james carville ill

Carville seems to be definitely keeping a low profile, and yes, probably because Mrs. Carville is in it up to her pointed little beak. Their two little girls are sweet little things, but they don't do well playing with other kids, and … Oh geez! Just because they were attracted to each other doesn't mean they should have married and bred. the people voting.......ah, i’m Very worried. (Original post) oregonjen: Feb 2020: OP: His opinions and … Got a message for Democratic Underground? In all these courts, I think this stuff is backfiring magnificently.


I am not the least bit concerned about the outcome tomorrow night, and I’m not the least bit concerned that we’re going to have to wait weeks or months to find out what the result is. opinions of the individuals who post them, and do not necessarily represent Please let us know if you're having issues with commenting. She is so opposite. Carville was born on October 25, 1944, and his age is, James Carville is in good health and has been advocating for Joe Biden in the media, in fact, he just.

When you tell people you can’t do something or you try to make it harder for them to do, it aggravates the dickens out of them and makes them want to do it more.   |-- Latest Breaking News Is James Carville physically ill? She plots and plans with these Bush criminals. You can — you make phone calls, text.”, But that puts all of the pressure on Trump for Election Day, Plouffe explained…, “When he’s out there, he’s trying to suppress the vote. I'm sure that some of those were tough years. :eyes. He is a liberal American political consultant, commentator and media personality. But now I look at what the Republicans have done to this country and I see it as something more serious than a simple political view. Particularly (with regard to) Black people. The two of them met during the 1990 presidential campaigns. They’re heading to the polls as 100,000 people a day are being infected with Covid-19 and 230,000 people have already died from the disease.   |-- Editorials & Other Articles Former top campaign adviser to former President Bill Clinton and one of the country’s most respected political analysts, James Carville, interviewed on MSNBC. His family and children live in New Orleans. Truly strange bedfellows...and speaking from nearly 25 years of my own marriage, it can't be getting much easier as they age and the "blooms fall off the roses". Messages posted on the Democratic Underground Discussion Forums are the If you want Joe Biden to win, democrats to win back the Senate, there’s a lot of door-knocking in battleground states. I'll bet Carville is a really henpecked spouse.

You’re going to see an enormous turnout, and it’s going to be driven a lot by, ‘You tell me I can’t do something?

Market Alerts Carville seems to think that just about everything in the Democratic primary race is wrong right now. dweller: Jan 2020 #11: I understand and agree. © 2001 - 2020 Democratic Underground, LLC. He has used his political and military experience as a consultant on various network channels. Buttigieg RIPS Trump’s threats to steal the election, Rare Coin, Collectibles and Precious Metal News, Rare Coin, Collectibles & Precious Metal News. I'd like to see him defending her illegal activities. At the end of the day, the only way he wins, and it could happen, but the polls have to be off five, six, seven points, the most we’ve seen in history, and he has to win Election Day decisively, I think Democrats are going to have a strong Election Day.

That event was literally insane. People waiting in line for 11 hours to vote. She has also served as the counselor to his son President George W. Bush and his vice president. Mary and James have two daughters Matalin Mary “Matty” Carville and Emerson Normand “Emma” Carville. worked for Chavez's opponent? @SarahKSilverman joins @AlHuntDC & I on “Politics War Room” to discuss her thoughts on the Biden campaign. James Carville (married to Mary Matalin since 1993 ) is a well-known figure in American politics, he is one of the best-known political strategists in the world. He predicted that Election Night would be a much shorter night for everyone. to be a good man and that's why I could never understand how he could hook up with Matalin. You’re in eastern North Carolina, a state that you’ve got to win and you’re talking about some pollster at Fox News? But Carville, decked out in an ill fitting college football hat, dished out a whole lot of blunt talk – and some of it is really important right now. Will do ALL in my power to get our nominee elected, or by gawd I WILL DO SOMETHING THAT I MIGHT REGRET. Related Biography: Ann Coulter Chester James Carville, Jr. was born on October 25, 1944 in Carville, Los Angeles. I think it’s going to backfire. So, listen, there’s still a lot of hard work to be done. © 2001 - 2011 Democratic Underground, As long as I have been aware of her, she has been exceptionally mean and willing to do anything to support her party. “He’s desperate because he knows he’s going to lose, and when he loses quite frankly, in my opinion, he’s going to jail, and he knows that. My Forums, Powered by DCForum+ Version 1.1 Copyright 1997-2002 DCScripts.com His strength was in back rooms, forming strategy. Look at the early vote. One of the key points he made is that the Democratic Party is running the risk of becoming the equivalent of the Labour Party in the UK, which is currently built around the cult of personality of liberal purist Jeremy Corbyn, and distinctly unable to win elections due to the lack of broad support.

