jim ryan runner

He was a major part of this organization from 1972 to 1976 as both a runner and a promotional rep. His work involved a lot of traveling and his Mile performances were mediocre for him, varying between 4:00 and 4:08. Americans fans love the mile. His attack before the last bend was unanswerable and broke Keino completely. As Bell slowed on the first curve of lap three, he went into the lead, and was instantly alone.

The year 2014 will mark Bring Back the Mile’s third year or third lap, and call me crazy and a dreamer, but presented below are my 4 wishes for the Mile,... "Ryun was so dominant, everyone in the stadium was on their feet," remembers Larry Knuth, a longtime Los Angeles track & field coach who was there that night. Ryun has been busy since he quit competitive running at 29. As he wrote later, “Tokyo presented me with my first taste of failure in a long time.” (Gold, p.32) The high-school boy who could do nothing wrong on the running track had lost a little bit of his magic.

It had been an amazing competitive performance. James was No. PROFILE: JIM RYUN. “I figured somewhere in between there had to be a good mile,” he told Nelson. We could have nothing but respect for Jim and nothing but empathy at the end. Ryun, at age 17, was the first high school boy to break 4 minutes for the Mile (3:59.0) in 1964 at the Compton Relays (CA) and his 1965 high school Mile record of 3:55.3 lasted nearly 36 years before Alan Webb broke it at the Prefontaine Classic in 2001.

His old rival Jim Grelle was quick to appreciate Ryun’s achievement: “It’s very hard to run by yourself, like he did tonight. Outstanding, compelling hour-plus video covers the eleven world record holders of the Mile from Bannister to Coe.

His long break from the rigours of training, racing and press coverage was restorative. Next up was an attack on Elliott’s 3:35.6 1,500 WR. I would be very grateful if we could cooperate. I don’t know where it came from, but I had the strength.” (Cordner Nelson, The Jim Ryun Story, p.75) Now running in the third lane, he had to pass two runners in the final 100 to qualify.

In his next race, a Two Miles, he came up against Kip Keino for the first time. After a very slow start Bailey of Canada took the field through 440 in 60.9. My allergies hadn’t given me difficulties in Kansas for years, and I never gave them a though before moving west. Certainly his hard work in his mid-teens produced world records and brilliant victories, but it is equally likely that the early punishing training regime shortened his career at the very top.


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