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I actualy returned the program within just a few days and was still charged $50 the first month. You can’t say your a positive person if you are depressed or anxious.. It’s a clever ploy of capturing anxiety and depression sufferers and getting a sale. No judgment there! I called the customer service number the second time and was told that I would not get the refund because I did not cancel before trial offer. Lucinda is a breath of fresh air, and I thank her for her hard work and devotion, I have sat here and read all of these comments and I shake my head to think how so many of us want to blame someone for our problems. I have never been so glad that I have done anything in my life! He developed coping mechanisms over time that through maturity soon became natural responses. They promised to send the free CD – I am still waiting. Due to our phone conversation I thought that this would take care of that part of the program cost. I purchased Lucinda’s program for anxiety and depression. Carol Ann.

They can help stop the charges to your card and will credit your account for whatever amount they have bilked you. All that is secound nature now. It was worth every penny!

I still have the whole kit . Your an individual person and no two people are alike. I was not compensated in any way for taking part. But everyone is different. Many people look to Tony for guidance and respect him yet he could not prevent this tragedy. The next day, Lucinda began her own research at the library, and the rest is history. I used to could not go to malls or get stuck in a grocery line or even verbally order for myself at a restaurant. Debra Smith. I do not want pills to do this to me and Cognitive therapy can work. In the past due 1980s, she came back to reside in Pluckley. Well hell people, we all are to an extent. Maybe it’s the attention you receive, as many people who suffer from this emotional disorder love the “pity party.”, Receiving medication in the mail is just not cool- whether they’re placebos or vitamins or whatever. I’m a disabled 54 year old woman, who is trying to live off of what little money that I get each month and I told her to go ahead and do just that and it would cost them even more than I “owed”, them. Here’s something I found that was written shortly after Bassett’s death.

i mean uncanny,.. then i stopped them and tried again later in 2007 maybe,. I actually purchased the program w/a student loan because I needed something CBT related to use as a reference. I have had anxiety and depression for 10 years and i got these tapes. JOHN, I just was listening again to the tapes I purchasewd several yrs ago. I would also recommend a technology called ‘heartmath’ for anyone suffering. It was disturbing to read all of the comments around the alleged business practices of the MId West Center. I was incredibly open minded to it, worked very hard at it, and did everything the program said to do. The only people this wont work for is people who dont want to try. My miracle. You have to incorporate them into your daily life. Omg they are the worst ,I ordered the tapes I got them in the mail on 11/20/14,I called before they ship the tapes matter of fact I call the day after I placed the order to cancel they said I couldn’t I had to waith until I received the package, ok when I got the package call them they giving me the run around I ending up paying $18.00 to send it back.I didn’t open the box I had it for lest than three days but they charge my card $65.00 when I ask about the14days trial and why my card was charged they told me it was a error in their system ,and it will take 14days to refund my money.I am still waiting for my refund. I do not think she is a licensed therapist. I really need help anyone that knows how hard it is for someone to reach out and ask for that help and then be cut off how pathetic is that. I began “self medicating” with booze. I tried. They will continue to charge you even when you return the produce. I knew I had to stop self medicating to succeed . Maybe I keep it as a reminder as to how far I came on my own. Don’t call it a “scam” if you went past the time period by mistake. Then I was guided to a herbologist who used a scanner and determined the chemicals that were imbalanced. It shouldnt change the facts….cognitive and physiological therapy’s are VERY effective method for treating anxiety and depression. I don’t know why part of it is in youtube videos, i think at least it is worth to have a look on them before making an idea if it works or not. There you have it. It helped me to see that what I was feeling was not crazy and other people felt this way too. Stay away from this compay.

Disgusting they prey on vulnerable morons, but hey that’s America and Americans for you.

The tapes helped me. Get it off of Ebay or Craigslist for CHEAPER. super helpful there are changed the manner in which I I didn’t realize that her husband had committed suicide is she even involved in this program anymore. Hey everyone, Lucinda sold the program in 2009. If you do, could you please send me a copy of it via email? Never assume anything, right! Lucindas program connected me to other people who had gone through or were going through the same things I was and they then offered suggestions on how they worked through a panic attack or depression. To those (like me) with overwhelming anxiety levels? I explain the story to the manager and he pulls out a UPS tracking number that confirms I received the DVD on 10/10/2014 and I sent it back shortly thereafter and because I didn’t cancel the policy correctly, I was charged the additional amounts. Lucinda Bassett has tried to approach it differently than most established sources, ie. This is such bullshit. charge? The doctors were very helpful. I was extremely disappointed with it. vitamins and minerals just in case they cause a bad reaction. new name new blend ? I got the program for free, so I can’t comment on what it’s like doing business with this company. I am a nurse and I have been helping people with what I know from this wonderful program, JO, there is hope, you are so worthed! They prey on those who are desperate to try and cure themselves of whatever issues they may have. After seeing the name of the show on the TV Guide channel, I felt so much better. I don’t know what kind of problem anybody had with these tapes but I think they’re amazing terrific and wonderful. !111, I have the cassette tapes the whole program. Same info.

This is a total lie!!! Talking about things we don’t like to talk about can do that.


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