kia sorento turbo problems

Kia Motor Sorento owners have reported 73 problems related to engine failure (under the engine and engine cooling category). Had my mechanic tow my car and later tells me that it was my engine again. They submitted things to kia. Rebuilt engine on Feb 2018. . Hope it helps. they claimed this was due to the engine needing to be replaced with a smaller block (they don't make the 3. When first attempting to start in cold weather the engine will not engage. Widespread and catastrophic engine failure brought this model year down. Once I finally arrived home, I checked more carefully and noticed that the problem originated in the fuel deposit, which has a kind of paint that with time is released and blocks the filter on the fuel sender. Dealership unsure when new engine would be available. A certified mechanic inspected the vehicle and confirmed the kia had complete engine failure due to the engine seizing. By 2017 Kia had finally seemed to work the wrinkles out much better than the previous decade of vehicles had done. Good luck, and keep us posted with your journey. Across the board this year had the fewest overall problems for drivers between 2003 and 2019. How Reliable is the Kia Sorento? Car stopped running, while driving. The motor had to be replaced. I AM AT MY WITS END lol HELP. It’s hard to imagine that there’s a more under-the-radar vehicle for sale in America than the Kia Sorento—certainly among those that sell more than 100,000 copies annually. If you need a reliable, safe and affordable SUV, a newer model Sorento would be. By 2009 it got the upgrade to a mid-size SUV, and that ushered in a new era of issues for the vehicle. Kia Sorento 2006 suv 2.5 diesel turbo auto 65000 miles. 2020 Kia Sorento LX It has a rear view camera. The engine needed to be replaced. Hyundai not interested in trying a gas pedal. Schedule an appt with my mechanic to have my oil changed. But it wasn't like that, and even the following day the failure persists: even down the O/D light is turned off, the Check indicator remains on and the 1200 rpm are still worrying me. The 2013 model year also fell under the same recall as the previous year with bearing wear, plus a separate recall that covered cracking or chipping brake-shift interlock mechanisms. Because these were all first generation, the headlights and AC issues had not been resolved by this year, either. Problem with your 2006 Kia Sorento? The airbag light comes on and sometimes will stay on. Dec. 2017 my engine seized. I parked and at this time it was shaking and very loudly. Unfortunately, the same crash test issues plagued this year’s model as well. My problems are similiar to other reports I have read so there is a major issue with Kia Motors. Overall, customer satisfaction with the 2019 Sorento is high. I own a 2011 Sorento (not a gdi engine) that experienced a spun rod bearing and engine failure (engine limp). Although it took some time, we were covered. Hi, I own a Kia Sorento 2005 turbo diesel intercooler 2.5 automatic and, one day, it stopped accelerating and a noise appeared, like a cellphone's vibration. In 2018, I would only drive in the far right lane near the shoulder in the event that this situation would happen again. Other small issues included problems with cracked windshields. In 2018, while driving, my 2011 kia Sorento with 101,000 miles, the engine completely stopped with zero warning. I will begin driving once again in the right lane only because I do not wish to be in an accident because of this car's continued faulty engine issues. The engine of my car has just been serviced but it does not start. When the TPS sensor fails, the O/D light turns on and the vehicle does not accelerate. He called kia and gave them my VIN. One common problem with the Kia Sorento is engine trouble. It is the one that measures the position of the throttle body when pressing the accelerator.

The car is very roomy and comfortable for all passengers. Looking for tips on how to carry or travel with your family? I shut the car off and called for a tow. Tl the contact owns a 2014 kia Sorento. Some of the problems associated with the electrical system include ignition problems, wiring problems and starter problems. The vehicle was not repaired. After that a 3.5-litre V6 took over. Luckily I was able to coast down the small hill to the side of the road. Dealer said where some of engines were made there was metal shaving that got into engines. We had taken very good care of the car. Either the compressor failed, or the air conditioning would just stop working altogether. Last fall 2018 I received a letter and had a ksds sensor installed 28 Dec to detect and prevent engine failure. The accelerator is de….
Hi there am...I have kia sorento 2004. The 2005 Kia Sorento suffered the same problems as earlier years. Couple weeks later we checked on and we were told they were done with our vehicle. The Sorento seems like a pretty good choice.

