kenmore heavy duty 70 series washer model 110
Our agitator ends up twisting the clothes into long strands. I took the bolt out of the center but when I pull up on it it won't move. My Kenmore 70 series Model 110 stopped working (no drain, no agitate) after filling up water in middle of the second rinse cycle. Just in case that last sentence jinxes me and they give out, does anyone know which current model #'s are their equivalents? Al thou it shackes the mobile home. Is your upper agitator not working properly? Never had any repairs. I like to think of it as "rust-proofing my washing machine" while I wash my clothes. It's about 2 years old and this started about a month ago on the fast cycle. Does anyone know the capacity of the Kenmore 11082873100 or have the specs on it? Yes, I agree this machine is very rugged. Includes 2 clamps. Our Kenmore(Whirlpool,I know)washers and dryers always get the job done,without a lot of bells and whistles.When the pump went out on our washer(our fault)the replacement of the pump was easy,thanks to an internet video.Also internet purchase of the replacement pump was about 10 bucks total=happy wife.Both laundry rooms have Kenmore combos because they work.Other brands were trouble prone.Kenmore/Whirlpool dominate.Have a GE fridge that won't give us water or crushed ice.Wish we still had the Whirlpool fridge.Never fix what's not broke. If we get a new one, you can bet it will be a Kenmore. It’s more than adequate for everyday washing and has been faithful through the past years of washing for a busy family of four. We bought a new large capacity Kenmore washer and dryer about 7 years ago to replace our aging vintage Kenmore set purchased in the mid-70's. Thanks [email protected], I had my kenmore washer for 9 years and nothing was wrong with it till now the washer stopped spinning and it will not get the dirty water out of it. I have been very pleased with my washing machine over the years. I can't find a parts blow up to see how to get the agitator out. Whirlpool recommends using a small amount of grease with this... more. Acrylic appliance aerosol can spray paint. According to the yellow Energy Guide sticker that came with my Heavy Duty 70 Series Model 110.82670110, the yearly cost to operate is $81 if used with an electric water heater, and $35 if used with a gas water heater. THE SALESMAN CONVINCED US THAT WHIRLPOOL NOW MAKES KENMORE WASHERS & SOLD US ON THIS MACHINE. This agitator thrust washer sits between the upper and lower portion of the agitator on direct drive washing machines. and the large capacity I raised two boys and all their jeans on this washer. The tub is rusting from outside the tub to inside. The machine has and is still serving me well. I was wondering how much it cost per year to run my old washing machine. However, it now needs to be repaired of replaced. 600 $ for a ge profile with " hydrowave " that lasted 14 months now looking for another dependable washer. All I know is that I have never had a problem with the machine since using the product (knock on wood). I talked to a salesman at Sears, and he said he thought the tub size on this model was probably around 3 cubic ft. Part Name Great machine but I think I'm ready to buy a new machine. Washer tub counter balance suspension spring. Even though it is old, it has worked just fine for the year and a half that I've owned it. The maching is still working but I am tired of rust stains on my clothes. I will buy another Kenmore (if/when that day comes) and I will continue to use the same laundry care system in it. The selling point for me was that this particular brand of detergent has a special coating that protects the internal metal components of the washing machine from premature rust (I got a demonstration of how that works). Sort by   It’s fine for washing bedspreads and comforters up to full size or quilts up to king size, but too small for washing king size comforters. I bought the set in 1996 from a couple living in my apartment complex in Atlanta, GA. The only problem is with larger items like a comforter, it sometimes gets lopsided during mid cycle like most older machines do. I saw several questions posted here about the cubic foot size of this washer. We've had our Kenmore 70 series for 16 years and they've been great, but, now we're also in the market for a new set. Had it 18 years and going strong, had to replace the lid safety switch, the start capacitor and just rust proof the edges of lid and top opening for the paint Baganda to fail and rust appeared. Being that Whirlpool is involved with most of the major brands now, we'll probably go with a "no bells and whistles" Whirlpool model.I hope this helps. I purchased this washing machine approx 24 to 30 yrs ago from Sears. IT HAS SHREDDED A COUNTLESS NUMBER OF TOWELS & IN SPITE OF THE FACT THAT THE SEARS REPAIRMEN HAVE BEEN HER NUMEROUS TIMES TO FIX IT, THE PROBLEM STILL EXISTS. View online or download Kenmore 110. I purchased the heavy duty 70 series washer and 80 series dryer in 1995. I bought them new in 1989 and they are still going strong 21 years later. Note: not sure what "Rate This Page" is for, but I rated 5 Stars for the Washing Machine.--------------. I've only had a repair guy come once, when the dryer wasn't putting out hot air which cost very little to fix. Simply click here to return to.


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