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Lauren Santo Domingo’s Southampton Retreat . After an exhaustive search in the Hamptons enclave that only turned up massive old estates or small cottages, Santo Domingo and her husband, Andres decided to … This Parisian apartment and home belongs to Lauren Santo Domingo, socialite, business woman and co-founder of the online fashion retailer Moda Operandi. Ad Choices. “He and I agree that we love old houses, but we prefer them new!” she deadpans. “I remember walking around a friend’s property, and I said, ‘Oh, Miranda, what is this? And she insisted on screen doors and windows—her builders hadn’t installed those since the 1980s. If it rains, the party can move into the sunporch, its wicker furniture inspired by Marella Agnelli and its rattan shades made by the fabled Lilou Marquand, a longtime associate of Coco Chanel. A different view of the breakfast nook via @remy_renzullo. I’ve had them since middle school—dozens and dozens.” Sure enough, here they are, arranged in the library of her Southampton manse, beautifully linen-bound by master bookbinder Paul Vogel and sitting alongside extensive runs of World of Interiors and Lapham’s Quarterly. Despite employing two well-known masters of their crafts, Lauren knew exactly what she wanted: Screen doors and windows, an attic playroom modelled on Lee Radziwill’s bedroom, a traditional mud room and a 1930s bathroom. 13 . Lauren had admired Brooks’s work on a friend’s Long Island garden, and her romantic English vision seemed a perfect complement to the architecture and interiors that Lauren imagined. “We love going to the auctions, to the art fairs, to galleries,” she adds. The gardens, designed by landscape architect Miranda Brooks were conceived as a whimsical series of different experiences inspired by Santo Domingo’s childhood memories and the couple’s fondness of outdoor entertaining. Read all about the house in Vogue’s feature here, or take a look at images of the house being constructed on Gil Schafer’s website here. “Miranda’s a genius,” Lauren avers. I ordered the September 2019 issue of Vogue from Amazon last week and was rewarded with a feature of Moda Operandi co-founder Lauren Santo Domingo’s house in Southampton, New York. Evoking memories of her bucolic childhood, a passion for legendary tastemakers and for collecting, Lauren Santo Domingo’s Southampton home is a study in charmed nostalgia. “The contractors thought I was . The couple’s dynamic taste brings the mix firmly into tomorrow’s world—in the handsomely scaled living room, a table by the state-of-the- art Green River Project furniture-makers, for instance, provides what Lauren describes as “the perfect modern push-pull” when set alongside Guido Gambone and 17th-century Venetian vases, and furniture by such 20th-century masters as Marc du Plantier, Jean Michel Frank, Jean Royère, Axel Einar Hjorth, Samuel Marx, and Diego Giacometti. The main house was informed by everything from the ’70s geometry of with-it decorator David Hicks to Madeleine Castaing and Renzo Mongiardino’s essays in Proustian revivalism. The duplex was designed by the legendary Interior Designer Francois Catroux. © 2020 Condé Nast. “It’s a constant battle against clover and invasive weeds!” Brooks says. The September 2019 issue of Vogue magazine features Lauren and Andrés Santo Domingo’s Southampton retreat and it is magical! Gardener Miranda Brooks and Architect Gill Schafer. Pleached linden trees and boxwoods frame the whitewashed façade of the colonial-style main house. With impeccable taste and a chic yet playful approach to design, the cofounder and chief brand officer of Moda Operandi and her husband, Colombian entrepreneur Andrés Santo Domingo, have created a stunning family home on Long Island. “Most of the other properties around here end up looking somewhat uniform,” Lauren notes, “with the hydrangeas around the pool and the land flat and straight.” Instead, Brooks graded the land so that the oval pool now lies in a dale, subtly creating the sense of a protective enclosure. Renowned classicist architect Gil Schafer and his team were perfect for the job. The home was designed by Gil Schafer, with interiors by Virginia Tupker and landscape architecture by … Concerned that the property was “boxed in” by the adjoining houses in the town’s historic “estate section,” Brooks based her design on creating “little inner worlds—a fantasy land.” She also adhered to Lauren’s mandate that the gardens be completely organic.


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