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A Channel 4 documentary includes an analysis of Joanne Lees' witness statement which was never made public By Anita Singh, Arts and Entertainment Editor 3 June 2020 • 9:30pm Key questions in British backpacker mystery. In the documentary titled, Murder in the Outback: The Falconio and Lees Mystery, the truck driver Vince Millar, who found Joanne, revealed some never … Nick Reilly was an IT worker in the City of London and had left Australia at the time of Falconio’s murder. The police officer who led the original case appears in the programme and says he is convinced of Murdoch’s guilt. It also presents for the first time an expert report that, the film claims, was not put before the jury at Murdoch’s 2005 trial. How does it work and what is its role in the 2020 US election? True story behind the disappearance, Where is Peter Falconio’s body? The couple were driving across the Australian outback in the dead of night when another driver encouraged them to pull over. And before he saw her run out into the road, he also claimed that he spotted two men bundling a third man ‘like jelly’ into a red car. Why didn’t he tell anyone of ‘significance’ about the red car at the time?’, Hollyoaks spoilers: Sid's life is changed forever in devastating drugs horror, The Bridge's Julie crowned winner - and she splits £40K prize fund with Sly. One viewer commented: ‘Obvious question. She filmed an interview with British journalist, Martin Bashir, who questioned her on the finer details of the case which some people had issues with. Peter, a British backpacker went missing in 2001 while on holiday with his girlfriend Joanne Lees. In a police interview, she calls the emails “irrelevant” despite Nick using a code name ‘Steph’ when they discussed meeting up in Berlin after the murder. The statement has many contradictions and lacks commitment from the subject.”. According to the documentary, the report was not put in evidence at Murdoch’s trial, meaning his defence counsel could not cross-examine Lees on its contents. She received £50,000 for her interview with Bashir. A Channel 4 documentary, Murder in the Outback: The Falconio and Lees Mystery reviews the evidence from the trial and casts doubt on the conviction. Murder in the Outback: The Falconio and Lees Mystery begins on Sunday 7th June on C4 at 9.15pm. During the interview, she did not reveal whether she would have confessed to the affair if her emails weren’t caught by police. In an interview to mark the 10th anniversary of Falconio’s disappearance, Lees said she had studied sociology at Sheffield University in the years after the attack and had worked both as a travel agent and a social worker. It also questions the reliability of the DNA evidence used to convict Murdoch. I am pretty sure that guy in the middle very well could have been Peter Falconio,’ he told Andrew. Peter’s body was never found. US election polls tracker 2020: Who will win the Donald Trump vs Joe Biden presidential race? Another tweeted: ‘Why did he never mention all that other info?’, While one added: ‘Say what now? It’s because I love Pete so much and I want to bring him home and I need to bring him home.”. The distressing moment British backpacker Joanne Lees re-enacted her attack at the hands of an outback killer who moments earlier shot dead her partner Peter Falconio has been released in a controversial television documentary. Viewers of Channel 4’s Murder in the Outback were left baffled on Sunday night after new evidence came to light over the killing of Peter Falconio. Police tapes uncovered by … In 2017, she revealed she has a half-sister in Australia called Jess from Sydney. The report said: “These statements are all indicative of a false account. In the documentary titled, Murder in the Outback: The Falconio and Lees Mystery, the truck driver Vince Millar, who found Joanne, revealed some never-heard-before evidence to defence lawyer Andrew Fraser. Hugely significant surely #MurderInTheOutback, Why didn’t he mention the red car and “jelly man” at the time? Our best wishes for a productive day. But then, according to Lees, Falconio was shot and the stranger tried to tie her up. In the first part of the documentary, Vince claimed that he saw car lights circling in the distance before spotting Joanne. From finding her long-lost sister to her interview with Martin Bashir and no holds barred book, this is what we know about Joanne Lees and where she is now. During the trial it emerged Lees had an affair with another British backpacker called Nick. However, SCAN analysis is controversial and a 2001 study commissioned by the Home Office concluded that there is no clear evidence that it can significantly improve an experienced investigator’s ability to determine truth or deceit in a written statement. Lees divided opinion in the aftermath of Bradley John Murdoch‘s trial, which saw him sentenced to life in prison. Why were there no footprints or paw prints trying to find her? I know that he’s somewhere here. She discusses her early life, and writes about how she was brought up by her mother, who has since died, until she was 11 and in financial hardship. A detective told her: “The consensus without exception is that there is vital information missing from this statement. However, during the documentary titled Murder in the Outback: The Falconio and Lees Mystery, Joanne admitted in court that during her relationship with … Beale said that in the years since the case, it has been discovered that women often switch to the present tense when reliving a traumatic event. In July 2001, Lees told police that she and her boyfriend had been flagged down by a truck driver on a remote stretch of highway in the Australian Outback. Pope's comments on same-sex civil unions 'taken out of context'. