mercedes m278 reliability

While major provider tunes are generally regarded as safe enough (no reports of catastrophic engines failures), it is unlikely that they provide better long-term reliability than the stock factory software. Later versions have been added for the GT C and GT R models and higher output. For example, replacing a leaking oil cooler in the M137 required the cylinder heads to be removed, which made it a very expensive job. I was just wondering how reliable the engine is. Hi, my name is***** the M278 engine, there have been some problems with the timing chain tensioners causing a rattle on start up. There are six states of output with the M157. Performance ECU Tune for M278 SL550 GLE550 GL550 GL450 ML550 S550 E550 CL550 CLS550 AMG Vehicles. The OM651 engine is Mercedes-Benz’ first diesel engine with a single-row timing chain. So you’ve already spent a lot of money on the spark plugs, and now you’ll try replacing the coil packs….
Reliability & common problems. The first two generations of CDI diesel engines may develop leaks from the fuel injector seals (copper washers). If it drops in a couple hours, something is worn out or there is a significant leak somewhere. What does this mean for Mercedes tuning we ask?
The injectors are Bosch's new piezo-electric direct fuel injectors, and they deliver five squirts of fuel per combustion cycle. The Mercedes M278 Engine. I can’t recommend the OM651 engine (S 250 CDI) because of potential problems with the timing chain, which is at the back of the engine.

The system is powered by a hydraulic pump, monitored by sensors and controlled using solenoid valves. Another problem is the thread galling in the aluminum cylinder heads. Not all M272 and M273 engines made before 2009 are affected. This is particularly true for the S-Class, which has been Mercedes-Benz’ testbed for the latest technologies. The rattling noise is a result of the chain tensioners not applying enough tension until oil pressure builds up (a couple seconds after cold start). They are obviously not going to be in competition with themselves and devalue their AMG brand which carries the variant engine namely the M157 and carries a hefty premium.

I’m not trying to scare you. Therefore, I recommend looking for an S 63 AMG with the newer M157 engine.

These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. The fix to this problem is to fit check-valves and updated timing chain tensioners as per Technical Bulletin LI05.10-P-056435. [2] CLS-Class, E-Class, and M-Class models are detuned to 300 kW (402 bhp; 408 PS) with 600 N⋅m (443 lb⋅ft) of torque at 1,600 rpm. Press J to jump to the feed. Before buying a car with the ABC, I recommend taking it to a professional to check the diagnostics log for any stored errors.

Mercedes Benz Engine Specialists. The M176/M177/M178 is a gasoline V8 engine line-up designed by Mercedes-AMG.They are replacing the outgoing Mercedes-Benz M278 engine and Mercedes-Benz M157 engine line-up.. [4] In 2019, M176 is being fitted with a 48V electrical system which has been used already in the Mercedes-Benz M256 engine. Watch out for cracked dust covers on the struts (any damage there will accelerate the wear by allowing dirt and moisture in). Finally someone who owns a similar vehicle is giving me useful suggestions. In my opinion, you will be happy with the Airmatic suspension provided that you learn how the system works, and how to diagnose problems yourself, so you don’t get ripped off when something starts leaking or stops working. I heard Eurocharged and Renntech is pretty good, but Renntech kind of requires 93octane+ which my state doesn't really have, and Eurocharged focuses more on the AMG side of Mercedes.

Initially released in the Mercedes-AMG GT and GT S, it had 345 and 375 kW (469 and 510 PS; 463 and 503 hp), respectively.

Check the car after it has been standing still overnight – it should not be on the ground.


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