marv fleming wife

Fortunately, however, the bullet did not enter theskull and only a flesh wound was inflicted Mr. Owen had been despondent for some time, and thiswas the cause of his action. For sums over $2T 00, purchaser may give note for six mouths,with approved security.. J. POUTER, Administrator.declt) 4t.UArKltlReliable man In this vicinity to open asmall office and handle my good. Not many guys get to be [in the Hall of Fame],'" said Fleming Thursday at a charity fundraiser in Beaver Dam, Wis. Fleming played in Green Bay for seven seasons from 1963-1969 that included three world championships counting Super Bowls I and II. He and (Hall of Fame quarterback Bob) Griese were not unlike each other in some respects. They are waiting for us to die. Holding, though her healthhad been failing for a year or more,had not been critically ill but a daybefore the end came, and the announcement of her death came as asad surprise to her friends. Ti e fuueral oervice were c inducted Friday at 3 p. m. at the residence by Rev. Nicholson was elected Chairmanpro tempore. Steele' Lecture.On account of the disagreeableweather last Friday evening, together the great amount ol sickness prevalent iu tow., the lectureof Dr. S. A. Steele in the First Methodist church was not attended by avery large audience. Because it's the system.". "Of Mrs. Trimble's family, a brother and sister survive her, Mr. S. M.Arnell, of Johnson Citv, Tenn., andMrs. That was good for an average of just over two receptions per game and 25.8 yard per game. Lewis' wife Michelle Fellows Lewis, a former BYU volleyball player, is also being inducted this year along with former University of Utah and Weber State University football coach Ron McBride, former Utah football player Marv Fleming, former BYU quarterback Jim McMahon and Billy Casper. Hight turnkey at a salary of $30per month be reconsidered, -Mid thathe be appointed deputy sheriff at $50per month.Julius Ctmar Bragg was allowed$15 as a charity fund for this year,and several other charity allowancesand releases from poll-tax duty weregranted.W. A. Lindsey, J. T. Petty and J.P. Harris were elected TurnpikeCommissioners.The tax assessment for 1898 wascontinued for 1899, as follows: County, 30 cents; Sinking Fund, 2 cents;school, 11 cents; road, 8 cents;bridge, 4 cents; poll, $1; privilegetaxes, one-half that of state.It was ordered by the court thatan additional voting place be established at Southport, in the 7thdist.The sum of $88 was allowed forspecial deputy sheriffs who nervedwhile the soldiers were here; $2 perday being allowed eac'i man.The Revenue Commissioners reported fhat they had carefullyexamined the books of the variousofficials of the county and foundthem to be all well kept, and thatthey were pleaded to report thefinancial condition of the countymuch improved during the pastyear, due largely to the economy ofthe court and the workings of theJarvis law.J. The subject of Dr. Steele's lecturewas, "Home Life in Dixie Duringthe War. W. N. Wilson and daughterMiss Maude have returned homeafter a most delightful visit to hissifter, Mrs. L. I. Williams, at Shelbyville. External Link Disclaimer | Holding.The funeral services of Mrs Margaret Ann Holding, wife of Dr. R.Holding, who died Tuesday afternoon of this week, .were conductedWednesday afternoon in the FirstPresbyterian Church by her pistor,Rev. Going south. Buoniconti is suffering from�forgetfulness and struggles to complete simple tasks such as putting on a T-shirt or hanging up a telephone. Not unlike the thought process that goes through your head when Coach Lombardi asked his trademark, "What the hell's going on out there?". But he told SI he was knocked unconscious during the Dallas Cowboys� 24-3 Super Bowl victory over the Dolphins following the 1971-72 season. 15?Coal vases, $1.25 to $2 50.Fire shovels, 3c, 5o to 10c.Corn poppers 6c.Glass lamps, complete, 15c.Kitchen lamps, with reflectors, 22c.Galvanized buckets, 15c to 2)c.Milk strainers, 6c. 3 leavef 7:00 p. m,WKST.Mo. and I.Cold and grippe tablets, guaranteedto cure. E. C. Voss.


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