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To get to the website’s featured catalog section, scroll down to the bottom of the company's homepage. I went in to the local RS a few weeks ago when they hung out their “store closing” sign. It worked pretty well, until you got out in the country with it, it seemed to have trouble holding on to radio stations. My favorite thing is the “Pittsburgh” brand name. The parts JCW delivered seem to have been made by someone who’d never actually seen a Beetle, although perhaps they’d overheard a spirited conversation about VWs in a bar once. Seems to me the only things I bought from JCW were seat belts! I always used to get a few custom things, map lights, fog lights, etc from JCW when I got another car. Maybe they thought cheap Cdn customers weren’t worth it to inundate with paper! Sales continued to spiral downward to around the $120 million mark,  as a whole new generation of buyers who had never heard of JC Whitey went to places like eBay, Amazon, and Google for their parts. In the late 1990s, the brand went online—a move that led to the establishment of the LaSalle, Illinois warehouse. Under "Featured Catalogues," select how you wish to browse, either by make, part or brand. You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. The quality seemed to be OK for the price in most cases. Bought a neat little luggage rack for my 97 H.D. The large metal made me swoon! I’m right now in the process of selling an ol’ ’89 Ford Bronco II. ” Overhaul In A Can”: put the magic elixir in the crankcase and blow those little pellets into the spark plug holes. While the catalog included affordable aftermarket replacement parts, much of the financial success of JC Whitney came from the sale of accessories with higher profit margins that were also light and therefore cheaper to send by mail. OTOH, they were a good cure for insomnia. But it was better than chopping up the dash. . Call Us: 513-868-9543. Roy Warshawsky remained at the helm of JC Whitney until his retirement in 1991. The company has since slowly reworked the brand into an online digital catalog and retail website and did away with the printed catalog version. Roll your own! Or Simmons Mattress. That play left the back door wide open for Wal-Mart. Too little, too late tho. carparts.com – JC Whitney’s business was constantly under assault by what we called ankle-biters – small fly-by-night companies with a search engine optimized storefront and not much else: No inventory (strictly drop ship), no customer service, and none of our fixed costs. What a blast down memory lane! Arrived on time and at a Great Price. Whenever manufacturers added new styling, technology, or safety features, JC Whitney was always right behind to give wannabes in older rides the new car look, whether it is the 1958 quad-headlight look for your 1957 car, or a third brakelight for your pre-1986 ride. As for losing stations in the country, They all did that. Select a category below, or use our Parts Lookup with exploded parts diagrams by model. That was so culturally incongruous that it had to have been deliberate irony. Once there, scroll down to the bottom of the page. JC Whitney’s growing line of parts includes turn signal lights for Chevrolet, GMC, and Toyota trucks. What really killed it for me was the shipping cost, it was just too expensive for a small purchase order. I bought an Aoogah horn for my 1961 baby blue Ford Falcon at Warshawsky’s. . So if you need a trusted source you can count on to get you the parts you need to fix your mower fast, Jack's is your one-stop shop! Our dynamic new line of essentials will transform your vehicle for off-road quests, overland journeys, and family adventures. As too, cheap vinyl body side molding, that often started draping off cars after one winter. I think people thought it was annoying, but I was just a kid having fun…oh them good ole days. For over a century, JC Whitney has continued to provide high-quality auto parts to customers all over the United States. IIRC, I was surprised the spark plug anti-foul protectors actually did work, but since my ’68 chevy was a rolling mosquito screen, I thought I’d take a chance. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. You work in junk yards or resurrect long abandoned vehicles for a living and you get plenty like this . -Nate. My Father and I bought many items from JCW over 40 years! All the other specialty catalogs (Classic VW, Motorcycle, Auto) are long gone. Deals. Or econo-grade MotoMaster mufflers and tires. . Here we had the Princess Auto mail order catalog, Canadian Tire, and Sears, as our most popular sources of aftermarket auto accessories. I actually just received four bottles of Prell from Amazon yesterday. Talk about the CC effect. While Topps printed the complete set of almost 800 MLB players, O-Pee-Chee printed less than 400 for the Canadian market. 1-16 of 58 results for "Jc Whitney Auto Parts" Skip to main search results Amazon Prime. Pulp paper! Sears at the time was trying to fashion itself into an eCommerce portal similar to Amazon, so we entered into a co-marketing agreement where we would create and maintain the auto parts portal on sears.com, and we would handle the fulfillment. Their prices on radios were decent and their sheepskin seat cover worked well for me. Warshawsky died in 1997, and by 2002, the company was sold to Riverside Capital, which later formed the Whitney Automotive Group (WAG) to encompass other holdings like CarParts.com. Great article and cautionary tale. The tools them selves (the ones I’ve bought) are perfectly fine ?! 1991. First, go to the JC Whitney, . Loved the catalogs but knew most of the little stuff was junk. JC Whitney, on the other hand, spent virtually nothing on branding, and as a result, it was quickly becoming an aging brand among the likes Ovaltine or Prell. I must say I never bought anything from JC Whitney, I always read the ads with interest and thought “how good can that possibly be?”. 