mazda 5 high mileage

The 5 seems a bit narrower to me than my '89 Voyager did. Both replaced every 5K miles on the clock!

In all honesty, Ford built Mazda 6 on the same platform as the fusion for this generation.

Not a single drop of oil consumption and still running strong.

About the only thing that's sound on it is the engine, but I'd keep it if my family wasn't growing. 1723-98713, Papeete-Tahiti. The Mazda CX-5 offers an available 2.5 Turbo engine that delivers up to 250 hp 2 and 320 lb-ft of torque. It looks like you're new here. The new interface can still be manipulated through a rotary controller and volume knob on the center console as well as voice commands and buttons on the steering wheel. By continuing to use you are giving consent to cookies being used.For more information on how we use cookies or for help if you do not accept the above, please visit our Privacy Policy page. The CX-5 has average EPA estimates compared with rivals that have similar power. Last Tank: 22.7 MPG 2 days ago; WheelnCarl fueled-up their 2012 Mazda 5. © 2020 CNET, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Even if the Mazda5 will save money in the long run, if you're going carry 6 people and their luggage on a regular basis, then the pain of trying to do that in a Mazda5 will be a lot as compared to an Odyssey. High Mileage Mazda 5-speed auto. In the Signature trim, the 7-inch touchscreen and rotary jog dial on the center console are used to control navigation, a 10-speaker Bose audio setup, satellite radio and Bluetooth. Aside from new front brakes, no other repairs.

However, in our testing, the Mazda … Oddzial w Polsce, Av. 96, Kabaraye Pagoda Road, Sayarsan Quarter, Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar, Pashupati Sadak, Gyaneshwor House No. For 2007 and 2008, these vans came with GM's 3900 V6. Of course, Mazda has shown us that its attention to detail is more than skin-deep, with thoughtful ergonomics and engaging driving dynamics. 12 1/2, Quito, Ecuador, General de Vehiculos, S.A. de C.V.(GEVESA), Blvd. First-rate materials and a fabulous layout make it feel especially upscale. Not only does the Carbon Edition have all the same features as the Touring model with the Preferred SV package (Bose stereo, a power-adjustable passenger seat, power liftgate, sunroof, and more), it also has distinct exterior and interior treatments.

It continues to be more satisfying to drive than competitors like the Honda CR-V, Nissan Rogue, Subaru Forester and Toyota RAV4. The 2020 Toyota Highlander gets a new platform... 2020 Hyundai Sonata brings arresting style... CX-5's 2.5-liter turbocharged I4 gas engine.

With the addition of the CX-5 Carbon Edition, it's now possible to get the 250-hp turbocharged engine without paying for either of the top two trim levels. Less-than-stellar efficiency gains and slightly better towing capabilities probably won't be enough to make you pay the steeper cost of admission.

2,528 Mazda CX-5s have provided 53.4 million miles of real world fuel economy & MPG data. The 250-hp turbocharged version we tested provided much quicker acceleration. Another difficult number attached to the CX-5 Diesel Signature is the price premium it carries over the gas car. Fittingly, Mazda is no stranger to doing just that, previously championing rotary and miller-cycle engine technologies. Click here to see important news regarding the aCar App. 8 Marescaux Road, Kingston 5, Jamaica W. I. It's at higher speeds, such as when trying to pass or merge onto the freeway, that it feels underpowered. Does that make this more efficient CX-5 a worthy consideration, or is the diesel-powered Mazda basically dead on arrival? 631 Mazda 5s have provided 13.9 million miles of real world fuel economy & MPG data. It's equal parts elegant and aggressive. The CX-5's infotainment system also gets a much-needed update: The Mazda Connect system finally gets Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. I failed to mention it here when it happened, but around the start of October I flew to Dallas and bought a Toyota Sienna. Plus the gas cost. I went to Louisiana from Montréal,Canada in summer 2018 ... today I just change a tie rod end ... With a six-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive, the EPA estimates the CX-5 Diesel to return 27 miles per gallon in the city and 30 mpg on the highway. “Sometimes I’ll drive up to 12 hours a day.” That, Yuichi says, is the key to the achievement that makes him a celebrity among fellow MX-5 fans, having racked up what is most likely the highest mileage count of any Mazda MX-5 in the world.“I like to drive at a leisurely pace,” he says. 9th. On the surface, ProPilot Assist looks like standard lane-keeping steering assist, but this system has a backup plan that protects drowsy or incapacitated drivers. I wish they also posted data on the average $ spent on repairs. Nov 02, 2020 8:21 PM CST, A simple & effecive way to track fuel consumption It's also perfectly smooth while spinning up to the high-for-a-diesel 5,500-rpm redline, making quick work of highway on-ramp merges. The Good The 2019 Mazda CX-5's diesel engine is smooth and torque-rich, and offers improved towing capabilities and a little more fuel efficiency than its …
I bought my 2006 Mazda5 Touring on 24 April 2006, so it is just over 9 years old. She even learned how to drive a manual transmission so she could take ownership of her next car as quickly as possible.Her second-generation MX-5 has been a faithful companion ever since.“This may sound a bit like a TV commercial, but it has been with me through my divorce and three jobs,” says Patricia. 1a, Calle 7-69 , Zona 9, Guatemala City, Guatemala C. A. Importaciones Ventas Exportaciones S. A. This is plenty enough HP for a family and it's rated to tow 3500 lbs. I need to ask, have you been running synthetic oil since the beginning, or did you switch later, if so how many miles did it have when you switched to synthetic oil, thanks.

