justin wells band

Whatever part we played is torn apart on a stage we can't sell out While you dance all the while

It'll all work out With your hand in mine, we’d laugh the joke of time right in its face When the walls fall down Til the loser wins D. Franklin, KY @ Dueling Grounds (solo) w/ Josh Thurman. It'll all work out

Leave it worse than it was before Til I see you again

When the walls fall down

Affording a chance for Craig to switch between assorted instruments, the primarily acoustic picked and haunted Some Distance From It All is just a  two-man job speaking about restlessness and finding your own identity (“The only child of a traveller/I’m only killing time/The path he kept has nothing left/I’ll ever know as mine”) with “the past, a man, whose weathered hand I’ll never have to hold”.

The pleasure's mine to introduce my closest friends Til hopeless goes and makes its final move Lights on me This is gonna be my summer 2020 album and I’m perfectly fine with that. And it wont be the last time I am on my own I am on my own It'll all work out And let the walls fall down

January 27th 2019. Fan Reviews. Justin Wells, Dark and Bloody Groundby Fifth on the Floor, The breakout record by Fifth on the Floor, featuring "Distant Memory Lane" and "The Fall". Justin Wells – The United State. And let the walls fall down People, The United State is out THIS Friday, August 28! If you haven't yet, go pre-order a 180g Opaque Yellow vinyl or CD, or pre-save wherever you listen to music. Some Distance From It All 5. I'd lie if I said I was surprised to see ya turn out this way

Let your hair down a little more And you should play the fool every single time

I go anyway, and it all comes around

Lord, I am on my own It’s better than it was before I'm walking lonely down the street And you'll end up with the part you've earned Til my bid is called, Lord There’s this common path that all of our lives follow: birth, being a dumbass kid who thinks you know it all, realizing that you don’t know it all, thinking you’re falling in love, actually falling in love, starting your own family, worrying about paying the bills, death, and whatever comes next.”.

Down like dogs Give the general pessimistic tenor, it would be easy to seize on It’ll All Work Out as a sign of light at the end of the tunnel when you’re penniless and “without a backup plan”; however, a Little Feat styled blues driven by keys and slide, it reveals itself to be about those empty words of encouragement that have no foundation in the real world and that “If poverty could just pop a pill/I wouldn’t have to work, I wouldn’t have to steal/I wouldn’t have to have a stranger help me out”. Born to lose where the clouds won't move Let there be no heroes here It is personal, senitive, and caring. Andrea. I lived in Jackson Ky. And know how sad the drugs have made so many hometowns.

That we don't all fall apart sometimes I go anyway, and it all comes around But “Keep trying,” they said, “soon, it'll all work out”

It’s better than it was before Found some distance from it all

Til the sunlight brings the kind of thing But I go anyway

Let my presence prove: there's no gain, and none to lose, my dear

This album makes for a wonderful soundtrack to that journey. The atmosphere and music were excellent. And I'd lie if I told you, I'd change a single thing if I tried

But I go anyway Entertainment at its finest.

You're the end of my days Justin Wells Brad Andress Dan Reder Nick Stiens Jon Grubbs Ben Bruner Eric Cronstein Eric Keyes : Close to Home was an American post-hardcore band from Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, that was formed in 2005.


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