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Moya Brady body measurments, height, weight and age details. Additionally, multiple other characters appear throughout the year. After a heated confrontation in the house, Breda shoots Sylver with a bolt gun and sets the pig farm on fire. The character and Nahar's casting details were announced on 17 July 2018 in the show's annual Summer trailer. Romeo takes on Goldie’s challenge and completes it in the nick of time and gets offered a part-time job at The Dog. Although initially wary of her at first though, Darren eventually agrees and they convince the social worker to let Brooke stay with them. Years later, Donna-Marie blackmailed Mac and Marnie that she would tell James about Romeo unless they paid her £100,000, which they did. Laurie Shelby, played by Kyle Pryor, made his first on screen appearance on 8 November 2018. [67] The character and Toussaint's casting details were announced on 16 December 2018. Luke discovers the photos and when he asks Oliver about them, he points the finger at Scott. Tom Brady’s niece is a very good athlete and a softball player since her High school. When Louis questions Harley's motives, Leela reveals that she is going to help her find Peri. She added that she found it challenging.[42]. Upon hearing this, Goldie vows to get Romeo and Cher together. Recently, she also won the match against Oak Christians by 2-0 and is further planning for OC Batsbursters. Maureen’s daughter had completed her High school from Hillsdale High school and is now pursuing her graduation at UCLA. [37] Justin Harp of Digital Spy predicted that Romeo and Prince's parties would not go well. July features the arrivals of Donna-Marie Quinn (Lucy-Jo Hudson), her son, Romeo Quinn (Owen Warner), Brooke Hathaway (Talia Grant), a foster child for the Osborne family, and Asha Kaur (Rukku Nahar), the sister of Neeta Kaur (Amrit Maghera), as well as the appearance of Kashif Maalik (Nitin Patel). [6] Charity founder Duncan Craig described the subject as "so topical and relevant" and "hugely important". Oliver becomes traumatised but because of Luke's continued drinking, he feels that he cannot tell anyone so quits the football team instead but is convinced to re-join the football team again by Luke. Tony later discovers that Breda killed his son and she stabs Tony in the stomach. In the present day, Donna-Marie has been kicked out of her flat. Donna-Marie is then taken away to prison. James is heartbroken when Harry goes through with the wedding and, in a moment of vulnerability, he comes onto Romeo, who finally has to tell him he is his father. [52] Graham was surprised to be told that Asha would become Hunter's love interest and aid his departure. Lily agrees to run away with Romeo, but then she finds out about Prince's condition and she is disgusted to learn Romeo knew about it all along. Weeks later, the police come into the office and arrest Kashif. She explained that Asha is "slightly more naive when it comes to love, and is very impulsive and spontaneous. On Theo's feelings towards Milo, Kennard explained, "Theo holds a raw and irrational hatred for Milo, and feels Milo owes him more than he can ever actually give. Romeo was conceived when Donna-Marie was paid by Mac Nightingale (David Easter) to sleep with his gay sixteen-year-old son, James, to "make him straight." Josh tells Myra and Joel that they plan to use Sienna's funeral to catch Nico. [14] On 10 April 2018, it was confirmed that Theo and Milo are brothers. [56] Laurie is introduced as Sinead's husband and the new deputy head teacher of Hollyoaks High School. [68] Martine is not pleased with Walter's arrival, which creates tension in the family immediately. [53] The character and Bryan's casting details were announced on 20 September 2018. Nahar was contracted for two months. Goldie learns she's going to the pig farm and Breda lies that she is mentally ill. Breda pretends to have dementia, but when Goldie finds her at the pig farm again, Breda confesses to killing Harry. [45] Kirkwood stated that Brooke would be introduced with a secret. Sylver arrives in Hollyoaks upon his release from prison, having served eighteen years for killing his abusive stepfather, Vinnie. The episode features a far-right group with an anti-Muslim agenda, and a discussion involving Kameela about the meaning of being a British Muslim. Leela decides not to call the police and lets Harley leave. In her free time, Cathy loves cheering on her husband’s band, being a great mom to her sons, and volunteering for Lyme Fight. Brooke then signs up for Nancy's tutoring classes and during a session, she reveals to Nancy that she is Fran's daughter and that Fran is dying. [18] Harley features in a special episode focusing on Peri's homelessness, broadcast in April 2018. Kameela is billed as the "judgemental" sister of Misbah Maalik (Harvey Virdi) who is not afraid of "speaking her mind". Buster is found guilty and sentenced to six years in prison. Maureen is the oldest kid in the family. Maureen Brady. [64] Jonny is introduced as a "mysterious stranger" who befriends established character Ste Hay (Kieron Richardson) following the death of his sister. [13] He added, "any beautiful woman offering something to Theo will make do in the short-term. It was later revealed that Breda was keeping Tony prisoner at the pig farm. A caring Lily McQueen (Lauren McQueen), attempts to calm her down and try to confide in her but this leads to Juliet feeling more isolated than ever by Lily relating the conversation back to her own personal problems. However, there is no information available about Maya’s father on the internet and will be updated very soon. Maya had not mentioned any information about her boyfriend or Relationship. Moya Brady was created on Sept 8, 1962 in Manchester, Lancashire, Britain as Kathleen Moya Brady. Eventually, she slips poison into his coffee, and James collapses on a park bench. He was sentenced to prison after murdering Vinnie. [25] Tag previously appeared in the series as PCSO Rocco in May 2016. Nair explained that Sami believes that he is innocent, but Misbah disagrees and it creates tension between the pair. He has three sisters Maureen, Julie and Nancy Brady. [6] Executive producer Bryan Kirkwood hoped that the storyline would encourage others to seek support. [6] He stated that the storyline would focus on details of grooming and Oliver's struggle to tell someone about the issue. Romeo continues to pursue Cher and tries to impress her, much dismay to Sylver. Harley then steals Leela's purse and runs; Louis catches her and reclaims the purse. Breda goes to Simone and gets a lift to the village, meanwhile, Louis escapes and Breda finds him hiding in the barn. Scarlett Morgan, played by Susie Amy, made her first appearance on 19 January 2018. [64] His final scenes aired on 19 November 2019. Romeo arrives in town to meet James, but then decides against it. The police discover a vial of poison in Romeo's jacket, which was planted by Mac's murderer, Breda McQueen (Moya Brady).


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