japanese villain names
Demolition: Because he can crush cities and towns in a single blow. Doctor Jekyll: Like the doctor in the novel. Icarus: He was not actually a villain in Green mythology, but Icarus certainly flew too close to the sun! This name generator will generate 10 random Japanese names in their Romanized versions. Fifth Gunman: I think Second gunman would be better since it reminds me of Cloud 9: Again, another ironic choice. Big Hit: This sounds like a 4/20-friendly name. Note that surnames are written before first names, which is also the order in this generator. 47. Badmash: This is certainly a “bad” name! A guest request fro an iron and ironing board which are currently unavailable what will you say to the guest? Troubadour: This is such a cool name. 28. 12. Other combinations of kanji characters can also form this name. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! 34. 53. 16. 64. Stiletto: Sharp and dangerous. In your story, she can be anyone you want her to be. Sniper Queen: I feel like Hit Girl would be her sidekick. I am writing a Naruto fanfiction, and I'm looking for Japanese names for the members of an evil organization in the story. Nurse Rachet: Technically, she was a villain in a classic book, but you might be able to steal or modify this name. Troublemaker: This sounds like the villain in a kids’ book. Lady Voldemort: You have heard of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, but what about She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named? Captain Splatter: Because he makes all of his enemies go “splat!”. Femme Fatale: This would be brilliant for a villain. 54. 64. Princess of Darkness: Speaking of the prince of darkness . Nimbus: It sounds like a cool villain name, but it was also the name of a broom Harry had in the Harry Potter series. Unless this means he kills straight jackets. . Kouen, MaiKa, Kaen are some of the names that attribute to fire. Japanese Villain Name????? 5. The last name is made from the French root word for “to die,” so it is a brilliant villain name. King Fisher: This sounds pretty cool. (RollForFantasy.com), I'm planting trees with my site. Misery Business. Professor Moriarty: This was a character in Sherlock Holmes, but it is still an awesome villain name. 72. 33. Whirlpool Priestess: Don’t go swimming near her! Winter Warrior: Warrior makes the villain sound like a good guy, which could be a problem. Note that surnames are written before first names, which is also the order in this generator. So i searched “what are some good villain names” and I decided that this website would be good! Still, you might want to change up his name a bit with an adjective or turn it into the “Dark Side of Zeus” or “Zeus Nemesis.”. Hades: As the lord of the underworld, Hades is a Greek god who would always make for a great villain. A truly lethal combination. He was quite the lady’s man, but there were also quite a few times when he went out of his way to help a damsel in distress. Do you like my rap. Hail: Thunder, hail and lightening would be great names for a trio of villains. Mister Splinter: I am not even sure what this villain’s super power would be. Japanese last names show a particularly strong connection to the country’s breathtaking nature and clan history. We have divided the list into 75 female and 75 male names, so pick your favorites and have some fun! Blue Death: Kind of like the Black Death. Undertow: When you are swimming in the ocean, the undertow is what pulls you back out to sea. Maverick: Mavericks are normally good guys, but who cares? That would be a cool villain name, right? 26. 26. lady. Panama Red: Through a place name and a color together, and it will sound like a villain’s name.


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