msi boot menu

Go to Boot-> CSM(Compatibility Support Module)-> set "Launch CSM" to Disabled.

During startup, there’s often a screen that mentions the key. Query the registry to determine which mode the device is in. Remove the efi folder from the root of the Windows PE or Windows Setup media.
After Windows is installed, the device boots automatically using the same mode it was installed with. Go to Boot section, set "Boot Mode" to UEFI. Go to Boot > Secure Boot > Key Management-> Clear Secure Boot keys-> Yes. How to update the firmware on an MSI motherboard.

When the installation starts, if the PC is booted to the wrong mode, Windows installation will fail. บอร์ด msi z97 gaming 5 กดเข้าไบออสไม่ได้ กด delete รัวๆแล้วยังไม่ได้ ทั้ง f11 สเปคคอม cpu: i5 4460 ram: 8GB bus 1600 hdd :1TB vga: GTX 750 Ti power supply : rai Use MSI fastboot with GO2BIOS. Reboot system and press Del repeatedly at system start. If that does not work, go in Windows, hold the "Shift" key and select Restart from the Start Menu. To disable the security features, go to Security > Secure Boot and disable the feature. Go to Security ->Secure Boot-> Set "Secure Boot" to Disabled. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Please disable adblock for this website and refresh this page if you: find the content useful want us to create more useful content and software want tech support through the comment section. Go to Troubleshoot > Advanced options > UEFI Firmware Settings and press Restart. Make sure that you do not turn off the computer otherwise things will go south. Other devices will only allow you to boot to BIOS mode by manually disabling the UEFI security features.

If you haven't had this enabled before, your OS will not boot if your disk partition style is MBR and not GPT. The first option is enough for normal wiping. Go to Boot->CSM(Compatibility Support Module)-> set CSM to Disabled.

It helps when you don’t want to plug a PS2 keyboard each time to access BIOS along with MSI fastboot.
These motherboards are capable to tune voltage and other aspects that directly can affect the gaming performance. Open the firmware menus. Go to Boot section, set "Secure Boot" to Enabled. If the option is not there look under Authentication section-> Set "Secure Boot" to Disabled. You may want to boot your computer faster and at the same time, you want to access BIOS (to change settings).

Go to Boot > Secure Boot > it should show that Secure Boot is disabled.

If you haven't had this enabled before, your OS will not boot if your disk partition style is MBR and not GPT.

B. Press Del while the Press DEL to enter SETUP message displays …

I bought the MSI 370 Mortar since it supports overclocking thus makes boosting performance whenever I want. This prevents the device from starting in BIOS mode. This solution may work on other motherboards but I can not say for sure, however the PS/2 keyboard method should work. Notifications will come as a periodic newsletter and on occasions a new post alert. If you are like me who have MSI motherboard and if you are wondering why you are not able to enter into bios settings. There are a few methods that you can try to enter into BIOS by pressing the appropriate key or key combination. Right click the hard drive you want to wipe. To fix this, restart the PC in the correct firmware mode. Here are a couple of ways you can make sure you're booted into the right firmware mode every time you start your PC.


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