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[10], The A.V. The team knew that there was a chance one of them would have to shoot him down. [8], When word came that Ray Krzeminski was murdered along with Zandow, Thompson and the rest of the New York Bell Company was saddened. But now Sousa has got a girlfriend and it’s very serious, so that’s a new thing for Peggy to deal with. Unknown [3] Atwell said it was "thrilling" to explore "the backdrop of this male-dominated world, where women are still in the workforce, unspoken for and struggling to find a place outside the home" and how it affects Carter, who must deal with this along with the missions she receives. Ray Krzeminski (portrayed by Kyle Bornheimer) is a misogynistic SSR agent who clashes with Carter, until he is killed by Dottie Underwood. Thompson laughed as he said that he had a compass, while Sousa and Carter felt embarrassed. [7], Later, Thompson met with Vernon Masters, wondering why he was giving the FBI the credit for capturing Dottie Underwood. [60][61] After being cast and seeing a picture of the comic version of the character, Everett felt "'They got the wrong girl,' only because I look nothing like her. After observing Ivchenko communicating with someone across the street in Morse Code, however, Carter admitted the "confession" had been false and admitted to Dooley, Thompson, and Sousa the entire story of what had happened since Stark first approached her. Is Jack Thompson dead on Agent Carter ? Agent Jack Thompson was one of the agents called by Roger Dooley to discuss the possible betrayal of Howard Stark to the United States. We’re professional. "[29] Though Sousa and Carter do eventually get together in the second-season finale, the executive producers warned that this did not necessarily mean Sousa is Carter's future husband,[30] who was first mentioned in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Cooper informed Thompson that President Harry S. Truman himself wanted to thank him.[12]. Once Carter revealed herself, Thompson signaled for his agents pull out their gun and to surround Underwood's men at gunpoint; Thompson loved leading the other agents and constantly grabbed his hat and talked boastfully as he arrested Underwood's men, knocking one man to the ground while Carter defeated Underwood. Realizing his fate, Dooley ordered Thompson to help him to his feet, once standing he stole Thompson's gun. As he packed his bags, he received a phone call telling him that Peggy Carter would not be accompanying him and wanted more vacation time; he was fine with the request. A mystery man entered his apartment at the end of Tuesday's episode and shot him in the chest with a gun/silencer. The characters are listed by the MCU media or season in which they first appeared. Jack Thompson is an agent of the Strategic Scientific Reserve. "[69] Verbeek, who is Dutch, has "spent a lot of time in Budapest", which helped with the character's Hungarian accent. ", "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Masters told Thompson that Wilkes had stolen something sensitive from Isodyne Energy and they wanted it returned; Thompson feigned ignorance of the material. brings back Agent Carter character in season 7 first look", "Shea Whigham To Co-Star On 'Marvel's Agent Carter, "Agent Carter Showrunners Discuss That Big Death and Preview the Finale", "Shea Whigham Divulges Details on Marvel's Agent Carter", "Hayley Atwell goes to war with Dominic Cooper", "Dominic Cooper Returns as Howard Stark in Marvel's Agent Carter", "Screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely Talk Agent Carter TV Series; Reveal Timeline, Plot and Planned Episode Count", "Agent Carter Fashion: The Blitzkrieg Button", "Dominic Cooper Supplies Stark's Strut on Marvel's Agent Carter", "51 Things We Learned from the Captain America: Civil War Commentary", "2014-15: The Season of Olive Kitteridge", "Agent Carter: Lyndsy Fonseca to return for dreamy DWTS crossover", "Spoiler Room: Scoop on 'Grey's,' 'Horror Story,' 'Agent Carter,' and more", "Meagen Fay Joins 'Marvel's Agent Carter'; Max Gail In Comedy Central's 'Review, "Marvel's Agent Carter: Bridget Regan On Dottie's Return And What She Thinks Of Peggy", "Marvel's Agent Carter Explores the Origins of the Black Widow Program", "Marvel's Agent Carter Exclusive: Showrunners Reveal Who Dottie Works For", "Bridget Regan Relishes Her Killer Instinct as "Agent Carter's" Deadly Opposite", "Agent Carter bosses: Will Peggy finally get caught? His goal in life is to just be great at his job. Thompson said that all he wants to do is help. Befriending Carter, Jarvis came to enjoy his missions with her and chose to continue to help her with missions unrelated to Stark, such as the fight against Whitney Frost. When Dooley flew to Nuremberg to question the Nazi war criminal Ernst Mueller about the Battle of Finow, he left Thompson in charge of the New York Bell Company. Before noticing they carried a white flag and were there to surrender, he killed them all. We’re going to make as many pearls as we can."[65]. Fazekas additionally noted how the sexist themes of the times were handled, by showing "that the only way Whitney Frost felt she could exert power in the world was through her husband, because she had been told her whole life, 'Nobody cares how smart you are, they care about how pretty you are. Meanwhile, Daniel Sousa went to the jailhouse that held Sheldon McFee and McFee positively identified Carter as the woman who assaulted him and took the truck load of Nitramene. Masters told Thompson that if anything was discovered alert him and they would "do lunch" later.[14]. When Underwood and her henchmen arrived, Thompson and his men pretended to be hostages. Thompson was assigned to scan the employees of the Roxxon Oil Corporation Headquarters for Vita Radiation; though he wanted to scan everybody, regulation demanded a woman present for the female employees, causing Peggy Carter to be called to Thompson's dismay. He then assists them in defeating Frost. Saved from this by Howard Stark, Jarvis becomes Stark's butler and is eventually offered to Carter as support for her mission to clear Stark's name.


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