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It took Kirk almost a year to have a DNA test done and finally acknowledge that he is the father of the baby boy. However, she stated on the show that she had the baby around Halloween. We get the majority of the numbers because we have connections among celebrity agents.

Resume. Is that me wanting y’all to change your ‘structure?’?? Sometimes, celebrities might disable private messages, but you still don’t lose anything by trying to send him a direct message. As was reported previously, VH1 kept their personal and social media information personal ahead of the newest season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.However, now it is revealed! For what?? black entertainment news, parenting tips and beauty secrets that are specifically for black women. This was done by Kirk. I’m never going to forget that wonderful experience. During Monday night’s part II of the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reunion, Kirk Frost and wife Rasheeda were asked about claims that he hasn’t been as present as he could be for his son, Kannon, with Jasmine Washington. And, she also said she was younger when in fact, she posted that she is actually 27-years-old!

I just don’t understand why she has to lie about her age and her baby’s age!

After that, you can comment her posts on the Facebook timeline and also send him private messages. Fortunately, here I discovered a real phone number. You can use Twitter to interact with Jasmine Washington.

Black women

Kirk and Rasheeda have been married since 1999 and have two sons together. Over the course of my undergraduate studies, I focused primarily on media and communications courses and clubs.
She spends time on Twitter speaking with her followers despite she is a really busy person. Wow!

Although he may have cut her off financially, she is now suing him for a paternity test to PROVE that he is the daddy! I expect Kirk to be there like a f–king father. I dnt ask for much!

If this is the case, her baby is older than what she originally said. I was shocked!

In fact, Jasmine is trying to say the baby is only two-months-old when she posted a photo on Instagram of a baby that looks to be about 5 months old. As was reported previously, VH1 kept their personal and social media information personal ahead of the newest season of, What is really crazy, is that around Halloween time, Kirk cut Jasmine off from getting any more money from him. Also, use the hashtags that Jasmine Washington uses frequently. Also a singer, she released the song “Wifey Bleus” in 2017.
? In the beginning, I was skeptical about this, but later I realized that the number worked. Y’all just trying to move on and live like Kannon doesn’t exist but he’s here and his mother is gonna fight for every bit of respect, love and appreciation he deserves. In some cases, celebrities disable private messages through this platform, but many times, you will be able to communicate with him anyway by posting on her wall. He has at least three other kids from previous relationships. I tried to contact Jasmine Washington in a lot of different ways without any effect.

“I think she expects me to be there like she was in a relationship,” he said. Our team is made up of reporters with several years of experience and an huge network of contacts. Jasmine Washington Kirk Frost Instagram Jasminebleu Although Jasmine Washington just revealed her Instagram account, she has just made things a lot more interesting for the show and for Kirk Frost. MadameNoire ® Copyright © 2020 BossipMadameNoire, LLC All Rights Reserved | BHM Digital. Supporting player on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta who joined the series in season 6. It’s not.”. Don’t know what storyline world you live in but better believe having a child does change everything.

Thanks to this site, I have something that I thought was impossible. I was able to get Jasmine Washington’s phone number. I am the biggest fan of Jasmine Washington, however I have never ever spoken to him. I spoke to him on the phone for nearly 15 minutes. advice and career trends - and MadameNoire provides all of that. She called out both Kirk and Rasheeda on Instagram for allegedly using her son for the cameras and pretending to care about him and how he’s being parented by her, but not even picking up the phone to call him on his birthday. I might send an SMS to him, and she replied to me! Let’s start there. Rasheeda agreed with him, saying she has to work with the schedule he has because she knowingly laid down and conceived a child with a man who was already married and had a family to take care of. Our team is made up of journalists with many years of experience and a huge network of contacts.


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