list of shah kings of nepal
The Kingdom of Nepal was founded on 25 September 1768 by Prithvi Narayan Shah, a Gorkha king who succeeded in unifying the kingdoms of Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur into a single state under his Shah dynasty. Drabya Shah killed the Khadka Raja[note 2] his own hand, with a sword, during the battle ensued. Major accomplishment was the abolition of slavery. Some major roads were built and English education was introduced. Türkei | Prithvi Narayan Shah was the first ruler of "unified" Nepal. Born in 1945, King Birendra succeeded his father in the year 1972 after his death. [1] However, they are ranked as Thakuris. Gregson J. He began the tradition of having a linga (pillar) on the occasion of Indrajatra festival and organized a conference of Sanskrit scholars represented by 12 different countries. Mother: Narendra Rajya Laxmi So the actual history of the Shah dynasty dates much before Prithvi Narayan Shah. In 1990, under King Birendra, Nepal became a constitutional monarchy after a mass move movement from people forced Birendra Shah to restore democracy.[7]. It was decided by majority vote that the monarchy would be abolished in 2008 after the Constituent Assembly elections. [citation needed] Among the dead were the Crown Prince's father, King Birendra and his brother, Prince Nirajan. A High Commission report concluded that the royal family was slaughtered by Crown Prince Dipendra. 7.Prithvi Bir Bikram Shah In 1951, with the help of India, a popular politician common man Matrika Prasad Koirala became the prime minister of Nepal. Image: He lives at his private residence in Maharajgunj with his wife while his son Paras lives in abroad and is constantly caught in controversies. This remains controversial. He was succeeded by his son Surendra Bikram Shah during his lifetime. He is said to be the ancestor of the modern Shah Kings of Nepal. )** | Prithvi Narayan Shah (1743-1775) 2. Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah He defeated the British and Muslim forces and was known to give Dibya Upadesh (Divine Counsel) to his descendants. Dharara, built during the Rana Bahadur Shah era. So the actual history of the Shah dynasty dates much before Prithvi Narayan Shah. Surendra Bikram Shah (1847-1881) 7. Pratap Singh Shah (1775-1777) 3. After India became a secular state in 1950, and the remaining rajas retired, Nepal was the only remaining Hindu kingdom. The Shahs Kings were the descendents of Dravya Shah who was a Sidodia Rajpur from Chittor in modern Rajasthan with his ancestors settled in Gorkha, the region that gave them their clan name Gurkha. Nepali Kings during the 240 years of Monarchy, 11. The Nagarjuna palace lies in forested hills about eight kilometres (five miles) northwest of Kathmandu. Tribhuvan returned to Kathmandu. 4. Mal; Tribhuvan Bir Bikram Shah Dev (1951–1955) zum 2. He had all the qua… Mongolei | The Shah Kings who ruled the county after its unification until the republican system was established in the country are mentioned below: Prithvi Narayan Shah. Until they could find permanent accommodation, the royal couple were offered residence as commoners at the Nagarjuna Palace, a former royal summer residence. [citation needed]. In November 1990, after the Jana Andolan movement, the new Constitution was adopted and the country became a constitutional monarchy. Family tree of the all Shah kings of Nepal (not of previous Gorkha Kingdom) except Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah, brother of King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah: Monarchs of Shah dynasty of Gorkha (1559–1768), Monarchs of Shah dynasty of Nepal (1768–2008), Learn how and when to remove this template message, Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist–Leninist), Family tree of Shah dynasty of Gorkha monarch, Family tree of Shah dynasty of Nepal monarch,,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Grandson of Prithvipati Shah and Son of Prince. Indien | China, Volksrep. The first poll was conducted and the road from Kathmandu to Birjung and Bhaktapur to Thankot were built. Mother: Indra Rajya Laxmi Devi It had a capacity of 500 kW and… Read more…, Richest in agriculture, poorest in development. The Shah dynasty traces their historical ancestor to King of Kaski, Kulamandan Shah Khand, whose grandson Dravya Shah captured the throne of Gorkha from Khadka kings with the help of accomplices from six resident clans of Gorkha to become the King of Gorkha. [8] On 28 May 2008, the Assembly declared Nepal a Federal Democratic