jupiter in astrology

thank you so much for your reply to my question. If your creative project involves collaborators then think about people from other nationalities or countries. But this is not a discussion about Zoom. It encourages reflection, study, and the attainment of higher education.

thanks! There are major questions here about right and wrong, ethics and principles, morals and judgements.”. Margaret Hone called a sextile ‘helpful’ and noted (for Jupiter’s easy aspects to Neptune), “Benefit is often from hidden sources. It’s really about your viewpoint. What you can successfully risk and experiment. Scuba diving, marinas and The Marines are Neptune.

I am at cross roads both personally and professionally. Would love any insight / advice you might have.
Saturn in Gemini is hard work but you can do this. Health , financial, relationships, children education, home…. 17° Virgo 10′ 08″ R

You are now on a different path and you will discover you know your own mind. Would today or tomorrow be a good time to start building my website?
Since long-distance travel is a factor of the education sector, having Jupiter in your sign may inspire you to travel far and wide, or much more frequently than usual. This often takes place with unpaid work efforts, study, or your professional life and business interests. Thank you for your precious information on sextile between Jupiter and Neptune. Thank you!

Jupiter conjunction Saturn should be the great leveller. That can be messy. Morgan Stanley was, as you might expect, was created by partners Henry Morgan and Harold Stanley. You are seeing that in 2020 with government handouts of money; the boom in Zoom education; the boom in face mask production; the boom in bicycles! Gas, laughing gas and the ‘truth drug’ of alcohol are Neptune. I’m in 1/4 of revolutions journey with Uranus in Taurus . Linda. I’m hoping you can throw some light on the factors that are at 20 degrees in my chart; This has kept my mind and spirit nourished and constantly learning. Premium Members – Check your birth chart below to see if there are any exact patterns unfolding. So, July 27th may be a government handout, or a surge in the value of your shares, pension or superannuation. 27° Sagittarius 08′ 07″ This inner space of yours has already been under development for years, anyway. Read more online at Family Circle USA. I’m looking forward to this Jupiter/Neptune sextile lightening up the rest of 2020, even if I don’t have factors at exactly 20 degrees. I need you to use Natalie Delahaye’s two meditations on this website please and try them twice a day. If that is not possible between the two countries involved, you (or they) will have to relocate and stay there.

You have Jupiter in Virgo in the Sixth House in Natural Astrology. You have done it before in another life when reaching people, connecting and communicating was also a challenge.

One is the eagle, which soars high and sees the big picture. An entire generation born with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo in the 1960’s is about to run up against this in the final week of January 2021. The abuse of power and the inexorable grind that comes from the wrong men, in the wrong suits, in the wrong positions, at the wrong time in history – will end. Uranus is literally related to Jupiter, being his grandfather, and the two phenomena in nature are also related. Or choose a membership plan to create your chart. That’s all you have to do.

The thing to remember about Jupiter (expansion, stretching, increase) and Neptune (the horizon over the sea which never ends) is that it’s really about removing limitations. I’m curious how this will affect my work right now. Take care Jessica, Kindest regards, Bea xx. This is the Great Benefactor. Other worlds. It is often the cycle when mediumship, clairvoyance or clairaudience increases. Leaks and Wikileaks are typical of the Neptune in Pisces age we inhabit. You are so kind . Virgo square Gemini is about Eurostar and other trains, against medical advice. Sherlock Holmes and his secret drug habit is Neptune.

Retirement and selling your home are a typical part of such a cycle because there is so much focus on the Capricorn-Cancer axis of your chart, life direction and property. Neptune-Saturn aspects of any kind, even a sextile or trine, can be very hard work, as Neptune learns difficult lessons the hard way about boundaries. It was completely random and totally floats my boat!

I am just having a cup of tea on Sunday morning and happy to look at your question, before I go for a walk on the beach. The future is local not global and there is money to be made. Your Chiron at 20 Aries is really about lifelong experiments with what is possible for your image, your appearance, your brand, your title, your name.

Sure, you are moving that way anyway (Neptune in Pisces in your Twelfth House) and you will be speaking to the Virgo generation, born with planets in that sign – many of them in the Sixties, some younger. But slowly it is making me seriously sad thinking I may never see and hug my family from now on. In fact, once you figure out a greater cause or mission which you can use yourself with (for example, being the spokesperson for a particular issue, or lending your online image to a project) it will all be very clear-cut for you. Sometimes it is the organisations around a situation which appear to be falling into line for you. Pisces (the fishes) is ruled by Neptune – and on the symbolism goes. That is what this transit is about in your chart. It goes for years so you need to be right across it and keep updating. I think I have already seen changes with my Neptune 20 Sagittarius and Uranus 20 Scorpio and my line of work and where I live. They have moved into an alternative world.


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