huening kai accent

Upon seeing the table set up so perfectly, you turned back in shock at the boy who smiled sweetly. This site uses cookies to guarantee its high functionality. the other requests will be coming out soon and I  have been very busy with school. Did his crush of four years really just said yes to being his girlfriend?

It’s been like this ever since he moved in two months ago.

– Kai says there is nothing for him to really look after when it comes to rules so he lives pleasantly (lol). Other for his mother is korean but has Chinese roots. For Kai’s ethnicity/race: Enter your email address to subscribe to The Honey POP and receive notifications of new posts by email. It’s not that he fears that you might reject him, he fears that he’s interpreting things in a wrong way.
He took it as an opportunity to get closer to you and he basically had his arm around you the whole night.

“That has to be the most cheesiest date I have ever been on!” You giggle as you both reach the door steps to your home. if that doesn’t make the guy go away, he won’t hesitate to grab your hand and pull you away, face flushed due to the realization of what he’s doing. If you need/want to use info from our profile, please kindly put a link to this post. And well they don't call him the "4th gen ace" for no reason. Agency he pulled it over your head and felt instantly relieved when you stopped shaking so hard. he laughs as he crouches down again and you hop off him. would you like to hear a story about him?”. he is giddy as heck because goodness, his voice lulled you to sleep and that’s straight up precious. Kai Kamal Huening The Hyundai Accent and the Kia Rio have similar Destination Charges. “You’re so cute.” He told you, while he stopped walking abruptly, turning to face you.

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on a rare occasion, he’ll pucker his lips in your face, but scream and run away when you lean in to give him a kiss. — he just wants to love you and he doesn’t care about what other people think.

❥ kai is a shy extrovert, so it all depends on his mood and the amount of time the two of you have been dating.

“i’m sorry!” you scrambled to pull the sweatshirt over your head, but you managed to get a little tangled, your arms twisting until you were stuck.

We’re going to countdown the top 5 best plushie moments that made us fall in love with the giant maknae. – His favorite fruit is pineapple. “i don’t want you to be cold.”.


Heuning Kai Islam or not…?? “Wait- Did you just say yes?” His eyes widen in shock. It’s just that he lived in china, his father probably didn’t teach him bc he thought that he ain’t gonna use it anyway. Associations

We’re ‘Never’ Getting Over Hot New Artist Awgust, JVKE Remixed ‘Upside Down’ Featuring Charlie Puth – Here’s Some More Of Our Fave TikTok Remixes, LOONA enters the Billboard 200 charts with, YUNGBLUD Goes “live af” For The New Version Of ‘cotton candy’, Maggie Lindemann made our Halloween with the ‘Scissorhands’ Lyric Video, Bring Me The Horizon Give Everyone A Lesson In Metal.

– Kai, Taehyun, and Beomgyu have the top bunks (After School Club).

you hear shuffling around and jingling keys in the background but your focus remains on the blown lightbulb. he just can’t help but giggle while his earlobes turn atrociously red and he tries to scold you for trying to murder him with your cuteness but he eventually gives in and literally throws himself at you. Yeonjun is also very protective, and so sleeping with you wrapped in his warmth and shielding makes him feel at ease. What better way to celebrate the warm and little brother-like qualities of Huening Kai than talk about his plushie collection. But as TXT left for New York in their 2019 docu show One Dream.TXT, we got a glimpse at how much our Kai loved to have plushies as he slept.


he was so happy that you said yes that he kissed you on the spot.

i lacked a lot of confidence (i still do) but i am slowly becoming content with the idea that my work doesn’t need a lot of notes to be considered good.
You'll be able to fit about the same amount of groceries into the Hyundai Accent as you will in the Kia Rio. The natural tabletop varies in color which will surely provide a one-of-a-kind look. Since then, you both had been attached at the hip, until suddenly… you’re halfway across the globe, a couple thousand miles apart. Check out how Huening Kai and TXT has inspired her as a new fan and as a creator! Falling in love with you never really crossed his mind, but it would be something natural. Forgive me lol. it ended up flopping, so since then, i have hidden the original post. Kpop Discographies There was so much shock that night.