2)Bead breakers for car tires. The oil crisis that hit the U.S. in the 1970s and growing concern over air pollution hit the automotive industry hard. With JC Whitney, we had a brand name synonymous with cheapness, and instead of capitalizing on it we were running away from it. Next, look for the words “Get the JC Whitney E-Catalog” and click on “E-Catalog” next to it. Whether you’re looking for body-painted, chrome-plated, or textured black covers, JC Whitney has got you covered. Warshawsky died in 1997, and by 2002, the company was sold to Riverside Capital, which later formed the Whitney Automotive Group (WAG) to encompass other holdings like CarParts.com. . I had to smile when you brought up the FM converter, I hadn’t​ thought of those in ages. Our secure shipping gives you the comfort of knowing that your order gets to you on time, in one piece. The worst were always from the deep South for some reason often taking multiple cans of bug bombs and close to a year of airing out after thorough cleaning before beginning the make run again attack . There are different color finishes to choose from, including clear or smoked lenses with black interiors and red lenses with chrome interiors. Goofy, gaudy “accessories” were pretty common stock in Firestone and Western Auto stores in the early 1950s, especially hood and fender ornaments with light-up Lucite wings or faces; they had almost disappeared from such stores by the time I began getting the JCW catalogs, and so counted as “nostalgia items”. and CHEAP TOO! I always wanted to try those pellets, Dr Fine. I purchased many parts for engines, brakes, exhausts, etc. If you want to conceal the tailgate handle and put it on the inner side of the tailgate, you’ll need a tailgate handle relocator. Kindle Unlimited Eligible; Department. He laid down for a nap & never woke up! Alongside the success that automobiles were seeing, the need for a new kind of service also became inevitable. With careful debt management, the company eventually recovered in the following decade, in part because of the rise of cheaper but more profitable aftermarket parts. Credit became non-existent, effectively killing any M&A activity. In an effort to give the place a startup vibe, the dress code was relaxed to jeans, and the de rigueur foosball table placed in the lobby along with a video wall. It was a dump when I first saw it and the last time I saw it. Same tacky vibe with the HF catalogs today. Of course the backyard mechanic is pretty much gone due to the electronics on modern cars. Accessories were often not so good. I think that boxy gadget on the dash showing in the photos is from JCW but for the life of me, I can’t remember what it was. There have been a couple of recent articles where many comments have sung the praises of CC, and this is one of the more prescient. While it was the cheapest, White Rain was also the absolute worst shampoo I’d ever used. Thanks the well written piece. There’s still a little tiny faded and peeling chrome rear-view mirror on a ’76 Ford truck we own that came from his ’56 Plymouth when he was a young man in the 1970’s. Many of these ads are available in the magazine archives at Google Books, which I’ve sprinkled throughout my post. In the late ’80s, JC Whitney’s catalogue promised all the parts necessary to restore a VW Beetle into an ill-fitting, short-lived approximation of a VW Beetle. I did notice more cars in the States with so many unique chrome accessories, or unusual wheels covers, we didn’t have in Canada. Actually, it was easy to start a VW Beetle just by shifting to 3rd gear, jacking up one rear wheel, and turning it by hand. was one of the most identifying contributions of JC Whitney to the American automotive industry. Yeah it is a bit annoying but since it was still working and only took about 2 minutes to remove and 15 to install in the new van it was worth it to me, and I intend to keep using it as long as it does the job. I always enjoy discussions of the business side of companies. Cool ! Like many, I had no idea that JCW still existed in the 90s. My very first Beetle had a dead battery so I had to push start it every where I went . The 1900s sparked the rapid growth in the number of motorized vehicles in the United States. Those who wanted to accessorize their car with styling cues and features of more expensive cars. In exchange for bargain basement prices, It had no phone number and outrageous restocking fees for returns. I always felt like an active participant in the integration, and not just watching from the sidelines. Other than the name, there is no longer any connection to the Chicago-based company founded by Israel Warshawsky 102 years ago. Thinking about it makes me kind of nostalgic for those pre Internet days! I was always fascinated in how much they carried for the most minute detail item. Warshawsky named the company JC Whitney in order to give the company a less foreign-sounding name. In the early ’70’s I bought quite a few parts and fiberglass accessories from JC Whitney for my air cooled VW’s. To use this site, please enable JavaScript by changing your -Nate. A flywheel can take a tremendous amount of effort to get spinning, but once it gets going, momentum will keep it spinning cash with little to no investment for seemingly forever. . JC Whitney’s Rich Heritage. Income inequality? Your story combined two of the three. Those chrome iron alloy engines aren’t known to be featherlight (about 700 pounds). The comparison to a flywheel is apt. The pages on both e-catalogs feature a full-color magazine-style layout. I miss JCW a little. I thought they made those illegal, even after they designed them ti use catalytic converters on the exhaust vent ? Home; About. Bought many items from jc whitney over the years. Riverside acquired my employer, truck accessory catalog company Stylin Concepts and shoved us together in a shotgun marriage. Looking for a custom-fit item, replacement ... SUV, van or Jeep ®, PLUS an expanded RV section! Motorhome Of A Lifetime: 1977 GMC Motorhome – Rides Great, But Will It Stop? The business really hit its stride in the 1950s. I remember in the early 70’s that my dad ordered 1969 Plymouth Fury wheel covers from a catalogue that looked very much like a JC Whitney catalogue, but it had the name Warshawsky and Sons on it. And I wonder how much the postage would cost for shipping the Hudson Hornet six…. I vividly remember perusing the JC Whitney (often called ‘JC Worthless’ by older folks) catalogs and dreaming of the day when I had some ca$h to spend on my truck or jalopy as the years rolled by .


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