Republic and the monarchy was abolished, removing the Shah dynasty from power. Father: Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev At the same auspicious moment Drabya took his seat on the gaddi, amidst the clash music. Armenien | Father: Prithivi Bir Bikram Shah Tadschikistan | The Shah dynasty (Nepali: ... By 1815, the Shah king had been thoroughly defeated. [citation needed]. As he was a minor when he ascended the throne, he ruled under the regencies of his mother Queen Rajendra Laxmi (who died in 1785) and then his uncle Bahadur Shah, however, he sent his uncle to jail. Pakistan | [citation needed] After this Assembly agreement involving the Nepali Congress, the Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist–Leninist) and the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), Gyanendra stepped down. Rana Bahadur Shah the moon in the Rohini mansion) being an auspicious day, Drabya Shah aided by Bhagirath Panth, Ganesa Pande, Gangaram Rana, Busal Arjyal, Khanal Bohra and Murli Khawas of Gorkha, concealed himself in a hut. 9. The following is list of all ten kings of Gorkha hill principality. His son Crown Prince Trilokya Bir Bikram Shah had married two of Jung Bahadur Rana’s daughters. On 1 June 2001, a number of members of the Shah dynasty were murdered in the royal palace. In 1814, the Anglo–Nepalese War between Gorkha and the East India Company began. Ruled: 1847-1881. During his rule, Damodar and Amar Singh Thapa attacked Garhwal, Almorah and Kumaon, and tied them to the Kingdom of Nepal. Established under the Bank and Financial Institution Act of… Read more…, Registered on 20/12/2065 (BS), Innovative Development Bank Limited has obtained a 'B' class financial institution license from Nepal Rastra Bank.… Read more…, List of Major Hydropower Stations in Nepal, The first hydro power station in Nepal was installed in 1911 AD. Wife: Aishwarya Rajya Laxmi Devi Shah Kul Bahadur Gurung said of the 601 member assembly, 560 voted in favour, 4 were against and 37 were absent or abstained. Myanmar | He ascended the throne of Gorkha on 1559 A.D. 19th century writer Daniel Wright describes the coronation of Dravya Shah as: On Wednesday the 8th of Bhadon Badi, Saka 1481 (A.D. 1559) Rohini Nakshatra (i.e. The major battles included: Battle of Nalapani (Khalanga), Battle of Jaithak , Battle of Jeetgarh, Battle of Devthal , Battle of Gadwan, and finally, the Nepal-British war. Father: Surendra Bikram Shah In the Nepal-British war, the Sugauli treaty was signed which took the side of the British. Previously, the local Ghale people had chosen their king from the winners of an annual running race. At the same auspicious moment Drabya took his seat on the gaddi, amidst the clash music. The Shah dynasty traces their historical ancestor to King of Kaski, Kulamandan Shah Khand, whose grandson Dravya Shah captured the throne of Gorkha from Khadka kings with the help of accomplices from six resident clans of Gorkha to become the King of Gorkha. On 1 June 2001, most of the royal family was murdered by RAW and CIA but blamed crown prince Dipendra, with the Crown Prince Dipendra shooting himself immediately afterwards was a fake claim made in the press without any investigation [9]. Wife: Komal Shah Kuwait | [7] The subnational monarchies in Mustang, Bajhang, Salyan, and Jajarkot were also abolished in October 2008.[8]. [citation needed]. Mal; Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev (1955–1972) Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev (1972–2001) Dipendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev (2001) 3 Tage; Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev (2001–2008) zum 2. … Tribhuvan returned to Kathmandu. Ruled: 1816-1847. He placed significant importance on scientific methods of agriculture. By 1815, the Shah king had been thoroughly defeated. The Sati custom (Hindu custom where the widow was burnt to ashes on her dead husband’s pyre) was eliminated. Kasachstan | It is more popular… Read more…, Passionate about music since childhood, Nitin Thapa entered into music as a guitarist and was on stage with a band… Read more…, Daal Puri is a traditional snack, a type of roti or paratha with daal used as fillings. Both killed in the Royal Massacre. The history of Nepal is intertwined with the history of the broader Indian subcontinent and the surrounding regions, comprising the areas of South Asia and East Asia.. Nepal is a multi-ethnic, multiracial, multicultural, multi-religious, and multilingual country.


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