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21 hours ago. This photo is so low on my call out because of the face. But she always ends up with these frustratingly half assed pictures. Is it the most modelesque pose? She was fre… This is insanely good. But seriously, Kahlen was the original “chameleon on film who was not a model in person,” like C6’s Joanie and C9’s Jenah. Skip to content. At the beginning of the competition Kahlen's lack of confidence sometimes got the best of her; however, she consistently produced excellent photographs; at the final judging panel the judges noted that Kahlen had provided one of the best portfolios in all the previous cycles. User account menu. Kahlen Rondot was born on December 19, 1983, in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, and is a former model who is best known as the runner-up on Cycle 4 of America's Next Top Model. Couldn’t decide who I wanted to win more out of Naima and Kahlen. Quality is rough, as finding the "nude" shots of girls on the web is a lot more difficult than non nude ones. [unreliable source] She was … But I actually liked Naima’s cheetah shot better than her springbok.also, Her wrath was too cheesy for me. However, a silhouette of her casting photo was used for Germany's Next Topmodel logo. In earlier seasons they took the judging tests very seriously so if you blew it you would be called late or even eliminated. Kahlen is the first of America's Next Top Model contestant whose loved one died while filming. Her ANTM-related work includes US Weekly's Summer Hottest Trends with Naima Mora and Keenyah Hills, ElleGirl presents Dare To Be You: Wal-Mart Meets America's Next Top Models 2005 and its second installment where she walked for Alice and Olivia's Fall 2006 to raise funds against breast cancer, spreads in Elle Girl for Ford Fusion and Samsung, Jay Manuel's Manual Override Cosmetic line, Radar magazine's America's Ex Top Models and a campaign for Tulipa Collection by Vanessa Barantes with fellow alum Rebecca Epley. I loved Kahlen and the pictures she took but Naima was the all around better choice at the end. She’s also closed her eyes which means I have trouble understanding her emotion in the scene. She looks tough and sexy and in total control of the situation. 8 comments. Age Kahlen can do so much better than this. She also was featured in a commercial for FORD Fusion, recorded during her participation in Top Model. Short hair can be sexy too! Yes. Am I missing something here? I'll give you that Kahlen's kloofing one is stronger than Naima's, but neither one of them were that good... Kahlen also looks really uncomfortable in that shot. Yes, this was the weakest shot of the week. This was by far her worst picture of the competition. 1 "I think the reason Mr. Jay dressed up was to show us that even though Michelle has scabies, she can still be beautiful. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She appeared in Inked Girls magazine in 2013, and her last test shots were in March 2019. First-Call Outs She was called first that week. Naima is over-acting so much here. I'm not saying Naima didn't deserve to win; I just wanted Kahlen to win. Ma! Her body is super awkward. Bottom Twos During makeovers, Tyra explicitly says they're going to give Kahlen Carmen Kass's haircut. Kahlen was Simon Doonan's pick for the winner of the cycle. Rondot is no longer modeling. Brittany is engaging with the male model 100% but all eyes are on… My criticism of Christina is the same every single week. But at the same time, Naima was very driven and passionate and she wouldn't have wanted it to go to anyone else. Why not just get Carmen Kass herself and save yourself the trouble? Brittany SUPERSTAR! Kahlen's favorite book is "An Unquiet Mind" by Kay Redfield Jamison. Change ). Tyra acted like she was neck to neck with Lluvy who was in third bottom 2 appearance, Yessss I agree!!! Christina and Brittany had better shots imo that week. Kahlen was working as a maitre d' at a five-star restaurant when she was spotted by the show's producers and Tyra Banksand asked to audition for ANTM. She cut it to a bob right after the show. 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m) r/ANTM. She moved to New York City, and her editorial work has included ElleGirl Magazine, US Weekly Magazine, Vice Magazine, and Shumaq clothing. One of the strongest portfolios in ANTM history; Aliens of Manhattan, Zodiac, Gas Station Attendant, 7 DEADLY SINS AS WRATH, SPRINGBOK, Kloofing, Covergirl. Her Wrath and Springbok shots were great but everything else was just alright imo. Her body looks flawless. So many times the judges were so complimentary about some photos, and meh about others, yet the meh ones would always get called higher or first then the ones they seemingly loved! She cites Janice Dickinson, Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Omahyra, Petra Nemcova, Carmen Kass, Karolina Kurkova, Liya Kebede, Kate Moss, Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima, and her father as her heroes. Home; About; Contact; ANTM Cycle 4 Photoshoot 4. On a fashion magazine costing standpoint ,why would you book an inexperienced Carmen Kass looking model? She currently lives in Brooklyn. I will never get over Brittany being in the bottom two for the kloofing photo! Um. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Broken Arrow, Oklahoma Kahlen Rondot has done some ANTM-related promotional work. Her non-ANTM related work includes a spread in Vice magazine. Tatiana is looking down and hiding her face slightly. She’s hidden most of the underwear. Prior to ANTM Cycle 4, she has never seen an episode of the show (America's Next Top Model). I have nothing bad to say about it. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Name 3 But during Kahlen's first photoshoot, she immediately impressed the judges with her high-fashion look. All the judges, however, voted her in first (the week where. Rondot honed her runway walk by watching videotapes of Victoria's Secret fashion shows. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Which is everything I don’t want in a Wonder Bra ad! She tried other hairstyles and still couldn’t break through. She couldn't book jobs due to her being Carmen Kass' long-lost twin (I mean, they're identical). SUPERSTAR! Why?! Keenyah looks way too predatory in this photo. A close childhood friend of hers passed away suddenly, prompting her into total shock and sorrow. Kahlen was working as a maitre d' at a five-star restaurant when she was spotted by the show's producers and Tyra Banks and asked to audition for ANTM. Rondot was born December 19, 1983, and was the runner-up on America's Next Top Model Cycle 4. It seemed like during the cycle, and post the cycle, everything just kind of went wrong. 3. Kahlen Rondot was born on December 19, 1983, in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, and is a former model who is best known as the runner-up on Cycle 4 of America's Next Top Model. It's not sexy, but it's very cool." I think that’s more a reflection of her attitude at judging panel – because this is a decent photo. She has 2 sisters named Tara and Tori Rondot. I also love seeing Tiffany smile in photos for a change. Ahhh right that makes a lot more sense then! I really hate the open mouth. 1.Kahlen. While seeking modeling work she was employed as a bartender in New York City. u/sarabooitis. Michelle is in control in a way that looks sexy. The shoot where they had to make their own outfits with things from nature, it felt like the judges HATED naima’s photo, one said she looked completely dead. Naima had every other one. Plus she’s selling the product really well. log in sign up. But still. It’s not stellar but I don’t have many criticisms. But I don’t get the right vibe. ( Log Out /  So frustrating watching it. Wasn't that the rumor as to why she struggled so much post-show? Ironically, the next photoshoot was of the models portraying the seven deadly sins. Nigel Barker has high praise for Kahlen, "You are a chameleon. She’s hidden half her face in darkness. This week the girls had a sexy pillow fighting photo shoot for Wonder Bra. Place Kahlen was the only other Cycle 4 girl to be "CoverGirl Of The Week" in episode 5. America's Next Top Model Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community.


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