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This just doesn't even fit a horror movie, humans are one thing, but animals and children are innocent and defenseless, and this looked EXTREMELY real, so it SICKENS me, and I refused to finish the movie! teetering between a 4 and a 5 for me; it's pretty, shallow, and confusing... weak plot built out of decent premise. The conversations between people make zero sense. At its core, it has what filmmakers Joanne Reay and Andrew Goth call "grounded sci-fi"—meaning the neuro-tech in the movie could eventually become reality, in some form or another. Follow S.C. on Twitter @SCStuart2020. PCMag, PCMag.com and PC Magazine are among the federally registered trademarks of Ziff Davis, LLC and may not be used by third parties without explicit permission. I wanted to like this movie. So what's next for you both? With Sam Neill, Tom Payne, Melia Kreiling, Dominique Tipper. The film was theatrically released on March 28, 2017 through Terra Mater Factual Studios. [JR] We're shooting our next project here in L.A. at the end of the year. I was a 90's kid, traumatized by a HS Science teacher who made us watch "Faces of Death." Plot is somewhat non-linear and mirrors the right brained eschatology of the films climax. It's by no means as highbrow as it pretends to be, offering up common knowledge science with a garnishing of religion and parkour on a backdrop of stylish architecture. The concept was intriguing but it was not sci-fi or action. As technology moves itself inching forward towards the edge of our reality what is it that lies beyond. and I was blown away. I watched it with 15 people and everyone hated it lol, I don't think they were paying attention smh. The trailer was really cool, made this seem like a sci-fi action movie with a really intriguing concept. After a bit of a rough start, it finally found its stride and proceeded to walk right over a cliff of plot holes and half-formed ideas, landing in some sort of messy diatribe on religion. In this movie, there are various key parts of the story floating around that you must grab and place mentally together. How to Free Up Space on Your iPhone or iPad, How to Save Money on Your Cell Phone Bill, How to Find Free Tools to Optimize Your Small Business, How to Get Started With Project Management, this brain-machine skills transfer interface, Google Celebrates 20 Years of the ISS With Virtual Tours, 3D Rendering. The plot concerns a wireless neural network that becomes re-configured into a platform for human-to-human transfer of advanced motor skills. The preconceived notion that it is governed by a force that is larger than any one of us is true but to what degree. MindGamers hits theaters and on demand on March 28; those who see it on March 28 can take part in a "One Thousand Minds Connected Live" event, during which moviegoers will don a headset backed by Qusp technology PCMag profiled last year. PCMag.com is a leading authority on technology, delivering Labs-based, independent reviews of the latest products and services. Yes, And They're Crucial, This Expert Says, Forget Space Force: Blast Off With America's First Astronauts in 'The Right Stuff'. The energy drink company is based in Vienna but has been not-so-quietly amassing a modern media empire of high-octane content producers, including Terra Mater Film Studios, which produced MindGamers. Project Apollo at ArtCenter is also a good example of the connected sensory wearables featured in the movie. In fact, when we came to shoot the film, the paint was still fresh on the building, and the first real-life students had just arrived. We had a chance to sit down with them recently at the, in Santa Monica, California. In MindGamers, Your Brain Is Not Your Own In MindGamers, a wireless neural network becomes re-configured into a platform for human-to-human transfer of advanced motor skills. This movie just sucked. If you're interested in Philosophy of Mind and Consciousness Studies you'll love this flick. [AG] It was an amazing find. that day. I don’t think you understood the premise of the movie. | I only watched it once dont have time watch it again now but I want to watch it again once I know what the heck is going on. Your subscription has been confirmed. Young bioengineers discover that quantum theory can be used to transfer motor skills from one brain to another. The write of the story definitely did their homework before writing the script. She took me to see. The young cast play super smart students at the DxM Academy, who—as a condition of entry to the school—wear BioTags that are controlled by creepy-smooth scientist Kreutz (Sam Neill). This movie's definitely underestimated, it's more of an artistic picture of progressive consciousness, the costumes are great like a painting, nice visuals with light and color and architectural structures, the soundtrack is very emotional; at least it's worth a watch with open mind. ). All the buildings are from 1800s. I feel as though everything I saw in the theater was something I could have fully enjoyed in a five minute video on youtube. Not surprisingly, dark forces lurk in the shadows. the movie seemingly wants you to leave with that conclusion. | , technology, through the manifestation of Enoch, the central neural network computer in the film, intervenes, re-setting humanity's path via the single unified field. Created an account for the sole purpose of this review. In MindGamers, a wireless neural network becomes re-configured into a platform for human-to-human transfer of advanced motor skills. There should have at LEAST been a warning, if not an NC-17 rating! We wanted to create an 'infinite possibility' film. I was really impressed by the use of theory in the movie, as well as the many metaphors/allusions to hint at/highlight theories. Then, suddenly, a guy who'd been sitting opposite us, gets up, puts down his newspaper and walks over. Amazing. Watch "The Matrix" instead. The trailer was very misleading. If for whatever reason you aren’t aware of this movie or haven’t seen it OR haven’t seen it for a long time, it’s worth your while. It's a bigger, more star-driven vehicle—a super thriller. Mindgamers asks the question of what is … SpaceX's Starlink to Supply Satellite Internet to Microsoft's 'Modular' Data Centers, NASA Awards Nokia $14M to Deploy a 4G Connection on the Moon. [JR] We wanted to do what we called 'a good machine movie.' It starred David Bowie and Goldie, won several awards, and was selected as the opening film for the Tokyo Film Festival in 1999. And whenever you begin to think it's getting interesting, here comes that fish to slap your face. There was too much slow-mo of Melia Kreiling, as delightful as her screen-presence is. theme but it was impossible to tell. The rest of the movie was a stinker. Writer/producer Reay and writer/director Goth have a long-running creative partnership. Sometimes when I start watching a movie like this that's not working for me at any level I wonder whether I'm being too harsh and critical in my assessment of it. The concept seemed interesting to me and it struck me as one of those mind-bending movies that keep you one the edge of your chair until the very end. Have you always been into these ideas? The film was conceived as DxM until it was purchased and re-branded as MindGamers. So we sat back down. The film has great photographic style coupled with a non-linear narrative, which some people will love and some may hate. https://www.pcmag.com/news/in-mindgamers-your-brain-is-not-your-own, S. C. Stuart is an award-winning digital strategist and technology commentator for ELLE China, Esquire Latino, Singularity Hub, and PCMag, covering: artificial intelligence; augmented, virtual, and mixed reality; DARPA; NASA; US Army Cyber Command; sci-fi in Hollywood (including interviews with Spike Jonze and Ridley Scott); and robotics (real-life encounters with over 27 robots and counting). The trailer is purposely deceitful, and leads the viewer to believe they're seeing a sci-fi thriller, when it's more like something an "edgy" mega church would churn out to warn people about technology.


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