importance of saturday in islam
Allah Almighty has favoured us in abundance.”  Hearing this his brothers said with utmost grief and shame, “We indeed have done severely wrong, and Allah Almighty has granted you great excellence over us.”  Overwhelmed by the shame and grief of his brother Hazrat Yusuf – peace be upon him – forgave them and said, “Today, I will not rebuke you. MINNA NIGER STATE The brothers replied, “We will try to convince our father.”  Hazrat Yusuf – peace be upon him – summoned his slaves to put their cash back in their bags, so when they go back and see the cash they will hopefully return. The jews began to fight over it and started to kill one another, as a result of which, a large number of them was murdered. Hazrat Yusuf – peace be upon him – stayed in the well for three days. When they swore by the honour of Pharaoh and threw their sticks and ropes on the ground they all transformed into snakes and spread all over the floor and started to sting. Some abstained from fishing on Saturdays and tried the ones that were eager for it and were angry at them and cut off ties with them. Allah Almighty mentioned this incident in the Quran as follows: وَمَکَرُوۡا وَمَکَرَ اللہُؕ وَاللہُ خَیۡرُ الْمٰکِرِیۡنَ﴿۵۴﴾٪, And the infidels plotted and Allah secretly devised for their destruction and Allah is the best of secret devisers. In some countries it is celebrated with firework. That town had only one pond that used to fill with the spring-water from mountains around it. When the king asked his people for its interpretation they simply avoided to give an interpretation. But Allah raised him up towards Himself, and Allah is Dominant, Wise. May the Muslims travel the straight path of fearing Allah Almighty and they abstain from going against the Commands of Allah and Rasool – may Allah send peace and blessings upon him – and gain the goodness of both the worlds. Millions of people attended the fair and the magician started to play their magic. [2.66] So We made them an example to those who witnessed it and those who came after it, and an admonition to those who guard (against evil). It is well known that the Hijrah did not take place on the first day of Muharram, it probably occurred in the month of Rabi’ul Awwal (3rd month). ( Log Out /  7.166] Therefore when they revoltingly persisted in what they had been forbidden, We said to them: Be (as) apes, despised and hated. AS-SALAMUALIKUM. “One who interprets dreams”. Maalik Ibn Dha’r bought him and brought him in the Egyptian market, and announced his sale. It is narrated from Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Jaabir and Hazrat ‘Ayesha – may Allah be pleased with Them – that the Holy Prophet – may Allah send peace and blessings upon Him – has stated that Wednesday is a cursed day. Those who thought this to be unfair called them to abandon this business but they didn’t, claiming: “It has been a long time since we started this job Allah hasn’t punished us at all”. He instructed Hazrat Ali, “You should sleep in my bed covering my green sheet and come to Madinah Munawwarah after returning the things to their owners.”  Although it was a very sensitive and dangerous moment but he had complete faith in his statement, “come to Madinah Munawwarah after returning the things to their owners” that he will remain alive and will definitely reach Madinah Munawwarah. The water of the well was salty but through his Barakah it had become tasty and very sweet.


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