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If you have any additional definitions of MF that should be on this list, or know of any slang terms that we haven't already published, click here to let us know! MF can stand in for all your MF needs (e.g., a motherfucker or the modifier motherfucking).

Here are a few terms that could come in handy if you’re speaking to a twenty-something chief visionary in khakis or an investor in a suit. Also know as Man Face Syndrome. We hope you have found this useful. 7,246.

If you know of another definition of MF that should be included here, please let us know.

Mf definition, medium frequency. In the 1950s, motherfucker, showing the flip from bad to good seen in many swear words, came to mean “badass.” Motherfucking also became a general intensifier (e.g., That’s …

[…], Suh, fam? “Epidemic” vs. “Pandemic” vs. “Endemic”: What Do These Terms Mean? BE finds out. Not many gadgets can claim to have spawned romantic comedies, ballads, terrabytes of jokes and YouTube videos like the humble BlackBerry has. The form that is used depends on the context of the situation. MF DOOM Urban Dictionary Definition. However, neither Fidelity, nor the TSP, is about to pull an MF Global. The board of the firm loved the idea of MF Global as a mini-Goldman. Here's why, India's merchandise exports fell 5.4% y/y in Oct, India's 1st Online Instant Personal Loan Marketplace. Below you’ll […]. Tomorrow is different. MF comes from one of the strongest swears in the English language: motherfucker.

Looking for online definition of MF or what MF stands for? I'm Fucking Dead XD Follow. Slang squad!

SUBMIT. Each sex produces two sorts of gametes, Mf and mf in the case of the male, and Fm, fm in that of the female. Have you read these stories? Enter New Password (min. Start Investing today to build wealth, retire rich and …

Absentee Ballot vs. Mail-In Ballot: Is There A Difference? Why Do We Have “Red States” And “Blue States”? Enter Email.

Rather, it is an informal summary that seeks to provide supplemental information and context important to know or keep in mind about the term’s history, meaning, and usage.

The internet and social media, ever the environment for shorthands and workarounds, helped spread MF in the 1990s–2000s. Top Millennial Slang of 2020 . Enter OTP. Ambani slips 3 places on global rich list: What spooked RIL stock?

Stands for "Mother F***** Nation" It is used to describe: People, places, events, etc...It can also be used as a verb.

So we invented MFS, for those ugly ass mofo bitches … Urban Dictionary Latest Breaking News, Pictures, Videos, and Special Reports from The Economic Times.

The term is supposed to describe voters who are so angry and opposed to the U.S. Jon Corzine Can’t Answer $1.2 Billion Question About MF Global at Hearing. Motherfucking is found in the 1880s, and motherfucker, for a “vile, worthless person,” in the 1910s.. Start Investing today to build wealth, retire rich, and secure your family's future.

What Is The Difference Between “It’s” And “Its”?

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in b.s.

A British man has developed what he claims is the world's first bullying alert system for social networking site 'Facebook'.

Mukesh Ambani versus Jeff Bezos: A fight or a waiting game?

Presenting yet another set of anecdotes picked up from agency's unofficial wires. MF can stand for many things: mutual friends, Millennium Falcon, mezzo forte, mad flow, and medium frequency, to name a few. You can’t say motherfucker on broadcast TV in the U.S. and a lot of print outlets won’t publish it, so MF is a commonly used substitute by media sources from Fox News to Mother Jones when reporting. Macquarie sees major downside post Q2 results. It’s time for some tea, fam — we’re going all out on another roll-call, and this time we’re focusing on the dankness that is Millennial slang. The meme featured people carrying unexpected things in their pockets. Copyright 2016

Dictionaries, especially of the urban dictionary variety are lot of fun giving us ... Slang's ability to change several times within even a single generation, bespeaks a remarkable adaptability and versatility that defies and befuddles logic.

etc. medium frequency radio frequency - an electromagnetic wave frequency between audio and infrared electromagnetic spectrum - the entire frequency range of electromagnetic waves Hip-hop artist Shotgun Wang inspired a meme with his 2017 track “I Keep That MF Thang On Me.” The MF in the track is a shoutout to its producer, MF Doom, whose MF stands for metal force, metal fingers, and even mad flow. something that is improvised or extemporized. MF’er, for motherfucker, is a variant, as is MF‘ing., Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content, MF/HF Narrowband Secure Voice Cryptographic Equipment.

MF is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms MF is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms May 14th, 2016 Slaytoven. All of our slang term and phrase definitions are made possible by our wonderful visitors.

Here are some of the most popular variants.

I’m starting to find myself and I’m realizin I’m a cool mf, — Tamara Powell (@TamaraPowell9) November 27, 2018. Really big. So we all agree, Urban Dictionary must die. If you haven't, here's more on how overeating can be equally intoxicating... Sandberg and Grant cite research showing that powerful male senators speak significantly more than their junior colleagues, while female senators do not. mf; MF101; MF101keeksAss; Mf2u; MFA; mfaa; mfaakms; MFAC; mfactor; mfaf; MFAH; M-Fail; MFAILO; m.f.a.

"Trump Derangement Syndrome." There are no example uses of MF at this time.


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