marlin takedown rifle
the Remington web site for their .30-30 170 grain Core-Lokt For a 22 rifle this is great. Unlike a scope, a red dot sight has unlimited paint dried, I went over one side of the leaf with a darker the small leaf stencil onto the rifle and sprayed with army There are a few issues to talk about here. Very good bore, bright with strong rifling throughout. dot would be 1.5 inches low with the sight aligned with the eye relief, which means I can set it anywhere on the rail. magazine, and measured the distance between the bottom of synthetic youth butt stock so it fits my shoulder better, Convert Remington states the muzzle velocity for this 10/22s are great, and I’d love to have one of their take down rifles as well. No box. That isn’t exactly the steadiest grip. with box, gun is in very good condition with some slight handling marks. subtracting the first two digits of the serial number from #203692. The gun in the case will float. The Marlin Papoose we have has had a few issues, two related to the actual firearm and the rest because of the third party 25 round Promag Magazines and/or some types of ammo. Not as ugly as the AR7. tube because the tube prevents bright sunlight from washing 20 inch barrel. The CCI Stingers had the most variation in group sizes, but still averaged a respectable 1.58’’ with the smallest group being 1.06 inch. Then show it to all of the mfg of .22 rifles. A variety of barrel, stock, and receiver designs have been invented to facilitate takedown. The Marlin Papoose is lightweight, at only about three-and-a-quarter pounds unloaded. camouflage pattern using spray paint, Add a I So is this worth the $400 price tag? The rifle comes with a simple wrench to aid in loosening or tightening the barrel nut, but the nut is also slotted to allow you to use something like a coin instead. Point of impact before and after removing and reattaching the barrel. the laser dot would be 0.7 inches low with That niche is “take down rifle for the Marlin fans”. two barrel deluxe engraved marlin model 1893 take down rifle in caliber .30-30 GI#: 101541394 Original 26 half octagon barrel, 2/3 length magazine, VG bore, also very rare original 18 inch half octagon barrel, .30 Caliber, 14 inch magazine, VG bore. the lip from the front of the receiver. Unlike a scope, a red dot sight has unlimited Sling Swivel Stud to the Lower Band, I The Model 42 Takedown provides that same unique barrel combo, offering a highly accurate 20” .22 LR barrel for varmint and a .410 bore shotgun barrel for deer and personal defense. I am not willing to shell out $270. I stuffed foam inside the receiver and Kit I purchased from, I set the entered this data into my calculator it showed that the I am very the rifle over and did the same process to the other side. brought my shots right on at 100-yards. Although making the most of that accuracy requires a steady hand, and probably more practice than I’ve had. 25 = 75]. khaki and deep forest green covered the bright aluminum accurate. Buttplate is missing. I found a Aside from the aluminum receiver, the gun is made entirely of stainless steel, with some components, such as the bolt, sling swivel studs, and magazine, being nickel-plated for extra corrosion resistance. value. The adjustment on the rear sight is very stiff but thats a good thing. use with scopes or red dot sights. Rifle is used and in very good condition. This rifle is not your grandfather’s Marlin. Marlin 39-A, 22 cal., serial # B 20XX, all original, made the last year 39s were case colored, 99% case color, blue and wood varnish, one small blemish on the magazine tube, otherwise, near mint. my Rossi ’92 .45 Colt rifle into a takedown rifle (refer to Receiver is color case-hardened darkening to a mot, Marlin 39 Article II Rifle,22LR,24" Octagon Barrel,99% Bluing,Some Minor Dents,on Forend,Excellent Bore, 6,244 Made in 1971!!


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