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– His debut album as a singer was Love Yourself.

[13] As a group, Double JL participated in various activities; including auditioning for the singing reality competition show Asian Wave,[14] and hosting an internet variety show Music ShowShowShow from December 2012 to March 2013.

News | 1102-Quan Zhilong prepares to return and more information, Celebrating more than a year director’s new work, starring Zhao Liying, Xiao Yang, and Dong Zijian, the Fog Theater is about to make a big hit, 2 new movies are set! He achieved breakthrough with the fantasy romance drama Ashes of Love, where his role as an ambiguous antagonist received predominantly positive reviews. Luo Yunxi (罗云熙) is a Chinese actor, singer, and dancer under Brewing Star Culture (酝星文化). Luo then teamed up with one of the members Fu Longfei to form a duo named Double JL (双孖JL), and they released the single "JL" in April 2012[12] and the second single "Us" in August 2012. – Broker (心跳源计划) || 2020 – Zhou Xiao Shan – Ashes of Love (香蜜沉沉烬如霜) || 2018 – Runyu/Night Immortal Is he the key to winning the championship? – Luo Yunxi’s father was a dance teacher and taught him how to dance when he was 3 years old. When he was three, his father, who was a dance teacher, discovered his talent and started to teach him dancing. [25] He also voiced the role of Flame in the animated film Dragon Force, which was released in September 2017. Netizens gradually discovered that Luo Yunxi's height without the styling filter was really shocking, and he was even at the same height as the heroine. Fandom Color: –, Stage Name: Luo Yunxi (罗云熙) -For his musical career, his label is Wonderful Music. Luo Yunxi“s set reveals his true height! Luo made his acting debut in 2012, when he was cast in the romance film The Spring of My Life opposite Tan Songyun. Note: Please don’t copy-paste the content of this page to other sites/places on the web. – The Code of Siam (异域档案之暹罗密码) || 2019 – Unknown The Shen Teng Yang Mi incident continued to ferment, Shen Teng publicly responded, Jia Ling helped to make the rounds, Xi Mi Huaneng has a net worth of 10 billion, not by Liang Anqi, but by Beng Yaju’s 30 million, Ranking of Chinese home appliances going overseas: It earns 46.1 billion overseas a year, second only to Haier in popularity, More than 5 million pieces of information about almost all community owners in this city have been leaked! Luo Yunxi Facts: – He was born in Chengdu, China. With the release of the filters in the play, a steady stream of live pictures flowed out. The “Tchaikovsky Rhapsody” group ballet dance received the golden medal of the competition. [24] He then played the lead role in the medical drama Children's Hospital Pediatrician. Poll: Whose part in AUTOMATIC is your favorite? In addition to the above scenes with a lot of stars in the same frame, Luo Yunxi has also been repeatedly photographed appearing on the set wearing "hate sky high". Liu Yan has not appeared in the street for a long time to change clothes? It’s not difficult to see that when the male and female protagonists are standing, the heights of Luo Yunxi and Bai Lu are almost the same, almost on the same level. Feel free to comment down below.

According to official data, Bai Lu's height is 165cm; while Luo Yunxi's height data is 177cm, and the real height difference between the two people who are 12cm apart is as shown in the picture above, which makes people think about the authenticity of the data. [17], In 2014, Luo starred in the science fiction campus web drama Hello Aliens. Who is Who: Kpop Girl Groups Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dragon Innocent temperament can not be recognized, boldly admit the facelift injection! On September 29, a set of "Half Honey and Half Injury" aroused heated discussions among netizens, not because of the sweet interaction between the male and female protagonists in the play, and the hot topic of discussion was the enduring topic of "height". is actually not the only star in the frame of reference for "real height". But it is undeniable that in an era where noble, rich and handsome are now respected, height has really become a pain for all male stars. [32][33], In 2020, Luo was cast in the xianxia drama Immortality alongside Chen Feiyu, based on the novel The Husky and His White Cat Shizun. Scalping channels exposed, Why did you die? Kpop – Who wore it better? Luo Yunxi Chinese actor.

Kpop Discographies – The Love of Happiness (因为爱情有幸福) || 2016 – Su Le Kai (ep 30) Sitemap

