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Julie Payette has received the 'NASA Space Flight Medal' twice (1999 and 2009). It’s presumed to be open, and I’ve heard nothing that would persuade me to overcome that presumption.”, Densford did order that a few small portions of the records relating to Payette’s son and her finances be kept secret, which the media companies did not oppose. Julie Payette was born on October 20, 1963, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, to Jacqueline, a theater accountant, and André, an engineer. In his decision, Densford agreed. Julie Payette was born on the 20th of October in 1963 (Baby Boomers Generation). Payette was married twice, first to François Brissette in the 1990s, and secondly to William Flynn, with whom she had a son in 2003, and from whom she divorced in 2015. Given all this, it’s difficult to understand why the details of her divorce to her ex-husband Billie Flynn would have any impact on Payette’s appointment. She worked as a research scientist with ‘IBM’ and 'Bell-Northern Research' before becoming a member of the 'Canadian Astronaut Corps' at the 'Canadian Space Agency' (CSA). She is fluent in French (her mother tongue) and English, and can converse in Spanish, German, Italian and Russian. Yet, she seems to stand at about 5 feet and a few inches. Julie Payette is a 57-year-oldCanadian Astronaut from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Julie Payette’s birth sign is Libra and she has a ruling planet of Venus. Currently, she sings with the Ottawa Bach Choir. No other, similar incidents have turned up during various background checks on Payette. Please try again. [24], Payette was announced on July 13, 2017, as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's recommendation to be the 29th Governor General of Canada. Julie Payette is a Canadian engineer, astronomical scientist, and former astronaut, who has been serving as the 29th governor-general of Canada since 2017. Payette and Flynn’s time in Maryland started at the end of 2010, when Payette took up a research posting at the Wilson Centre in nearby Washington, D.C. Her time in the public spotlight began in 1992, when she was selected as one of four Canadian astronauts from a pool of 5,300 applicants. As governor general, Payette will be the representative of Canada’s head of state, Queen Elizabeth II, and the commander-in-chief of the military. iPolitics had just reported that Payette has been charged in 2011 with second-degree assault, and that the alleged victim was Flynn. Julie Payette also has a ruling planet of Venus. During the mission, the crew performed the first manual docking of the shuttle to the International Space Station, and delivered four tons of logistics and supplies to the station. Julie Payette has not been previously engaged. In the run-up to her first space flight in 1999, reporters struggled to get answers about her family background (at the time, she was in the final days of her marriage to engineering professor François Brissette). I trust Canadians and media will distinguish between matters of public interest and private life.” The day after iPolitics reported on the assault charge, columnist Susan Delacourt wrote, “I can’t have been the only person wondering… whether a male appointee to the GG’s office would have cleared the background check with an assault charge — even a dropped one — turning up in his not-so-distant personal history.” But then she quickly went on to note that these sorts of comparisons and questions are “often based on a shaky, false equivalence.”. Canada's next governor general has held up to scrutiny for 30 years as an astronaut, scientist, artist, academic and a representative of Canada in various international arenas — yet six media outlets fought to unseal her divorce filings. A welcome email is on its way. Privacy Policy | Disclaimer. Julie Payette is known for being a Astronaut. A little background: In July, right after it was announced that she was Trudeau’s pick for governor general, Payette filed a motion in a Maryland court to have her divorce file sealed. During this time, she was also the CEO of the 'Montreal Science Centre' (for 3 years, from 2013 to 2016). After undergoing basic training in Canada, she worked as a technical advisor for the Mobile Servicing System, an advanced robotics system and Canada's contribution to the International Space Station. The assault charge was withdrawn shortly after it was laid and has since been expunged from official records.


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