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Josh looks around, but it seems he’s not here. Josh Hoberman The information contained within should not be considered fully accurate and/or complete. There was an ongoing competition, hotly contested, as to who could make the single most boring observation. Look at that!

Josh Hoberman : ELIOT BOUGHT A MONGOLIAN SPELLBOOK ITS IN MONGOLIAN DUH BUT HE CLAIMS HE CAN READ IT BUT I THINK IT’S MONGOLIAN PORNO. He says that he should go with her, but Margo says she can handle it, and would rather have him there to make sure Fillory doesn’t blow up. Josh Hoberman Eliot’s alive. Idk man, Margosh is about a billion times more interesting to me than Julia and Penny 23 but that’s mostly because Margosh is about idiots trying to save their own life by screaming in Indonesian and stealing Kanye’s Komodo dragon while Julia x 23 is all “I worship u blah blah gross romance stuff” . William 'Penny' Adiyodi Not to mention that is not the way I thought I'd meet Kanye. Josh Hoberman William 'Penny' Adiyodi she’s in love with Eliot. Josh Hoberman has appeared in the following books: The Magicians (The Magicians, #1) and The Magician King (The Magicians, #2) Also Known As And I'm going to go warn her now. Helen Josh Hoberman

Josh Hoberman OK, then here's a plan. Love merrily; you’re allowed to regardless of what the fans say or want or think. also, being in a relationship doesn’t take away from margo being a strong female character or make her story less interesting. That's how the curse is insured to spread. If he has to leave earlier than Margo, he’ll leave her sweet little messages on the mirror. What the hell am I going to do? Enid Josh would have something nerdy as his phone background and Margo would probably have a picture of her and Eliot. Biographical Information

Meanwhile she has a very soft spot in her heart for the quiet nerdy kids and teaches them to take no shit and stand up for themselves. I'm going to discuss genital warts and discharge with you, cause we just met! : : | Alive Josh watches Ru coerce Fen to overthrow Margo.

That’s literally all campers want, is for someone to listen to them and Julia is great at it. Or ate you.

: Alias(es) Josh Hoberman And it worked! Margo Hanson Margo Hanson Or maybe cause them, my Indonesian sucks. Dream!Margo says that she's going to marry Josh and that Fen will give her away. Margo Hanson

Luckily, the showrunners previously stated the series had been set up in a way that would work as both a season finale or a series finale and so the fact it ended as the latter was not as big of a deal as it may have been. So he can't text? Son of a clit! Jesus. Josh was mostly excited, but very intimidated while Margo was just stressing a bit about it because she had never dated someone like Josh before.

She would be so good with the campers!!!! Margo Hanson So where do we put all the Fillorians… Earth? Margo Hanson The twenty-third version of Josh Hoberman was a Brakebills student who, was part of the missing class of Third-year students whose members vanished under mysterious circumstances in 2014. Josh watches Ru coerce Fen to overthrow Margo.


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