We hope to see her achieve the goal of connecting with Huening Kai and TXT and creating an official collab that she wants to put towards charity! In the palm of his clammy hand, he held a tiny, red ladybug, and seeing you cry, pushed him to give it to you. He loves to flirt with you without shame and loves even more to see your face flushed. he bites his own bottom lip so hard he tastes copper, yet all he can think is, “just wait til i get you alone…”. the two of you showed up to class wearing matching shades of gray. craving for some affection?

that’s when it hits him; you’ve fallen asleep. It recently popped up in a Twitter video, and it has found its new home in TXT’s studio!

“my friends get so annoyed by how much i talk about you sometimes.”. do you see those stars? Career. “What? it took several minutes for you to get fully awake, but there was a left over pounding in your head which made you want to cry. His dad (Nabil David Huening) is a known figure in Baha’i community.

he would be the type to slip his hand behind your head and guide you back into a full kiss, loving how flustered you get. – Kai and Soobin in sleep the latest (After School Club). this wasn’t what you thought he was insinuating before but if it gets the job done….

– He can play drums, guitar, piano and the flute. I’m don’t actually remember about the ethnicity, but his uncle stated this information somewhere. “whoa,” you say, looking around the apartment. But even if it’s a good feeling, Soobin would hesitate a little to confess to you. “you started it.”. i think he would probably blush a little bit, but he would pretend to be cool and just kiss you back like he couldn’t feel everyone’s eyes on him. With similar torque, the Hyundai Accent and the Kia Rio do an equal job of transmitting their engine's power to their wheels.

I’m not saying he’s bad, he’s just not fluent. When TXT first debuted, Huening Kai’s affections for plushies was barely uncovered. gifs are not mine, credits to owner. he will hold you even more tightly, as if you are the teddy bear that he’s been sleeping next to since time immemorial and eventually nod off on his turn. I gotta say he doesn’t have that american accent … – His parents are divorced and his father re-married in 2016 to someone named Anne Caroline. – He studied at Yongmun Middle School and Lila Art Highschool, but has been transferred to Hanlim Multi Art School since second half of 2019. I'd say Heuning Kai's lack of perfect fluency is mostly heard in his word choice rather than his accent.

by the time he finally arrived, you had stopped trying to hold your tears back, sobs wracking your body as your worst memories came flooding back.

Why does he feel the need to hold you, kiss you and see you smile all the time? – His older sister, Lea, is a member of K-Pop group VIVA.

Associations. 2020 Hyundai Accent vs. 2020 Kia Rio Review.

Poll: Who owned TREASURE’s I LOVE YOU era. you consider stacking some books on a chair instead. (Weverse Q&A) hi could you write txt reaction to their s/o pecking their lips in front of the members? 61 kg

he enjoys being your rock. Hand-built by Chinese artisans from solid reclaimed pine, each of our vintage-inspired chests feature varying colors, textures, and other markings that add truly one-of-a-kind character to each piece. As for you, you believed if you found a ladybug, it could grant you a wish, thus you joined the young boy in his quest.

I know that’s what a lot of writers say, but it is true.

183 cm.

He drew great comfort in it and it spread to his mom and sisters, now his members receive his love that way! – He was in South Korea for kindergarten for a short time (Fansign 150319)

txt reacting to their s/o falling asleep on them while cuddling uwu❞ ⌇ requested by anon. – Kai is nicknamed the ‘diamond maknae’. Privacy Policy

it’s become a tradition and hell if he’ll ever break it. Group debut Who is Who: Kpop Girl Groups “bad dreams,” you choked out, sniffling against his shoulder. March 4, 2019 The Hyundai Accent has about the same turning radius as the Kia Rio, allowing equal maneuverability in and out of tight spots.

A member of the family. “why do you look so shy?” he would laugh, finally letting you go. a petty spar usually ensues as he’s going to tickle your sides till you’re literally out of breath and you keep kicking him for giving you a hard time — but you both then burst into a fit of laughter and wind up cuddling. – His representative animal is a leopard gecko (Questioning Film).

he’s very caring and protective, always wanting to be the perfect gentleman for you.

Suggestions, About Us “i’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention.”.


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