logitech k830 review
This keyboard works well and holds up to the riggers of being used in your living room with life and kids giving it a beating. How well it works is going to depend entirely on the gear. When it came time to built out my game room entertainment center I immediately came back to get another K830. The Logitech K830 and TK820 both come in at $99.99. Nice simple design but full of function. The satin finish feels nice and the weigh is perfect. It is greatly appreciated. The battery seems like it might be user-replaceable (but not by design) given that it has screws on the bottom of the keyboard; however, is definitely not recommended. Feels a bit too lightweight for my liking but I suppose that's an okay attribute for something designed to be passed around a living room. Pros: sturdy construction, nice back lighting, great battery life. I use it to control my home office, smartTV and other devices via wireless and seamless control. That works decent enough, and I'm glad that function was there as I was going to return it if it lacked scrolling functionality. I don't know of a single other keyboard that checks all those boxes. For example, I tried a HiSense TV, and the keyboard and trackpad worked fairly well in the web browser, albeit with enough milliseconds of delay to be slightly disconcerting. That means having the ability to add more devices without relying on additional USB sockets. We located a MacMini in a cabinet. In addition, the embedded mouse pad works great allowing you to easily select menu options and scrolling quickly. It measures at 14.4” x 4.9” x 0.65.” It weighs a merely 17.5 oz. Logitech K830 review A rechargeable compact home theatre PC keyboard, but the K830 suffers from cramped keys Full Review gadgetguy.com.au Rating, 4.5 out of 5 4.5 Ray Shaw on February 12, 2018 Its communications systems is Bluetooth and can’t be openly used with other Bluetooth devices. The keyboard is slightly smaller than what many would perceive it as. Great device. Lets start with the construction. It’s one big reason why a majority of today’s smart devices come in with a physical keyboard. Page up and page down as well as home-end are seen as arrow keys, and Fn-shifted. I wanted a wireless keyboard with a mouse pad, but its very heavy to holding and it goes dark after 5 secondsand no way to modify it so that it remains illuminated without turning off every 5 seconds. However, all we needed was to surf websites and run a few Zoom meetings. After being connected to the receiver, the downloaded software can then be installed for enhanced keyboard control. I purchased one of these for my living room PC in 2016ish and it still is in use and makes navigating my PC from the couch quite simple. Any old keyboard can be used, but that would mean partnering it with a mouse. There's no better time than now to get going. :-). I hesitate to give a "bad" review simply because it was not compatible with anything other than my TV. The keyboard contains a pre-installed rechargeable lithium polymer batteries. I recommend one of these if you need a KEYBOARD. The touch pad on this keyboard is extremely smooth and supports two-finger multi-touch. It can also handle two-fingered pinching and stretching the fingers to zoom things such as the browser, images, and document sizes. Cons: Non user-replaceable rechargeable battery, finger print collector. The top portion of the device contains a micro USB (for charging purposes), a power switch, and a left mouse button. Logitech 2.4 GHz Wireless Technology See More Details, Les clients internationaux peuvent magasiner au www.bestbuy.com et faire livrer leurs commandes à n’importe quelle adresse ou n’importe quel magasin aux États-Unis. This is due to most TVs with USB sockets that are concealed by the TV body, which can hamper communications. As a matter of fact, it’s a bit smaller with its dimensions being around 95% of its height and weight. A wireless keyboard that's a jack of all trades and is excellent in them too. Don't believe me? How so? Right on top of the touchpad are three hot keys with volume controls. The keys aren't loose and the illumination is bright enough with glowing. The trackpad contains left-right buttons situated underneath it. But it’s controlling your home entertainment gear that’s relevant here. Using the backlight, will reduce the longevity to around twenty-plus hours. The keyboard makes use of a QWERTY layout along with low profile keys. All rights reserved. The device boasts a compact and sleek appearance. My last keyboard lasted 6-7 years before it started flaking out; if I get that amount of time out of this one I will be a happy camper. tl;dr: The keyboard is incredibly simple to use, compact enough so that its comfortable to use on your lap and at an affordable price point. I was worried about this using it with non-Windows OSes (Raspbian and Tizen); however, all except for a few apps that don't seem to support multi-touch it works great. The surface (keys and trackpad) will start to look shiny with use. A track pad, with measurements of 79mm x 51mm, is located on the far right. If you are in the market for a solution you controlling your media  you can pickup the Logitech K830 for only $149AUD over at  the Logitech website. That’s where the Logitech K830 would come in. Only thing i failed to realize is their is no 10 key in place of the finger pad. I'm here to tell you this keyboard is 100% plastic, albeit a slightly textured plastic.


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