mavic cosmic elite vs aksium
These carbon-rimmed wheels are designed for climbing although a lot of effort has been put into making the braking performance as good as possible. Mavic has recently introduced a disc brake version of the Aksium Elite UST too, with just a small weight penalty over the rim-braked version, and also shod with Yksion Pro tyres. If you’ve enjoyed this article, then please consider subscribing to from as little as £1.99. Mavic’s Ksyrium wheels have gradually evolved since 1999, building up a reputation for combining light weight with loads of strength. Claimed weight for the pair is 1,590g, which splits 685g/905g front and rear. Mavic added several disc-compatible models to its range in 2018, including these accessible aero wheels. Doesn't explain the price hike of the disc models though. Explore the complete archive of reviews of wheels on The new Allroad — or Allroad Disc UST as it should be called — is the entry-level dirt road wheel with a sleeve-joint rim in S6000 aluminium, 24 steel spokes front and rear and a wide range of compatibility with different dropout and quick-release standards. The rim-braked Ksyrium Pro Carbon SL USTs weigh a claimed 1,445g (front 640g, rear 805g) while the £1,899 disc-compatible version is 130g heavier. The spoke holes are pushed through the inside wall rather than drilled, and the pushed up material is then threaded to allow the nipple to be secured. Verdict: A bombproof entry-level wheel for all conditions, Price: (Starting from) US$275 / £179 / AU$323 | Type: Endurance | Material: Aluminium | Depth: 21mm | Brake: Rim, Disc | Tyre format: Tubeless and clincher (25mm-32mm) | Rim width: 17mm (rim) 19mm (Elite UST) | Spoke count: 20 (rim) | Weight: 1840g (Mavic Aksium Elite UST). All material © Farrelly Atkinson (F-At) Limited, Unit 7b Green Park Station BA11JB. Cosmic is the name that Mavic gives to its mid-depth wheels that are designed with aerodynamics in mind. In terms of materials, this is essentially an aero version of Mavic’s basic Ksyrium UST. The Aksium wheels are stronger and stiffer than the Fulcrum Racing 7 LG wheels. (4 pairs over 3 years). Like the Allroad Elite UST Disc wheels, this pair comes with your choice of 30mm Yksion Elite Allroad or 40mm Yksion Elite Allroad XL tyres. Advertising, commercial: sales [at] road.ccView our media pack. Cyclingnews' round-up of Mavic road wheels available to buy this year. We’re getting down to some very light weights now; the Ksyrium Pro USTs come in at a claimed 1,410g (590g front, 820g rear). Despite this fact, the performance benefits far outweigh the initial cash outlay and you needn't spend thousands to reap the rewards. The disc mounts unavoidably add weight, bringing the total to 1,770g (835g front, 935g rear). Everything you need to know before you buy, Best Cycling Website, BikeBiz Awards 2018, The firm shortly afterwards announced a new wheel model, the Cosmic SLR 45 Disc, Mavic introduces Road UST tubeless system covering huge section of wheel range, Here's some more information on how makes money, Email John with comments, corrections or queries, in: Cycling UK urges government for clarity on cycling rules, in: Christmas gifts for cyclists: Money No Object, in: Surrey withdraws support for RideLondon, in: 38 of the best tubeless wheelsets under £1,000, in: 10 of the best cycling chamois creams to look after your bum. Adjustable hub. The other advantage of Exalith is that it reduces rim wear. Those rims are Maxtal aluminium with carbon-fibre flanges bonded on to improve the aerodynamic performance. A pair weighs 1,755g (F:845g, R:910g). Buy if: You're after something that's reasonably light and very sturdy. For 2018 Mavic split out these beefed-up wheels from the main Ksyrium range, although they still have a lot in common with Ksyriums, and since then Mavic has been steadily adding new models, including the entry-level Allroad and the 650B Allroad Elite Road+ Disc. You might see the cheaper models as workhorse wheels but the higher up the range you go the higher the performance you get for your money. Instead, they wanted to give riders an extremely durable option that does a few things well: The Aksiums do indeed deliver on these key points. Comparison of Mavic Aksium Elite and Mavic Ksyrium Elite based on specifications, reviews and ratings. That splits out as 740g for the front wheel and 895g rear. The walls are asymmetrical: convex on the driveside and lenticular on the non-driveside. Two rim depths are available – 40mm (rim brake) and 45mm (disc) and can accommodate tubeless, clincher and tubular rubber. At a claimed 1,840g/pr the Comete Pro Carbon UST Disc is a very good weight for deep-section disc-brake wheels. A fresh wheelset will radically alter the performance of your bike and improve such attributes as aerodynamics, stiffness and weight, but this upgrade is often overlooked owing to the sizeable price tag associated with it. The venerable, much-loved Open Pro rim is available in a UST version. For 2017, Mavic introduced a disc-compatible version of the Cosmic Pro Carbon. Buy if: You want aero performance while retaining good braking on an aluminium brake track. The revenue from adverts helps to fund our site. As it has grown in popularity and technology so has it evolved boasting a line-up now comprising 14 distinct models. Mavic went into receivership in May 2020, but as of July appears to have been rescued by DIY entrepreneur Jean-Michel Bourrelier and his son, Yoann Bourrelier, a former mountain bike racer. The Cosmic Ultimate is the wheel that you’ll see used most frequently by Mavic sponsored pro teams because of its light weight and a depth that’s suitable for a variety of