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[13] He frequently noticed small but important details, such as the maple leaves that indicated another exit from the cave of the Tortoise of Slaughter,[14] and that the Water Ghosts had led them to the center of Biling Lake. [5] He even disliked being thanked by Wei Wuxian, knowing that he often thanked him as a way to praise Lan Wangji while denigrating himself.[9]. Lan Xichen asked why, unable to resist another attempt to understand his closest friend. Web Series For instance, he gladly accepted the tea Jin Guangyao offered him when others refused to accept anything from the son of a prostitute.

[15], Lan Xichen was present for the pledge conference at Nightless City. Official [7], Toshiyuki Morikawa (audio drama, web series). He passed the letters along to Nie Mingjue, leading him to win battle after battle. Episode 4 Once Su She arrived with a captive Nie Huaisang, Lan Xichen again asked Jin Guangyao if he should believe that he would not harm Nie Huaisang. Voice Actor (Chinese)

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Lan Xichen expressed dismay that his sworn brother had lied again, but Jin Guangyao's escape was stopped by the arrival of Nie Mingjue's Fierce Corpse, engaged in a fight with Wen Ning. Lan Qiren was a strict instructor for Lan Xichen and his younger brother Lan Wangji, as he was determined that his nephews would not repeat their father's errors. MDZSQ They agreed that Lan Xichen would go to Carp Tower, while the two others would investigate the Burial Mounds. After Nie Mingjue requested Lan Xichen to bring Nie Huaisang's saber to his little brother in Gusu, the three men then chatted for a long time. [27], Jin Guangyao revealed that swarms of fierce corpses were heading towards the Burial Mounds again. Although Lan Xichen initially wanted to help him, in the end, he did not dare.

His fan nickname is Wangji (汪叽), a homophone of his courtesy name. [17], They found the two in a cave. Ultimately, Wen Ning placed himself in the way to save Jin Ling and Jiang Cheng's lives. Meng Yao did the washing instead, concerned that someone else might recognize the cloud patterns and endanger Lan Xichen. Animation [24], Lan Xichen noted the movements of the arms were reminiscent of Nie Mingjue's movements with his saber, and grimly realized that the body was his elder sworn brother.

Manhua While there, he discovered that Meng Yao had become Nie Mingjue's right-hand man. Nie Mingjue, unfortunately, overheard and kicked the door in. Bian Jiang (animation, web series)Wei Chao (audio drama)Shan Xin (audio drama - child) [24], While Lan Xichen accompanied Jin Guangyao to console Nie Huaisang about another problem that had arisen in Qinghe, Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian investigated Jin Guangyao. 蓝忘机 – Lán Wàngjī忘机 wàngjī – to be free of worldly concerns; a Daoist phrase Lan Xichen As a result, he pushed Lan Xichen to safety before perishing in the temple's collapse. [28], Jin Guangyao inquired if Lan Xichen would ask him why, and Lan Xichen replied that he no longer knew if he should believe in him anymore. [42], Once he had been mortally wounded, Jin Guangyao asked Lan Xichen to stay and die with him. ShuoyueLiebing [2], Once they investigated the nearby Biling Lake, the ghosts were revealed to stem from a Waterborne Abyss, a particularly difficult creature to subdue.

Web Series [27], At some point, Jin Guangyao feigned an assassination attempt, and spread a rumor that Lan Xichen was using all his spiritual power to heal him.

Lan Xichen was horrified by his uncle's sentence. Status

The author's weibo confirmed that Lan Wangji had known of Wei Wuxian's fear of dogs since their teenage years. After a coincidence or two, Lan Xichen finally realized that the letters were from Meng Yao. 蓝涣 – Lán Huàn涣 huàn – to dissipate Weapon [17], Lan Xichen and Jin Guangyao were both perplexed when Wei Wuxian claimed that he and Lan Wangji were not sharing the same room. Nie Mingjue then broke his neck, and Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji sealed both of Lan Xichen's sworn brothers inside the coffin once more. There were two major differences between them: first, that Lan Xichen's eyes were gentler and darker than Lan Wangji's, and second, that Lan Xichen's face usually bore a smile, while Lan Wangji remained stoic. BichenWangji [20], Initially, Lan Xichen had declined to use pain medication on Jin Guangyao as punishment, but he could not bear it, and turned to Nie Huaisang to request the bottle. Web Series Birthday Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Lan Wangji then fled with Wei Wuxian, and Jin Guangyao promised Lan Xichen that he would give an account to everyone. [20], Lan Xichen continued to ask Nie Huaisang what he had seen, if Jin Guangyao had truly intended to attack him, though Nie Huaisang gave only unsatisfactory answers.