By continuing to browse this website, you declare to accept the use of cookies. – He was in the boy band JBOY3 from 2010 to 2012. Bai Lu also performed a relaxed hug and hugged Luo Yunxi. [7][4] During this time, he participated in the stage performance of the contemporary ballet “Flying to the Moon” and served as one of the lead dancers. [27] The drama topped television ratings and was one of the most watched dramas online,[28] and Luo's portrayal of a morally ambiguous antagonist received critical acclaim and led to increased recognition for him. Instagram: @am.leo. Poll: Who Owned ATEEZ’s ‘The Black Cat Nero’ Performance. – My Sunshine (何以笙箫默) || 2015 – He Yi Chen (Young) [21], In 2016, Luo was cast as the protagonist Qin Ming in the crime suspense drama Voice of the Dead, an adaption of one of the books in the Medical Examiner Dr. Qin novel series. Do you know more facts about him? [23], In 2017, Luo co-starred in the fantasy romance drama A Life Time Love where he reunited with My Sunshine co-star Janice Wu. Drama Series: Please do respect the time and effort the author put in compiling this profile. The corpse of a Chinese American female poker player found in the parking lot, the wreckage was horribly charred, When the US-Canada cruise ship meets and compares, tourists complain: they know why the new crown is raging in the United States, not Canada, The woman heard a baby crying on the roof of her house and climbed up to find a newborn baby, The new crown epidemic has intensified, half of the world’s cases are concentrated in three countries, and the US increases by 2,600 cases per hour, Purslane is called “Longevity Grass“. Name: Leo Luo Yunxi Chinese Name: 罗云熙 Age: Birthdate: July 28, 1988 Birthplace: Chengdu, China Height: 177cm Zodiac Sign: Leo Chinese Zodiac: Dragon … Kpop Girl Group Profiles [34] The same year, he starred in the wuxia romance drama And The Winner Is Love alongside Chen Yuqi, playing Shangguan Tou, a graceful yet imposing young master.

They also participated in a few television gala events, such as 2013 Sichuan TV New Year Gala Concert and Shanghai Dragon TV New Year Gala Concert. When two people are in the same frame, the height difference is very obvious. Zodiac Sign: Leo

[16] In 2013, he was cast in his first drama Flip in Summer,[citation needed] which was broadcast in 2018. Birth Name: Luo Yi (罗弋) In the play, Luo Yunxi transforms into a cool and tyrannical handsome male god; walking with leather shoes, he walks with wind, don't mention it. Height: 177 cm (5’10″)

It can be seen from the photos that Luo Yunxi wore a pair of simple slippers when shooting this scene, which meant that the possibility of "increasing the insole" was eliminated and the true height was exposed. The dancing drama was selected to be performed during the celebration of 10th anniversary of Macau's transfer of sovereignty in 2009.[8]. is not only Luo Yunxi who wears hate to increase his height. – Flip in Summer (夏日心跳) || 2018 – Xiao Shen [9] The group released its second single “Gravity” on March 23, 2011,[10] and the third single ”Walking Emoji” on July 26, 2011. Kpop Facts Kpop Ships He graduated from the Shanghai Theater Academy, majoring in ballet.

– He learned ballet for 11 years and majored in it … Double JL disbanded in 2013. Poll: Which VAV Choreography is your Favorite? [11] JBOY3 disbanded in 2012. When playing roles in TV dramas, Luo Yunxi is often romantic and suave, giving people a tall image recognition, but the reality has changed the image in the drama, which inevitably makes people a little disillusioned. Can help you solve 3 troubles. After graduation, Luo worked as a dance instructor at Macau Conservatory, where he was also one of the lead dancers in the stage production of the contemporary ballet “Flying to the Moon”. It is not difficult to see from the photos that the height difference between him and Victoria Song is not too big at first glance, while Victoria Song’s official height is 168cm.

– He learned ballet for 11 years and majored in it at the Dance Academy of Shanghai Theater Academy. Generously let reporters look at the scars, netizens: disfigured and shoot beauty ads? – Medical Examiner Dr. Qin 4: Corpse Whisperer || 2020 – Qin Ming The issue of height has always been a knot in Luo Yunxi's body. The new version of the 5 yuan banknote will be issued in November this year with five anti-counterfeiting features. God Abandoned Land: Some are born to be buried. Stage Name: Luo Yunxi (罗云熙) Birth Name: Luo Yi (罗弋) English Name: Leo Luo Nicknames: Xi Xi, Xi Ge, 66 Birthday: Jul.28, 1988 Place of Birth: Chengdu, Sichuan, China Zodiac Sign: Leo Blood Type: A Height: 177cm Weight: 57kg Agency: Zhong Shi Tong Cheng(中视同成) Fandom Name: Tian Fei(天妃), Luo Shi Fen(螺蛳粉) Weibo: 罗云熙Leo Instagram: @am.leo [37], 2014–2017: Solo activities and Rising popularity, "Chinese actor Luo Yunxi releases fashion shots on birthday",, Articles containing Chinese-language text, Articles which use infobox templates with no data rows, Articles with Chinese-language sources (zh), Pages with login required references or sources, Articles containing simplified Chinese-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Seventh Taoli Cup Dance Competition in China, Sixth Lotus Award National College Dance Competition in China, Professional Dance Competition in Six Provinces and One City in East China, Golden Bud - The Fourth Network Film And Television Festival, Best Choice of Multi-Screen Communication, This page was last edited on 15 October 2020, at 19:43. [4], Luo Yunxi, born Luo Yi (罗弋), was raised in Chengdu, Sichuan, China. Kpop Quizzes Luo Yunxi, who has always been known as a beautiful man in ancient costume, how will his modern outfit look like? Luo Yunxi Facts: Luo Yunxi's Height: 5ft 9 ⅝ (1.77 m) Last updated at June 23, 2019. Li Yunlong said that a woman can throw a grenade 30 meters away.


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