I waited for 3-4 mins and then turned the car back on and it started without an issue. I am now out of a car again with a newborn and trying to find rides to and from work. Less common were complaints of ignition coil malfunctions leading to engine misfires. If you accelerate too much it again stalls for a few seconds. I spent on 5grand for a rebuilt engine. Even more, the Check indicator was turned on and the O/D light was flashing on the dashboard.

This is still a serious safety concern with kia engines overall.

See Sorry, there are no cars that match your search, Sorry, there are no models that match your search. The vehicle was towed to hart kia (1361 e main st, salem, va 24153, 540-444-4444) where it was diagnosed that the engine failed. Fortunately I was able to get to the side of the highway and good samaritans stopped to help push me out of harms way.
I filed below complaint number 11229677 and have heard nothing. I checked what manola indicated and he was right, there was some paint that had been released. Not happy. In fact, the Kia factory warranty of seven years/unlimited kilometres is an industry leader and makes for great long-term peace of mind. There was no indication that something was wrong with the engine.

5. Disclaimer: You acknowledge and agree that all answers are provided as a Did they enhance it to better detect a more serious problem? It is not part of the gdi engine recall, we have a dual overhead cam (dohc) engine. I then stopped the engine 15 seconds, started it again and no failure was there any more. All lights are on and ready to go. The 2017 Kia Sorento is mostly a carryover from the 2016 model year, but that’s a good thing, as the 2016 model won plenty of awards – such as the IIHS Top Safety Pick, Strategic Vision’s Total Quality Impact – top midsize SUV, we could go on and on. I started driving anyway and, after a while, the light turned off and nothing strange has occurred since then. I am wondering if the recall only applied to Sorento's in the US? Vehicle has 57,000 miles on it. We took the vehicle in immediately to the dealer, who gave us a loaner, then called us back the next day to say the vehicle was covered for the extended warranty and the engine would need replaced. They said it could be cause from sludge due to missing 10 oil changes. why was this problem not fixed to begin with??? The Kia Sorento is a "tweener," playing in the space between small crossovers such as the Honda CR-V and midsized vehicles like the Toyota Highlander.

But don’t forget its cousin, the Hyundai Santa Fe which is also a great vehicle. The car was towed to a mechanic who diagnosed the issue as engine failure, specifically the engine rapidly consuming the oil. I own a Kia Sorento 2.5 2002 automatic 4x4 and, in 2012 I made a trip with it. Kia Motor Sorento owners have reported 73 Fortunately I could smell the hot engine and immediately called for a tow rather than try to restart the engine, after learning the engines burst into flames. The 2.4-litre four-cylinder engine you mention was only available in the UM model from 2009 to 2011. whatever help you can provide would be appreciated, thanks. While taking off from stop light engine started knocking. Sometimes pedal recovers if pedal is kept at same pressure. On July 10, 2018 at 2:45 pm my husband was driving home. The contact stopped to add oil to the vehicle. It has come to my attention that my model is not included in the kia engine recall. Total engine failure at 50 thousand miles at highway speeds. 6. How To, off-road tips and adventure travel destinations, Not just utes. We loved our Sorento until it stalled while on the downside of a mountain pass. At the beginning of August 2019, my air conditioner started putting out hot air. The vehicle was pulled on to the shoulder and turned off. 2 years later, with 20,000 miles, the same issue happened again. Driving loaner vehicle since January 2019. We are currently waiting to hear back from some one. Buddy, it is the TPS sensor that is failing. For more information on how we collect and use this information, please review our Privacy Policy. Will my car still be covered by the lifetime warranty? Hi, I own a Kia Sorento 2005 turbo diesel intercooler 2.5 automatic and, one day, it stopped accelerating and a noise appeared, like a cellphone's vibration. When trying to re-start the engine it failed to start. Engine does not stall but stays at idle. When exceeding 70 mph, the engine stalled. With this all-new version of Kia ‘s midsize crossover SUV comes an all-new engine option: a 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder.

That said, the turbo engine was not as fuel efficient or powerful as many drivers expected. They did something to the wire harness and a test on the engine to say the vehicle was ok.


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