kristin lynn kinney
He first applied at Ohio Valley Medical Center in Wheeling, West Virginia. Kristin Lynn Kinney Kristin's mother describes her daughter as a person who was "trying to find her place in the world." "I didn't teach Kristin to be afraid. Assistant U.S. attorney for Eastern District of New York. She didn't know where to begin. Swango was due to be released on July 15, 2000 - seven years to the day after Kristin's death. The star magnolia blooms white in the spring. DAVID CHERNICKY and JOANNE KIMBERLIN Daily Press, Pictures from the Daily Press and The Virginian-Pilot. * October 2000: Swango pleads guilty to Ohio patient murder. She told South Dakota hospital officials, who, in turn, alerted administrators at Stony Brook. We wanted to know what really happened to Kristin. * December 1991: Dismissed from Medical Transport and Abingdon rescue squad after his past comes to light. Despite a very poor report from the Dean of his school, he managed to get an internship and residency at Ohio State University. She hadn't taken him seriously. * June 1984: Swango's Ohio State residency not renewed after several patients die suspiciously. Suddenly, the courtroom door opened. Michael Swango returned to New York two days after Kristin's memorial service. It took almost a year for  authorities to track him down, but once they realized that he had access to Atlanta’s water supply, they immediately informed the company and Swango was fired. Nurse friend of Kristin's from Naples, Fla. Respiratory therapist who befriended Kristin in Naples, Fla. Riverside Regional Medical Center nurse who broke off engagement to Dr. Michael Swango after learning of his sinister past. "I kept thinking that I must have left some kind of hole inside of her that left room for someone like Swango. Valery remembers telling the Coopers the test results. * July 1984: Takes EMT job with Adams County Ambulance Service in Quincy, Ill. Six co-workers become ill after eating donuts and drinking sodas brought by Swango. His head was held high. The next day, July 15th, 1993, Kristin Kinney shot herself in the chest and died. They shared photographs of their daughter and read excerpts from her journal on ABC's "20/20," Court TV and others. In February 1994, Swango used a fake name to get a job as a chemist with a company operating just outside Atlanta. "He made her tea all the time," said Mrs. Cooper. They offered the lock of hair to VA investigator Tom Valery. "We stayed up all night talking about Kristin. Kristin Y Kinney, 38. The Coopers think Swango might have added it to Kristin's food or drinks. Dunlap didn't panic, but she did ask Swango to leave. While traveling to Saudi Arabia, he had a layover at Chicago-O’Hare International Airport where he was arrested by INS. Investigators wanted to put Swango away for murder. "He said he was thinking about going to the islands to work and he had to get things ready," Dunlap said. * September 2000: Coopers learn forensic analysis of Kristin's hair. The friend was able to get a message to the dean at Stony Brook and Swango was immediately fired. A young man at the funeral home had clipped it just before Kristin's body was cremated. A week before he was released from prison, he was charged with three counts of murder and one count each of assault, false statements, and mail fraud. Swango was given three life sentences for the patient deaths in New York. He drifted to Florida, where he dropped in on Tracey Dunlap, a nurse who'd worked with Kristin at a hospital in Naples. He started doing rotations at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center where patients started mysteriously dying. Give him another life sentence? * April 1992: Swango and Kristin become engaged. With only a curl to analyze - and no hair root - Valery said, it's impossible to know over how long a period Kristin was being poisoned. Cooper could see no sign of remorse in his face. "They were angry.". No one can say with any certainty how the arsenic entered Kristin's body. Just about all the major networks produced at least one Swango show. This prompted Kinney’s mother, Sharon Cooper, to contact one of her daughter’s friends and tell them that Swango was clearly working under false pretenses. Mrs. Cooper knew there was nothing left but ashes. The search for answers consumed the rest. Kristin Kinney's mother and stepfather were devastated by their daughter's suicide. * October 1994: U.S. Attorney's office in N.Y. issues arrest warrant for Swango charging him with lying on his medical residency application in New York. The courtroom was packed, overflowing with media. If he was just blatantly evil, we could figure that out. The VA launched an investigation. He had moved to New York without Kinney and after four months of talking on the phone, she discovered that Swango had emptied out her checking account. The next few months, she started getting intense migraines and was once admitted to a psychiatric facility after the police found her wandering around naked and confused. * December 1990: Takes part-time job as ambulance driver for Medical Transport in Suffolk. But I didn't believe him.". On Oct. 27, 1994, federal authorities issued an arrest warrant for Michael Swango. He was hired. He was wearing leg irons, handcuffs and tan prisoner garb. An autopsy found arsenic in her system. She couldn't prove it, but she felt certain he was somehow responsible for her daughter's death. "They weren't surprised," he said. Sentenced to five years in jail. Authorities believed he was a serial killer but didn’t have enough evidence to charge him yet, so they put him away for what they did have. The records below may not pertain to the individual that you're looking for, and may or may not pertain to the same charge. He had mentioned that he would like to come and visit sometime. But they could charge him with fraud for lying on his application at Stony Brook. They're glad Swango will be behind bars for the rest of his life, but it's a bittersweet relief. The Coopers drove to Columbus in October for the hearing. * July 1989: Goes to work as a chemist at ATICOAL