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Atmosphere I think you will enjoy it. The Confederation redirected fleets from the Battle of Kuat to help the Wookiees, resulting in the eventual defeat of the Galactic Alliance forces, although they managed to escape, due to a tactical blunder by the Confederation Fleet. On Kashyyyk (spelling?) It was composed of a molten metallic core, rocky mantle, and a silicate rock crust. New world lighting includes light beams in full spectrum. Population Points of interest "[34], As previously stated, the wroshyr trees were the dominant flora. The ground level was known as the Shadowlands and, sometimes, the "notherworld. The Nagai then attempted to enslave the species, but they were repulsed by the New Republic. [43], Later, after Marek's death at the hands of Emperor Palpatine, Leia Organa met with Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, Garm Bel Iblis, Rahm Kota, Juno Eclipse and PROXY. Conflicts : None known. The PC game Star Wars: Rebellion mistakenly places Kashyyyk in the Sumitra sector of the Outer Rim. At the start of the Clone Wars, Kashyyyk remained non-aligned. The prevalent ecology could be politely described as a "layered deathtrap," as the dangers presented by local wildlife increased as one descended toward the forest floor. In 2 BBY, Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan was secretly sent by Emperor Palpatine to be held as a hostage on the planet, in order to keep her adoptive father from speaking out against the Empire. Immigrated species Wookiee[1] Shyriiwook[2] Physical information The planet did have a small amount of desert region in the rain-shadow of its small mountain ranges as well as large plains including the Woolwarricca region. At the coastal city of Kachirho, a combined force of clone troopers and Wookiees fought against the Separatist droid invaders, with Yoda himself participating in the battle. Kashyyyk Almost immediately, her death caused Palpatine to sense Kento's presence on Kashyyyk, thus he sent Vader to eliminate him. The Wookiees inferred great symbolism in this. In 3993 BBY during the Great Hunt, the Jedi Guun Han Saresh died on the planet fighting a terentatek. Unlike most, Chewbacca was known to travel below this marking point for most Wookiees. Affiliation [39], In 1,003 BBY during the New Sith Wars, the planet was conquered by the Brotherhood of Darkness.[40]. Besides the primary sentient Wookiees, Kashyyyk was home to various species of banthas, a small population of terentateks, and a host of other species. In 1979, an untitled newspaper comic story arc (later dubbed The Kashyyyk Depths) that took place on this planet called it both "Kazhyyyk"[49] and "Kazhyyk. [20] A small attack on Kashyyyk itself occurred some time later, but this too was repelled, and Kashyyyk retained its non-aligned posture eighteen months into the Clone Wars. KotOR Gallery. However, the Imperials were defeated by Lumpawaroo on Rwookrrorro, and subsequently, the Wookiees, along with the local Alliance members, celebrated Life Day. The Wookiees eventually moved off of Tython and settled the forest world of Ska Gora. This was based on information given by a Rakata computer left near one of their ancient Star Maps.[7]. Pretty much everything has been redone. All materials are copyrighted by their respective authors. In its first appearance in The Star Wars Holiday Special, it was pronounced /kəˈzuk/. Upon learning that it was named Kashyyyk, Zahn suggested "Rwookrrorro" could be the indigenous name for the planet, but this idea was rejected. 12,765 km[5] Primary language(s) Electronic components[2]Natural resources[2] That doesn't mean however that it is the easiest. Zahn used the name instead for a specific city on Kashyyyk.[47]. Leia promised to reveal the location of her father, but only if Galen was able to destroy a skyhook, which was designed to transfer Wookiees offworld for slave labor. However, victory was short-lived for the Wookiees. However, this made it a target of the agents of the Second Imperium in 23 ABY. * Locations include Tatooine, Sith world of Korriban, Jedi Academy on Dantooine and Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk. Galen headed to the construction site, slaying Captain Sturn and destroying the skyhook. [45], Tree-house concept art by Ralph McQuarrie used in The Star Wars Holiday Special. "[50] Later that year, The Wookiee Storybook spelled the planet "Kashyyyk," which has been used ever since, with only a couple of exceptions, such as the Super Nintendo Super Star Wars games, where Chewbacca is listed to have come from "Kazhyyyk.".   •Upgrades Usually, the deeper into the jungle one went, the more dangerous the animals became. Clone troopers attempted to land, but many were shot down by abandoned Confederate weaponry utilized by the Wookiees. Wroshyr trees may have actually been one large connected organism, as when limbs of two tree limbs ran into each other, they would fuse together. As you land on Kashyyyk, you have another vision of a Star Map as you sleep in your bunk. Chuundar allowed the Czerka to take Wookiees as slaves in exchange for weapons. KotOR Cheats. Major cities Excluding side-quests Kashyyyk may be the shortest planet of all of them. Immense jungles and forests[1]Seas, lakes, and rivers[2] [14], Moff Hindane Darcc, the Imperial governor of Kashyyyk who ruled the planet from his private palace, forged a pact with the Trandoshan slaver Pekt, appointing him to oversee the entire slaving operation. Kashyyyk was represented in the New Republic Senate by Kerrithrarr, and the planet became a key signatory and member world of the Inner Council. Kashyyyk's highest peak was Korrokrrayyo Mountain. This Tho Yor and those which visited other planets traveled to Tython, where the Je'daii Order, the earliest incarnation of the Jedi Order, was soon founded by the beings brought there by the Tho Yor. [7], In 4020 BBY, Kashyyyk was discovered by Czerka Corporation, which renamed the planet first G5-623 and then, after a poll of stockholders, Edean. The planet had four continents, making up 40% of the surface, which were mostly covered in lush, wroshyr tree-filled forests, which were several kilometers high. Diameter Fauna In addition, a few sandy beaches could be found along the shores of its oceans. An army of B2 super battle droids, led by Count Dooku, arrived at the Wookiee Trade Guild's headquarters and disbanded it. They had finally installed Avatar Orbital Platform in orbit of the planet, to help further enslavement of the Wookiees.[6]. [44], In 18 BBY, Mallie Marek was killed by the remnant of the droids and Trandoshans from the battle a year prior. [8], The Battle of Kashyyyk at the end of the Clone Wars. Grid coordinates [35] Jolee Bindo theorized that the species of wroshyr tree was in fact alien to the planet and was planted there by the Infinite Empire. According to Galen however, "the Empire would just rebuild it." Despite the overwhelming Separatist forces, the Republic and the Wookiees emerged victorious from the Battle of Kashyyyk, though taking very heavy casualties. Darth Vader ordered a door-to-door curfew in order to apprehend every Rebel, eventually hoping to get his hands on the crew of the Millennium Falcon. In response, the Wookiees rebelled against their oppressors, but were ultimately unsuccessful. Bastila: The Wookiees of Kashyyyk make their home high among the wroshyr branches; only their bravest warriors dare to descend into the forbidding depths of the forest. After the Battle of Endor, the Wookiees were freed from slavery by the Alliance of Free Planets. [17] The Empire was quick to suppress Kashyyyk by renaming it "Wookiee Planet C" (as it was the third orbit in its system) and placed it under martial law. During the occupation, Kashyyyk was opened by the Imperial authorities to slavers from neighboring Trandosha and Mytaranor. Kashyyyk system[1] During the Yuuzhan Vong War, Kashyyyk would be an important member world of the New Republic and, later, the Galactic Alliance. Rotation period Governor Darcc, Pekt and Grand Admiral Peccati Syn were killed during the battle. It was presumably some time after this that Kashyyyk decided to join the Galactic Republic. * Journey spans ten different worlds ranging from the familiar to the new. Kashyyyk has been pronounced many different ways. When author Timothy Zahn included the Wookiee homeworld in his novel Heir to the Empire, he intended to name it "Rwookrrorro," unaware that it had already been named. Distance from Core The clone troopers then took control of Kashyyyk, killing Luminara Unduli, sending Quinlan Vos into hiding, and forcing Yoda to kill Gree and discreetly escape from the battle on a Can-cell. However, because of their devotion to their homeworld, many Wookiees would evade the Imperial garrison there to revisit their beloved forests for important Wookiee holidays such as Life Day.   •Character Stats All rights reserved. He initially advocated neutrality, engaging in limited negotiations with both the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, which wished to control hyperspace route planning and to use the Wookiees' secret trade routes to disrupt Republic trade and communication, giving them the advantage in the war.


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