Thank you for visiting. This is in contrast to the Bernie fans, who want Perez fired based on their latest nonsensical conspiracy theories. I'd watch them on Russert each year and shake my head in what the two ever saw in the other. the Tony Kornheiser radio show once a week to talk football. gaunt in face, sunken eyes, translucent skin, poor color....what is going on with him? All rights reserved. Winning is what matters, because when you win you have the power to change things, but when you lose you have nothing more than talking points.   |-- DU Groups He wasn’t quite himself.”, ClipsPoliticsBernie SandersJames Carville.

Not because we simply disagree (there are many of those and I can handle that) but because they ACTIVELY work for the other side which I find reprehensible. Carville also served in the military and was a marine for 2 years. Political Consultant; former Marine; Author; Political Campaigner, daughters Matalin Mary “Matty” Carville and Emerson Normand “Emma” Carville. (Original post) oregonjen: Feb 2020: OP: His opinions and his manner of … I just can't trust him as much as I would like to because of this. I really do.”, “I think people are going to show up tomorrow who haven’t voted yet. He has been known as the ” Ragin’ Cajun ” or “Corporal Cue Ball “, Carville gained national attention for his work as the lead strategist of the successful 1992 presidential campaign of then-Arkansas governor Bill Clinton . James Carville wants you to know that he isn’t happy. But Carville, decked out in an ill fitting college football hat, dished out a whole lot of blunt talk – and some of it is really important right now. After being in a loving relationship, they got married in November 1993. News and valuable offers about my health, investing, and special interests from your trusted partners. Sign me up for... He's looked that way since, at least, 2005: I asked the same question a few weeks ago. It was just something. They have given birth to two daughters, Matalin Mary Carville and Emerson Normand Carville. Apparently, they can't keep help, since Mrs. Carville - she hates being called that, we've learned - is an hysterical harpy who doesn't seem to be satisfied with anything anyone ever does. Former lead strategist for Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign James Carville said on Tuesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s post-Democratic presidential debate wrap-up that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) was “off.”, Carville said, “Bernie Sanders, this is the first time he’s really gotten roughed up a little bit, and he didn’t like it. I have some articles, but no one seemed to care that he was when we discussed it before.

  |-- Places LLC. is james carville sick?

At the end of the day, Donald Trump now has everything riding on tomorrow.

  |-- General Discussion He predicted that Election Night would be a much shorter night for everyone. But hey, Carville doesn’t like what’s going on with most of the other candidates either. Important Notices: By participating on this discussion He looks like a lunatic loser. According to a recent prediction made by former Clinton strategist James Carville, Democratic nominee Joe Biden will be declared the winner of the upcoming US presidential election by 10.30 pm ET on election night and that he will be celebrating the former vice president's victory with a bottle of champagne.   |-- Ask the Administrators Honestly I think lust was one of the last things these people held in common...and the thought of it makes my dinner difficult to keep down. a fabulous new book about the exploits of his wife, coming to a B&N near you soon! He looked like he had a cold. Gold and Energy Options Trader, LLC. Carville pointed out in this era, winning is the only moral imperative, because it’s the only way to stop Donald Trump from doing any more damage. ), plus - and this would be a biggie - he's from Louisiana, got most of his family down there. Is that correct? He sounds good. They're neighbors of ours in our little city across the Potomac from Washington.

Is James Carville ill? In addition to this, he is also a famous public speaker. James Carville (married to Mary Matalin since 1993 ) is a well-known figure in American politics, he is one of the best-known political strategists in the world.During his long career in politics, he has made strategies for politicians in various public offices.

 |  Donate, About DU James Carville wants you to know that he isn’t happy. Software has been extensively modified by the DU administrators.

Copyright © 2020.  |  Discussion Carville’s political affiliation is with the Democratic party and his wife is a former Republican turned Libertarian. Forum Categories James has a net worth of $10 million as of October 2020 according to. In North Carolina, he’s going to lose. He just looks so thin and his fast talking southern accent sounded like he was mumbling and stumbling. BKDem: Jan 2020 #5: one's health issues are a personal matter.


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