Lan Wangji ranked second on the list of cultivator gentlemen of his generation. Gender [4], He likewise tended to believe the best in others, to the extent that he admitted he did not wish to learn why his mother had killed someone,[5] and, despite losing trust in his younger sworn brother, insisted on listening to Jin Guangyao's reasons.
[12], After the fighting in Gusu settled down, Lan Xichen left Lan Qiren to defend the area and traveled to aid others. They eagerly anticipated the one day every month that they were allowed to see their mother. He finished his tale with a mournful note on Liebing, despite the rules against playing music at night, and cautioned but did not forbid Lan Wangji from supplying Wei Wuxian with Emperor's Smile. 188 cm


However, when Su She was revealed as the caster of the Curse of One-Hundred Holes that had precipitated Wei Wuxian's demise, Lan Xichen asked if Jin Guangyao had been behind that, too. Why don't you catch a couple and bring them home for us to play with too.

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Wang Yibo (adult)Chen Junkai (child) [13], Lan Xichen always hoped that Jin Guangyao and Nie Mingjue would reconcile, and eventually persuaded Nie Mingjue to take on a vow of brotherhood with the three of them. However, he refused to believe that Jin Guangyao had divided his body and killed him, pointing out that he night-hunted regularly with Jin Guangyao and had never seen signs that he had used a Transportation Talisman like the gravedigger they had encountered.

Lan Xichen tried to pacify his drunk brother by aiding him as he searched for a flute, but his efforts were futile, as Lan Wangji was really looking for Wei Wuxian, the person who played the flute. Audio Drama (JP)

"[28] Once news came that everyone had survived and that evidence had emerged that Jin Guangyao had knowingly married his sister and killed his father, Jin Guangyao fled Carp Tower and took Lan Xichen with him. Audio Drama (JP) [6] Overall, he seemed to believe that most people acted with good intentions despite their actions.

泽芜君 – Zéwú-jūn泽 zé – pond/pool; luster/gloss芜 wú – overgrown with weeds [41], Lan Xichen was the leader of the Gusu Lan Clan at the start of the Web Series, though it was never mentioned how or when his father died. The next day the man went to the shore as usual, but now his heart only held the desire of capturing a seagull, and on that day not one of the seagulls would land on the beach. [29] As Su She pled with him to help Jin Guangyao, once more, Lan Xichen used Liebing and Lan Wangji used Wangji to attempt to subdue Nie Mingjue, but their efforts were negated once Nie Mingjue mistook Jin Ling for Jin Guangyao. [38], Once Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian returned to the Cloud Recesses after their elopement, Lan Wangji visited his brother to comfort him, as Lan Xichen had done for him during his own time in seclusion. [35], Lan Xichen then warned Wei Wuxian not to approach Nie Mingjue, as Mo Xuanyu was Jin Guangyao's half-brother, and thus Nie Mingjue might easily mistake Wei Wuxian for Jin Guangyao. October 8 [3], Later, Lan Xichen encountered Wei Wuxian after a beating ordered by Lan Wangji. He was surprised to hear Nie Mingjue's story that Meng Yao murdered an abusive commander, though he considered that there might be a misunderstanding, and added that it was hard to assign fault during war. Meng Yao went to Qinghe on Lan Xichen’s recommendation.

Once Wei Wuxian was resurrected, Lan Wangji continued to protect him despite believing that Wei Wuxian knew his feelings and toyed with him. Jin Xian (animation)Wang Kai (audio drama)Yan Meme (audio drama - child)Ling Fei (web series)

[21][26], Unsure whom to believe, Lan Xichen allowed Lan Wangji to hide the injured Wei Wuxian in his own quarters at the Cloud Recesses, the Hanshi.

His name alone was enough to inspire hope in the cultivators who fought. However, Nie Huaisang then screamed for him to look out, and Lan Xichen thrust Shuoyue into Jin Guangyao's chest without a second glance.


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