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. Asked what information was missing, Lees replied: “I don’t know.”. They concluded: “This account provided by the subject has strong indications of being deceptive. Her boyfriend Peter Falconio's murder in the Australian outback threw Joanne Lees into the centre of a media storm explored in Murder in the Outback. All about Murder in the Outback: the Falconio and Lees Mystery, What happened to Peter Falconio? Back in 2011, Joanne Lees … A four-part Channel 4 documentary examines the disappearance of Peter Falconio, Bradley Murdoch was convicted of Falconio's murder but the body was never found. Thanks! According to Joanne, Peter was shot and his body was never found, while she claims that she escaped being abducted when she was rescued by a lorry driver. Buy this exquisite six-piece set now and you’ll receive a FREE frying pan worth £55! News, photos, videos and full episode guide, Where is Joanne Lees now? Wednesday, 10th June 2020 at 9:20 pm Even before Murder in the Outback aired Joanne Lees’ name will have seemed familiar. When is it on TV? Even before Murder in the Outback aired Joanne Lees’ name will have seemed familiar. Lees and Falconio’s family declined to be interviewed for the documentary. After five months in Sydney, they were planning a road trip across Australia. Watch the full story above Peter was shot and killed instantly, while Joanne managed to escape after being assaulted. “I did love Pete with all my heart,” she said, “and when that happened I did overstep the boundaries of friendship, but it made me, like, love Pete even more and value what we did have.”. Lees is reported to be living in Australia, and appeared on television there in 2017, in the current affairs programme 60 Minutes. MORE : SAS: Who Dares Wins star Helen Skelton reveals off-camera moment Ant Middleton pulled her to one side for smirking, MORE : Sir David Attenborough to teach kids about dinosaurs and fossils as Liam Payne, David Walliams and Jodie Whittaker offer online classes, BBC News apologises over botched graphics in Boris Johnson’s lockdown address, WWE star Zelina Vega launches OnlyFans account, Jeannie Mai forced to quit Dancing With the Stars after being rushed to hospital: ‘I require surgery’, The Bridge’s Julie crowned winner – and she splits £40K prize fund with Sly. She returned to the crime scene and said she would not give up on her search for Falconio’s body. If the gunshot didn’t happen where the blood happened, then where did it happen? SAS: Who Dares Wins star Helen Skelton reveals off-camera moment Ant Middleton pulled her to one side for smirking, Sir David Attenborough to teach kids about dinosaurs and fossils as Liam Payne, David Walliams and Jodie Whittaker offer online classes. We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism. What is the Electoral College? She reportedly received a £25,000 advance for the book. The documentary examines various theories, including that Murdoch (below) is a victim of mistaken identity and that Falconio, 28, may have faked his own death. The conviction was largely based on a DNA match on Joanne’s T-shirt. Already have an account with us? Lees wrote a book about her life, No Turning Back, which was published in 2006. She said the driver shot Falconio and tied her up, before she managed to escape and hide in the bush. The pair had secretly met up behind her boyfriend’s back and slept together in the months leading up to the incident in the outback. Why did the truckie not bother telling anyone before about the red car before 2017?’, A bloke that was flopping around like jelly?! Joanne Lees is a young woman who made headlines when recounting her ordeal in the Australian outback. Four analysts looked at the statement that Lees gave to police on the night after Falconio’s disappearance. Viewers quickly took to Twitter after the interview with many questioning why Vince didn’t mention this evidence before. We saw each other and it was just instant. At several points in her account of being tied up by Murdoch, Lees said she could not remember particular details or said her memory was hazy. The pair became close and Lees has been attempting to get Australian citizenship to be closer to her. Back in 2011, Joanne Lees suddenly found herself in the glare of the media spotlight, after falling victim to a horrendous attack while travelling with her boyfriend, Peter Falconio, who was murdered.


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