But for diesel enthusiasts in search of a small SUV -- and willing to pay a premium -- Mazda has you covered with an attractive, nicely trimmed and entertaining-to-drive entry. Box 5623, Kathmandu, Nepal, 174 Rue A. Benebig, Magenta, NOUMEA, NEW CALEDONIA, 7 Westfield Place, Mt Wellington, Auckland.1060, NEW ZEALAND, 9th Floor Rufino Building, 6784 Ayala Avenue Corner V.A. The all-wheel-drive, non-turbocharged version earned 32 mpg, which matched the Honda CR-V we tested. You might want to compare minivan miles driven to all other vehicles. Besides his daily driving, he has taken it to dozens of rallies, racing circuits (including the Nürburgring) and road trips all over Europe, most recently to Nordkapp in the Arctic Circle in Norway.The engineering consultant bought his third-gen red MX-5 brand new from a local dealer less than ten years ago.

“The available Turbo engine boasts a linear and almost instantaneous response to … Outside of slightly better efficiency and higher tow capacity, though, the rest of the numbers don't go in the diesel's favor so much. With the Sienna, you'll have much less to work on. Definately look at all four options...Chrylser, Honda, Toyota and Nissan. Good luck, let us know what you went with. 7th.

“But there was no way I was going to part with my car, so I had an engineering firm create and install a roll bar/baby capsule strap attachment, and my son Tavis had his first ride in the passenger seat as a ten-day-old.”Joy has lots more happy memories of her car, from interstate drives to leading a parade of Adelaide’s athletes on their return from the 2000 Sydney Olympics.“I’ve always maintained that I’ll keep this car until either it or I die,” says Joy. Its the same car but with higher production numbers, lower costs for labor and parts.

Find out why the 2016 Mazda CX-5 is rated 8.0 by The Car Connection experts. Grenville Street, Kingstown, St. Vincent, W.I.

“Even though it’s not the most practical car—I’ve had to get pretty creative when moving house—it’s the one that fits me perfectly.”, Patricia drives her Mazda everyday, “come rain, shine or snow,” and has been on multiple road trips in it to Canada’s west coast.“I always take the lesser-used back roads, the ones with all the twists and turns that make this car so fun to drive.”, No one knows exactly how many kilometres are on Michael’s one-of-a-kind Mazda MX-5’s odometer because it doesn’t have one anymore. That the 2019 Mazda CX-5 Diesel is just now hitting showrooms now is a bit of a shock. 200 Spectrum Center Drive, Irvine, CA 92618 (P.O. I confirmed those numbers, easily averaging 30.1 mpg on tank of fuel under mostly highway driving. Every model now boasts a 10.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system, which replaces the old 7.0-inch display. I still drive it occasionally for Uber & Lyft.

The front-drive, non-turbo CX-5 improved on that performance by 1 mpg. Driving stories on the great & challenging roads and journeys, Stories about the craftsmanship and design evolution of Mazda, Visions and philosophies of Mazda engineers, The spirit of Mazda owners, collectors, clubs and aficionados around the world, Ernst Diez Strasse 3, 9020 Klagenfurt, Österreich, 34, Rue de la Croix de Fer, 78122 ST GERMAIN EN LAYE Cedex, Davidashen 4th district 26/1, Yerevan, 0054, 6th km, Baku-Sumqait highway, Baku, Azerbaijan, 1 Fedras & Poleodomias Street, 1037 Nicosia, Cyprus, TÜrkova 2319/5b, 149 00 Praha 4, Česká republika, Ernst Diez Strasse 3, 9020 Klagenfurt, Austria, Infopark setany 1, HU-1117 Budapest, Magyarország, Suite 6, Northwood House, Northwood, Santry, Dublin 9, Ireland, Viale A. Marchetti 105, 00148 Roma, Italia, 12, av. Anonymous, TX (2016 Mazda CX-5 Touring 2.5-L 4 Cyl) "The display screen would freeze up and restart when temperature under 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Easy to understand the real cost of your vehicle, All Snowmobiles, Personal Watercraft, & Other, Get an accurate view of your vehicles fuel economy, Compare your vehicle to others with the same vehicle. Cristobal de Mendoza Nº164, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, 55 VOGELL ROAD, RICHMOND HILL, ONTARIO, L4B 3K5, CANADA. Thus far we're very happy. Introducing Mazda's Mazda Stories.

des Morgines, CH-1213 Petit-Lancy, Gasan Centre, Mriehel By-Pass, BKR3000 Mriehel, Malta, Mazda Motor Logistics Europe Sp.z o.o.

I would pony up for the $595 Soul Red paint job to highlight the SUV's lines. Thanks for the insights! Mazda 5 touring.

The 2016 Mazda CX-5 is one of the more athletic crossovers; high gas mileage and high style just add to the value. With 310 pound-feet of torque, the gas engine outmuscles the diesel's 290, and both engines making peak twist at 2,000 rpm.

The maintenance monitor alerts regarding the next maintenance due.
You might find that full size minivans get the most miles driven as compared to any other vehicle type. Yes I drive it for 370 miles per day for more than 3 years. You have to look at initial cost too. Mileage: 61,731 miles Body Type: Minivan Color: Red Engine: 4 Cyl 2.5 L Description: Used 2012 Mazda Mazda5 Grand Touring with FWD, Keyless Entry, Fog Lights, Heated Seats, Bench Seat, Captains Chairs, Third Row Seating, Heated Mirrors, Rear Air Conditioning, Independent Suspension, and …

'07 ML63, '08 Charger R/T Daytona; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '18 BMW X2. I only do fairly low mileage, but tend to keep my cars for 5 to 8 years, after 3 months I got a fault message up, "too much oil!" Last Tank: 23.5 MPG 1 day ago; Agent fueled-up their 2012 Mazda 5. Right now I'm driving a '97 Lumina with over 190,000 miles.


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