not canon and it never will be canon. Role She was released in the Chapter 9 update, although her NPC counterpart was introduced in the Chapter 8 update. Helps You? ", "I'll create a distraction and sabotage as much as I can while you escape. Type of Hero Family Enemies It is theorized Zizzy's theme is based on the song "La Llorona". No information She helps knock out the infected person in the store. She introduces the player and George to her sisters and then bids goodbye to her sisters, later to accompany Pony and the player in finding Mr. P. In Chapter 11, She works a bit differently. She has a dark blue hat with feathers on it that she holds with her left arm when idle and wields an épée (fencing sword) in her right arm. She has a hat accessory based of her, the Zizzy head. She is a zebra. Player, Pony, Mimi, Giraffy, Zee and Zuzy Skin's Information For some unknown reason, Zizzy has stripes on her face, but not on her arms.


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