Services Ltd., Newport News. But now I know that a certain amount of fear is healthy.". ", She called Al Cooper in York County. Mysterious paralysis, unexplained comas. Swango went to Atlanta to visit Bert Gee, a respiratory therapist Kristin had worked with during her time in Florida. In September, the Coopers received the results. He needed to renew his work visa. Next he applied for a residency program at the University of South Dakota with all forged paperwork. Swango seemed in no hurry to leave. When he was released from prison after two years, he was unable to get a medical license due to his felony conviction. View our website today for more information on the qualifications of our counselors. Swango moved back to Quincy and got a job at an ambulance company. The shafts of Kristin's hair were full of arsenic. Once he was accepted to a residency program, Swango was no longer interested in his studies. An FBI agent showed up the next morning, but he was too late. At least five more patients died suspiciously and others became inexplicably ill. With African authorities closing in, Swango applied for a hospital post in Saudi Arabia. She took note of his New York address, and began to worry. Swango and Kinney moved to Sioux Falls, South Dakota where he began his residency at the Royal C. Johnson Veterans Memorial Hospital. They gave numerous interviews to newspaper reporters and to James B. Stewart, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author writing a book about Swango. He had built a reputation of being sloppy with his work. * November 1991: Swango joins Abingdon Volunteer Rescue Squad in Gloucester. He was charged with fraud for lying about his background when he applied for a job at a VA hospital. Kristin's body had been cremated. On Sept. 4, 2000, he pleaded guilty before a New York judge. There was a new scar across his cheek. By then, they'd already spread her ashes over the Chesapeake Bay. There was only so much time. Agents found him there in July and tried to question him. "I just wanted to hear him say he was guilty," Al Cooper said. Disclaimer: By using this website, you accept the Spokeo Terms of Use. Nurse Kristin Kinney and Dr. Michael Swango were engaged and living in Sioux Falls, S.D., wwhen she began to suspect he had poisoned some of his patients. Eventually, when evidence against him started to surface, he fled to Zambia. * January 1993: Kristin starts getting sick. Her death had interrupted yet another of Swango's attempts to complete his residency - training he needed in order to become a fully accredited doctor. Working at the company's wastewater treatment plant, he had access to the entire water supply of metropolitan Atlanta. But we have to accept it. * March 1998: Swango pleads guilty to lying on application. Listening to him, it seemed like he cared deeply about her - like it had hurt to lose her.". On the run from crimes in the United States and Zimbabwe, Swango was using his skills as a con man to secure a new job at the Royal Hospital in Dhahran. 51% of these people are married, and 49% are single. Nobody was more surprised by this discovery than Kinney. It told of their "horrible seven-year journey to discover what really happened to Kristin.". Fortunately, his deception was discovered before any unexplained deaths happened. He will die in prison. Chief investigator, U.S. Office of Inspector General; handled Swango investigation for the Department of Veterans Affairs. Check Reputation Score for Christine Kinney in Henrico, VA - View Criminal & Court Records | Photos | Address, Emails & Phone Number | Personal Review | $150 - … He was caught faking a report for an OB/GYN assignment he had gotten and was nearly expelled from school. The Coopers will have no personal justice for Kristin's death. Swango's strange behavior made his visit seem even longer. * Oct. 24, 1954: Michael Joseph Swango born in Fort Lewis, Wash. * May 12, 1966: Kristin Lynn Kinney born in Wheeling, W. Va. * August 1979: Swango enrolls in medical school at Southern Illinois University. * July 15, 1993: Kristin shoots herself on the Noland Trail at Mariner's Museum Park, Newport News. He had found the perfect place - a place so desperate for doctors that he would be welcomed with few questions asked. "They told me to call the local police.". "It was totally off the chart," said Valery. Swango was asked to resign. "Maybe it was intuition. "There was just something eerie about him," Dunlap said. He was trained as a sharpshooter, but never saw any action and was given an honorable discharge in 1976. What is Kristin B Kinney’s Zodiac sign? "I knew he was working in a hospital again," she said. * October 1993: Swango fired after patients at Northport VA die. * January 1988 - May 1989: Swango works as admissions counselor at Career Development Center, Newport News. Surrounded by the wooded Noland Trail and the lush green grounds of The Mariners' Museum, Lake Maury was a good place to think. * January 1990: Swango changes name in York County Court to David Jackson Adams. by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Swango follows and moves into her Portsmouth apartment. Swango practiced medicine over the next two and a half years at village hospitals in Zimbabwe and Zambia. They didn't know what type of poison he might have used on her, but they believed it had driven her into a deep depression and then, to suicide. He attended Quincy College with a major in biology and chemistry. Since his prospects in the United States looked bleak, Swango moved to Zimbabwe and forged credentials to start working in a hospital there. Lynne J Kinney. Begins serving 5-year sentence. "I'll never hear him say he's guilty for that. This led to a police search of his home where authorities found drugs, arsenic, and syringes. He followed. Also known as Kristin L Palmer, Lynn Palmer Kristin, Lynn Kristin Palmer, K L Kinney. By lying on his application, Swango had won admission to a program at the State University of New York at Stony Brook on Long Island. Gee now allowed him to move in.


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