terrains and conditions. With the Aksium, Mavic didn’t set out to reinvent the wheel. The first thing you notice when checking out a pair of Aksium’s is that they look quite smart for their price point — high quality, one might even say. All rights reserved. The hubs on the Ksyrium Pro Discs are compatible with the increasing number of axle standards that are available for road disc. Adult. The disc-brake versions are a little heavier as you'd expect. Aksiums, being made of weighty aluminum, are not the most compliant wheel out there. Like this site? And that continued with the most recent Allroad wheels, the high-zoot Allroad Pro Carbon SL and Allroad Pro Carbon SL Road+, though I guiess by now it's not a big disaster if the naming's not spot-on. The Cosmic Elite UST is the most accessible model, with 30mm-deep aluminium rims, aluminium hub bodies, and bladed steel spokes. Tel 01225 588855. With a 17mm rim width, the Mavic Aksiums place themselves at the forefront of rider technology. The R-Sys SLR also features Mavic’s Exalith technology (see Ksyrium Pro Exalith, above) to improve braking and reduce rim wear. Charles Idoux and Lucien Chanel founded the company in 1890 to make mudguards. Mavic also claims individual weights of 595g for the front wheel and 795g. At £1899, the Cosmic Pro Carbon SL UST wheels are an expensive but popular choice. Mavic has deep roots in the cycling business and has been building top-flight components for decades. When I’m not writing about bikes, I can be seen out bikepacking on single speed bikes or teaching kids how to ride. How To Create an Effective Cycling Training Routine, The 5 Best Hybrid Bike Tires – Reviews & Buyers …, Zwift Review: What you need to know about Zwift, Shimano GRX vs 105: Which Groupset Should You Choose, Deliver enough durability that riders wouldn’t have to worry about their wheels even after heavy use, Integrate a few high-end features where they matter. For 2017 the Ksyrium Pro Exalith got a new, wider ISM 4D rim — 17mm across instead of the previous 15mm. In fact, with the Aksium, Mavic has built an all-rounder wheel that punches above its class on several counts. Much like how Shimano’s lower-tier groupsets, like Shimano 105, have integrated the high-performance of previous Dura-Ace generations, the Aksium benefits from previous wheel iterations. Mavic still hasn't yet produced a Road UST version though. A recent addition to the Road UST line-up, these ultra-spendy wheels are squarely aimed at getting Mavic's sponsored racers on tubeless tyres … or they were, as they quietly vanished from Mavic's line-up amid internet forum rumours of production problems, and a possible return in summer 2020. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of the Mavic Aksium wheelset to find out why they’ve become such a mainstay in not only Mavic’s product lineup but on bikes all around the world as well. For a start they have 24 spokes in both wheels where the Allroad Elite UST has just 18 in the front wheel. Tweaked for 2017, the Cosmic Pro Carbon is an entirely different design with 45mm-deep rims that feature elliptical sidewalls. They're reasonably light too: the Comète Pro Carbon SL UST comes in at 1,635g per pair, a few grams less than rivals like DT Swiss PRC 1400 Spline wheels. Mavic’s Cosmic wheelsets are still in high demand today and continue to grace the roads in grand tour stages. The 2019 models have been lightened compared to their predecessors. Buy if: You want solid all-rounders that are light enough to race. Thanks no it's not a gilet as it's meant to be very packable. Mavic's road-wheel catalogue is extensive and can be confusing at first glance thanks to the myriad options within each model range, but the upshot to this variety means there is literally something for every discipline. The lower priced models in the Ksyrium family are made with box section aluminium rims, and Mavic appears to have quietly replaced the basic Ksyrium with the tubeless-compatible Ksyrium UST; they’re 25mm high with recommended tyre sizes of 25mm to 32mm thanks to the 19mm wide rim. As such, Aksiums feel best when ridden with a 700 x 25mm or wider tire. Verdict: Mavic's lightest alloy clincher wheelset is a climber's dream, Price: (Starting from) US$1999 / £1629 / AU$2908 | Type: Climbing | Material: Aluminium | Depth: 24mm front, 26mm rear | Brake: Rim | Tyre format: Clincher (21mm-30mm) | Rim width: 15mm | Spoke count: 16 front, 20 rear | Weight: 1295g (pair without tyres). eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'biketestreviews_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_6',171,'0','0'])); I’ve spent way more time in the bike trade than anyone should reasonably want to. Best lightweight wheels for cycling. Thank you for signing up to Cycling News. That keeps maintenance down to a minimum. Years ago, legendary wheel builder Keith Bontrager said. Buy if: You want off-road-capable disc-braked wheels. Our guides include links to websites where you can buy the featured products. As you bomb the inside of a turn fully tucked-in with hands firmly gripping the drops, nothing can help you squeeze every last drop of the corner like accurate road feedback can. The Aksium takes its cues — and technology — as trickle downs from the lessons, feedback, and experience earned by Mavic in building such wheelsets for demanding riders. Nevertheless, as we mentioned, the Comète Pro Carbon SL UST's 1,635g is pretty impressive for a clincher wheel with a rim this deep. With a 19mm internal width built around Mavic's straight-pull, double-butted aero spokes, they offer a stellar blend of aerodynamics and stiffness.


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